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Causticum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urine clear, like water,

Urine reddish, without sediment,

The urine is often dark-brown,

The urine becomes turbid and cloudy on standing,

Much tenacious mucus in the urine,


Pain in the bladder; he can pass no urine; if, however, a few drops pass, he has violent pains in the urinary passages, with constipation and cramps in the rectum,


Pain in the urethra after urinating, in the evening, with dull aching on the top of the head,

Burning sensation in the urethra,

Burning suddenly in the urethra at night,

Burning of the urine (after sixteen days),

Burning urine after an emission,

Burning when urinating,

Burning in the urethra when urinating,

Burning in the urethra, or in the root of the urethra, when urinating,

Burning urine, when urinating, in the urethra, in the region of the fraenum,

Cutting urine,

Itching in the orifice of the urethra (eighth day),

Urging to urinate after walking,

Urging to urinate, without passing anything; she was obliged to wait a long time, and then only a very little urine passed, but the urging was soon again renewed, without pain, at 8 P.M.,

Frequent urging to urinate,

Frequent urging to urinate, and afterwards shivering, in the open air, it disappeared in the room (after half an hour),

Frequent urging to urinate, without passing any, then, while sitting, involuntary flow of it (first day),

At night, frequent urging to urinate, which wakes her from sleep,

Frequent urgent desire to urinate, which is passed in much larger quantity than the amount of drink taken,

Very frequent urging to urinate, with involuntary dribbling of urine,


Enuresis, with violent erections, without desire (eighth day),

Increased flow of slightly acid urine, which contains the whole of the potash; organic matter differing considerably from that of ordinary urine, and a relatively large proportion of Sulphuricum Acidum sulphuric acid; the Acid Phos phosphoric acid and the chlorine are less changed,

Unusually profuse passage of urine (fifth day),

After the increased flow of urine, the quantity passed per hour falls slightly below the standard,

Scanty urine, with great thirst,

Frequent urination,

Frequent passage of much urine,

He is obliged to urinate frequently at night (fifteenth day),

Frequent and very much increased micturition; the urine soon deposited a sediment like yeast,

Quite frequent micturition of scanty urine, without pain or urging,

He was obliged to rise twice at night to urinate; the urine was copious, together with diarrhoea, which was repeated in the morning,

He urinates so easily that he is not sensible of the stream and can scarcely believe in the dark that he is urinating until he makes sure with the hand (after one hour),

Involuntary passage of urine while coughing or blowing the nose,

The urine stopped at intervals, in the evening (second day),

The urine passes at night, in sleep (seventh day),

The last drops of the urine are delayed,

Ineffectual attempts to urinate; when a few drops were passed, he had violent pain in the bladder, and also (after walking much in order to relieve it) cramps in the rectum (twenty-first day),


During coition, blood is discharged from the urethra with the ejaculation of semen (twenty-first day),


Itching scurf on the inside of the prepuce,

Burning pain in the penis,

Voluptuous itching of the penis, with incomplete erection,

Itching on the inner surface of the prepuce, at one time tickling, at another biting,

Itching on the fraenum,

Pressive pain, as if crushed, in the right testicle,

Pressive pain in the testicles, at noon,

Itching-cutting pain in the septum of the scrotum,

Stitches in the right testicle (after six days),

Tearing in the testicles,


Burning in the female genitals,

An acridity during and after urinating, which bites like salt in the pudenda (eleventh and seventeenth days),

Cutting pain in the mons veneris, on motion, especially when walking,

Leucorrhoea at night (third day),

Very profuse leucorrhoea; it flows like menstruation, and has the same odor (after fourteen days),

It hastened menstruation, by eleven days, which usually appeared two or three days too late (after twenty-four days),

Menstruation, just due, was delayed (immediately),

Menstruation, usually natural, is delayed two or three days (after eleven days),

The menses are ten days too late; they then flow in a completely natural manner,

The menstrual blood has an offensive odor, and causes itching in the pudenda,

After menstruation had really ceased, there continued traces of a bloody discharge, from time to time for many days,

During menstruations, no blood was discharged at night,


Attack of uterine spasm.



Increased smegma; a very large amount is secreted on the corona glandis,

Erections the whole forenoon (second day),

Erection, with desire for coition, in the morning (second day),

Frequent incomplete erections, in the morning, after coition,

No erection on attempted coition; he was impotent (twenty-seventh day),

Sexual excitement (after a few hours),

Increased sexual desire (first day),

Very much increased sexual desire, with disinclination for any work,

Sexual desire very little excited (after thirty-two days),

Desire for emission,

Emissions, followed by burning urine,

Emissions for several nights in succession, also during the afternoon nap, in one who was impotent (after three days),

Frequent emissions, in an old man (after seven days),

Frequent emissions and constant incomplete erections, at night and the following forenoon (after fifty hours),

Passage of prostatic fluid after the stool,

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