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Causticum - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


The whole brain aches, on shaking the head.

Sensation as if the brain were loose, and was shaken by taking a walk in the open air.

Aching of the head at night, as if there was an ulcer in it.

A pressure at times deep in the head, with heaviness of the head.

Slow pressure above the right orbit.

Sharp pressure in the left side of the forehead.

A sudden pressure, as from a sharp stone falling upon it, in the vertex, in the region of the coronal suture.

A drawing pressure in the right side of the occiput and of the cervical muscles, aggravated by a brisk walk; it originated in the open air.

Contractive pressure in the forehead in the open air, aggravated the more briskly he walks, and disappearing suddenly, when he stoops low down.

Sensation of the head as if screwed in a vise, and heaviness, going off in the open air.

Sensation in the head, as if everything was coming out in front, on stooping.

Tension in the right temple and the eye, which felt paralyzed.

Tension on the left side of the head.

Frequently a drawing on the left side of the upper part of the head.

Drawing in the left side of the forehead.

Tearing in the head, neither aggravated nor relieved by motion or rest, for several days, now weaker, now stronger.

Violent tearing in the left side of the head, especially (at 4 P.M.) in the temple.

Shooting tearing toward the left side of the crown (6th d.).

Shooting tearing in the head, beginning in the forehead and drawing toward the right side through the whole head.

Shooting in the head and warmth therein.

Shooting in the temples.

Stitches in the left side of the head, for several evenings.

Stitches along through the right side of the head, for half an hour.

Violent stitches in the occiput, for half an hour.

Slow stitches drawing about in the left side of the sinciput, above the eye.

Straining shooting, from the lower part of the forehead into the upper part of the head (aft. 10 d.).

Jerks and severe shocks in the head, every minute, in any position, in rest and in motion.

Beating and throbbing in the whole crown, as if everything was coming out, in the morning on rising.

Beating pain, a very painful throbbing in the arteries of the brain.

Throbbing in the crown, intermixed with stitches, in paroxysms.

Severe throbbing in the forehead, for three days, more in the afternoon, with stiffness in the nape of the neck (aft. 12 d.).

Ebullition in the head, and sensation as if intoxicated, going off in the open air.

Rushing of blood in the head, in the evening.

Rush of blood to the head, with heat there.

Internal warmth and heat in the head, without external heat, especially after dinner, in the forehead.

Internal warmth in the forehead and back, as if perspiration would break out.

Burning in the right temple and right side of the forehead and in the region of the vertex.

Frequently a chilling burning before the vertex.

Sensation in the occipital bone, as if these parts were numb, pithy, or dead (aft. ¼ h.).

Pain on a small part of the crown, as if contused or beaten, only when touched.

Between the eyes, often, drawing and pressure.

Tension and warmth on the forehead and nose, with slight drawing in the eyes from time to time.

The skin of the head is tense and stretched.

Sensation as of shaking or trembling in the skin of the right temple, lasting till going to bed.

Movement of the skin of the head toward the forehead (aft. 13 d.).

Crawling sensation upon the crown.

Itching of the forehead.

Shooting itching on various parts of the head, on the right and left parietal bone, on the forehead, on the right cheek, behind the left zygoma toward the ear, and on the upper part of the temporal bone.

Involuntary nodding with the head, just as if some one pressed it down (during writing).


Headache, with nausea.

A stupefying pain in the forehead, when sitting and reading, not removed when walking and standing.

Pain in the upper part of the head, as if the brain were torn or crushed, especially in the morning on awaking (aft. 3 h.).

A morning headache, which had existed for a long time previous, disappears (curative effect).

Headache, as if something was forcing itself in between the frontal bone and the anterior part of the brain, or as if the part behind the frontal bone was hollow.

Pressive pain in the right frontal protuberance.

Pressive headache from all sides, with pinching in the ear and boring toothache.

Pressive pain in the right parietal bone and in both temples.

Pressive pain in the right side of the head, extending into the eyes.

Pressive pain in the right temple.

Pressive headache on the upper border of the temporal bone.

A painful drawing pressure, anteriorly in the forehead.

Compressive headache.

Headache in the temples, pressing outward, night and day, with nausea, causing vomiting (aft. 9 d.).

Headache, with a feeling of fullness and rigidity up from the nape of the neck (aft. 24 h.).

Tensive and drawing headache between the eyes.

Drawing pain in the occiput.

Violent drawing pain in the temple, gradually increasing to the highest degree and then suddenly vanishing (aft. 24 h.).

Tearing pain in the middle of the forehead and the cervical vertebrae, by day, in a heated room and while smoking tobacco; but especially at night, when he could not sleep for it.

Tearing in the left side of the head, especially in the forehead and temples, commencing in the evening and continually increasing, with swelling of the painful side (16th d.).

Painful tearing in the right temple.

Obtuse stitches in the left temporal bone, which every time spreads into a circle, where the pain is alleviated or lost (aft. 9 d.).

Shooting headache, in the morning, on awaking, and almost the whole day.

A painful, pressive cutting arises at once in the frontal bone, when he moves the arms violently, while stooping.

A painless digging in the whole head.

Twitching headache in the right side of the forehead and the head.

Twitching, pinching pain through the head.

Throbbing pain in the right side of the occiput, which goes off by rubbing toward the vertex, where it then pains as if bruised.

Throbbing headache in the right temple on motion; per se, it is only pressive.

Painful pressive throbbing in the forehead, as with a dull point.

Dull, painful throbbing of the arteries in the head, above the orbits.

Burning headache in the forehead, as if the anterior part of the brain was inflamed, after returning from the open air into the room.

Sudden pain in the occipital bone, while sitting, as if something in the muscles there had been displaced.

Pain on the upper part of the head, on pressing or touching it.


Painfulness of the hairy scalp, on rubbing it.

On the hairy scalp, before the vertex, a tearing burning.

Itching of the hairy scalp.

Falling out of the hair of the head.

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