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Causticum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




When she closes the eyes she sees only terrible visions and distorted human faces,

Lively disposition the whole day, contented with himself and very talkative; he constantly wished to talk with some one (curative action),

Good-humored and talkative, in the forenoon,

The child whines about every trifle,

Although disputes (e. g., political) were brought to him, still he remained quite calm, though indeed, he felt sensitive, yet he avoided speaking of it, and subdued his emotions (curative action), (the first hours),

Melancholy mood,

Melancholy before menstruation, as if everything was of a dark color,

Sad, weeping mood, full of care, as if beside oneself,

Sad and somewhat anxious mood,

Excessively sympathetic; she is beside herself, with weeping and sobbing, and cannot be contented when listening to accounts of the hardships of others,

Anxiety the whole day, as if he had done something bad, or apprehended it, or as if he had been unfortunate,

Anxiety in the morning on waking,

Anxiety in the evening before going to sleep; the boy could not fall asleep because he constantly thought of anxious things; one could with difficulty induce him to go to bed in the evening,

Anxiety and uneasiness at night did not permit her to sleep (twentieth day),

Anxiety after the stool,

Anxiety after the stool, heat in the face, and inclination to sweat,

Anxiety with the physical troubles,

Great anxiety throughout the day (thirteenth day),

The greatest anxiety for twelve hours,

Anxious mood, as if stupefied (soon after taking),

Anxious uneasy mood, as if something unpleasant impended; this unfits him for every work,

Anxious solicitude about every occurrence,

Anxious apprehension lest something evil should happen, with urging to stool,

Constantly anxious and sweaty (second day),

He was busy with thoughts of death, with uneasiness and great solicitude,

Loss of courage,

Fear and anxiety, so that she does not wish to live,

Fearfulness at night,

Extremely anxious fearfulness; was so anxious about a dog near by, which did not hurt her, that her whole body trembled; every noise in the street made her apprehensive; and if she saw boys climbing she was in the greatest uneasiness lest they should be harmed,

Great apprehension whenever anything happens; despondent, depressed, most excessive exhaustion and prostration,

Full of frightful ideas, in the evening,

Sensitive and inclined to be angry, with great nervous irritability, together with slight chilliness, and on motion easily heated,

Very sensitive, hot-heated, and vehement,

Irritable about trifles,

Extreme irritability of mind; the slightest vexation affects her whole body, so that her knees sink under her,

Unbounded inclination to be out of humor,

Out of humor and irritable (after four days),

During menstruation ill-humor and great weariness,

Discontented with herself, with gloomy looks,

Peevish, irritable mood,

Peevish, weeping mood,

Peevish, irritable, takes no pleasure in music,

Very peevish (after forty-eight hours),


Fretful and despondent, without being vexed (first day),

Fretful the whole day; everything which surrounded him made a disagreeable impression upon him,

Fretful the whole day, out of humor with himself, discontented, solicitous, and yet not disinclined to mental labor,

Fretful, still, and absorbed in himself, though previously he had been very lively, lasting half an hour (immediately after taking),

Very fretful and indolent,


Furiously opinionated and quarrelsome,

Inclined to scold and make a disturbance, without being peevish,

Inclined to scold and quarrel, with sullen mood,

Quarrelsome (after a quarter of an hour),

He becomes easily violent after the midday sleep, with great despondency,

Persistent silence, difficult to overcome, remained after the poisoning,

Long morose silence (after six hours),

At one time excessively merry, at another depressed,

Sometimes joyful, and soon afterwards peevish,


Weakness of thought; slow succession of ideas,

Absence of mind, with loss of ideas,

A kind of loss of ideas; if he was doing anything it constantly seemed to him that he had something more important to do, although he did not know what; he reflected about it, but without thinking of anything,

Disinclined to work (after ten and twenty hours),

Disinclined to pay attention,

Momentary absence of mind; he seemed to be thinking of something, but without having any thoughts (after half an hour),

Inattentive and distracted,

Weakness of memory,

He frequently pronounces words wrongly and confuses syllables and letters (e. g., "cluent coryza"), for several days,


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