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Chamomilla - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

German Chamomile, Chamomile, Camomile, Chamom., Camomilla, Chamomila, Camomila, Chamomilla Vulgaris, Cham.

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HPUS indication of Chamomilla: Irritability
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chamomilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



After rising in the morning, weaker and more fatigued than on lying down (second morning),

Weariness, with great fatigue, immediately after a little exertion (second day after 5 drops),

Body and mind were weary and indolent (second morning),

Very weary in the morning (third morning),

Sensation of indolence and lassitude (soon),

Tired and weak in the morning (second day),

Sleep and dreams



Frequent incomplete yawning (after a quarter of an hour),

Frequent very severe yawning, without sleepiness, with merry mood (after one hour),

Much yawning the whole forenoon, with desire to stretch (second day),

Inclination to sleep (forty-five minutes after 5 drops),

Sleepiness while eating,

Remarkable sleepiness (after three-quarters till one hour and a half),

Drowsiness and lassitude during the day,

Sleep sound and deep, disturbed towards morning by dreams, with an emission,

Was a long time in getting wide awake (second morning),

Difficult waking from a deep sleep, and on waking feeling more exhausted than when he lay down (second morning),

Difficult and late waking from an unpleasant and dreamy sleep (second morning),


Sleep seems to be troublesome and oppressive; his face looks gloomy, fretful, and sad,

Always on waking he found himself lying on the right side with the hand under the head, at night,

Whenever he awoke from sleep he found that he was lying upon the back, or right side, whereas formerly he always lay upon the left side, and only begun to lie upon the right side since the proving,

During sleep, talking, snoring, tossing about,

During sleep, he talks unintelligibly, directing that some one should remove this or that obstacle,

Moaning during sleep,

Groaning in sleep, with hot clammy sweat on the forehead,

Weeping and wailing, during sleep,

He starts at night in sleep,

Starting up, crying out, tossing about, and talking in sleep (after six hours),

Sleep uneasy, with frequent tossing about at night,

Sleep very uneasy, with many dreams; waking very difficult,

Sleep restless and unrefreshing, with frequent waking, tossing about in bed, and lying while asleep on the right side, waking somewhat later than usual (at 5 o'clock), with confusion of the head, dull digging in the forehead and right temple, which soon become a severe pressure, and a sensation as from a pressing inward by a sharp corner (second morning after 5 drops),

Sleep very uneasy; every time on waking he found himself lying upon the right side with the legs drawn up, or upon the right half of the back (second night),

Extremely uneasy sleep, with constant tossing about (second night after 40 drops),

Restless sleep,

Sleep very restless, with frightful and oppressive dreams (third night after 5 drops),

Sleep very restless, and much disturbed by unpleasant heavy dreams at night,

Night extremely restless, with frequent waking, and difficult falling asleep again (second night),

Awoke in the morning very much exhausted (second day),

Frequent waking from sleep, every time in profuse sweat, which ceases immediately on waking, but returns on falling asleep,

Could not sleep till 2 A.M., partly from painful weakness in the limbs, partly from sensation of heat and restlessness, which makes him toss about in bed,

If he sits down during the day he wishes to sleep, but if he lies down he is unable to sleep, but remains awake,

Loss of sleep at night, with attacks of anxiety; very vivid visions and fancies appear to him (after one and four hours),


Sleep at night full of dreams, not unpleasant,

Very clear vivid dreams, as of a connected story,

Sleep full of fantastic dreams,

He fell asleep easily in the evening, but during the night he had uneasy dreams, in which he was very anxious and oppressed (first night),

Quarrelsome vexatious dreams,

He talks in his dream, with vivid memory and reflection,


Convulsions of children now one leg, now another, is alternately moved up and down; the child grasps and reaches for something with the hands, and draws the mouth back and forth, with staring eyes,


Sweat, especially on the head below the temples,

(General sweat in the morning, with biting sensation in the skin),

General sweat at night, from 10 to 2 o'clock, without sleep,

Continual sweat in consequence of great heat, in the morning (after 40 drops),

Profuse sweat at night, with frequent waking; on waking the sweat ceases, and returns on falling asleep; heavy unpleasant dreams the whole night (third night),

Sweats easily; sweat sour,

Perspiration easy, even on the slightest motion, with a very weary sensation (third day after 5 drops),

The dry skin became moist and warm, and the feet began to sweat for the first time (half an hour after taking),

Profuse sweat on covered parts,

Sweat on the face, throat, and hands (after six hours),

Profuse transient sweat on the face and palms of the hands,

Profuse sweating of the feet (as happened every summer); the feet easily become sore while walking,

Very profuse sweat on the feet,



Twitches of the limbs and eyelids,

Single twitches of the limbs and of the head during the morning nap,

He is inclined to start up (after twenty-four hours),

She starts up at slightest trifle,

Tremulous starting up,

Stretching of the whole body (second day),

Inclination to stretch,

Great inclination to stretch (three hours after 5 drops),

General stiffness for a short time,

She sits stiff upon the chair like a statue; does not seem to notice anything about her (after twenty-four hours),

(Paroxysms, lasting some minutes, occur for two or three hours); the child becomes stiff and bends itself backwards, kicks with its feet when carried, screams immoderately, and throws everything off,

He sits perfectly still, and will not talk if not obliged to answer a question (after six hours),

The child will always lie; does not wish to be carried (after two hours),

The child will neither stand nor walk,

Weakness; she wishes to sit constantly (after five hours),

Weakness in the morning, so that he cannot rise from bed,

When the pain begins, it is accompanied by weakness, even to sinking down; he is obliged to lie down,

Great weakness while at rest, as also in motion,

Great weakness and weariness (forty-five minutes after 5 drops),

Great weakness and weariness, especially in the limbs, and for the most part in the lower limbs,

Great weakness and weariness, especially in the legs, with inclination to stretch them (forty-five minutes after 5 drops),

The greatest weakness and weariness, which border on faintness (after four hours),

Paralytic-like weakness of the parts affected by the pains,

During motion he has considerable strength,

Exhaustion of the whole body (thirty minutes after 20 drops),

Exhaustion of the whole body, especially of the limbs, and particularly of the knee-joints (fifteen minutes after 10 drops),

Attacks of exhaustion of the whole body (soon),

Short attacks of exhaustion, especially of the lower extremities,

Great exhaustion, especially of the limbs,

Great exhaustion, complete inability for earnest thought, and a sensation as in the beginning of a severe illness,

Sudden exhaustion, especially in the knees, while sitting and also while walking; slight giving way of the knees (thirty minutes after 5 drops),

A kind of faintness; he becomes sick and qualmish about the heart, the feet suddenly feel paralyzed, with heaviness of all the limbs, as if they were worn out,

Attacks of faintness, which return sooner or later (after half an hour and three, four, and five hours),

Attacks of fainting,

Great uneasiness, with inability to sit still (fifteen minutes after 5 drops),

Weariness and weakness,

Weariness, with weakness in the knees,

Great weariness of the body (fourth day after 60 drops),

Great general weariness, especially severe in the limbs, with frequent giving way of the knees, when walking at 7 A.M. (third day after 5 drops),

Sensation of paralytic weariness in the painful parts (after 60 drops),

Sensation of weakness of the whole body, especially of the knees, and almost complete exhaustion (third day),

Sensation of general weakness (twenty minutes after 5 drops),

Sensation of great weakness over the whole body,

Excessive uneasiness, anxiety, agonizing tossing about, with tearing pains in the abdomen (after one hour); followed by dulness of the senses, and then intolerable headache,

Tosses anxiously about the bed at night, full of fancies,

He tosses about the bed, with febrile heat and redness of the cheeks, and talks confusedly, with open eyes,

He cannot remain in bed,

Sensitiveness to change of weather was increased,


Unusual feeling of lightness the whole day (curative), (first day),

Sensation of paralysis in the parts where the pain had ceased,


Weariness, especially of the feet (after ten hours),

Frequently returning sensation of weakness (which had been noticed since the first dose of Chamomilla, and even on the days of abstaining from it, but never formerly),

He only feels well after breakfast, but after a few minutes faintlike sinking of strength (after eight hours),

Sensation of exhaustion of the whole body, as in impending fever,

Sensation of exhaustion especially in the legs (fifteen minutes after 40 drops),

Exhausted and wearied sensation and inclination to sleep (twenty minutes after 40 drops),

Sensation of great exhaustion and complete loss of mental power, though the head was free (second morning),

Sensation of being generally unwell (fourth day),

Sensation of oppression, with anxiety (thirty minutes after 20 drops),

General oppression and attacks of anxiety (twenty minutes after 5 drops),

Increased sensation of oppression (forty-five minutes after 10 drops),

Sensation of great oppression, with great irritability, in the morning (after 5 drops),

Feeling of great oppression on moving (twenty minutes after 5 drops),

Drawing pains appear in all the bones, even in the occiput,

Sticking pain in various joints, especially in the shoulders and ankles (soon after 60 drops),

Stitches jumping about from place to place, especially in the knees and ankles, disappearing on motion (second day),

Paroxysmal dull stitches in various parts of the body, sometimes simultaneously in several places, sometimes jumping from one part to another, especially deep in the joints; these stitches are for the most part accompanied by a kind of paralytic sensation in the affected joints,

Wandering stitches in the joints, extending thence down into the long bones, with a sensation as if pain in the bones would also appear (thirty minutes after 20 drops),

Flying stitches in cardiac region, and extending, at one time of a shooting, at another of a drawing character, now right, now left, down the legs to the dorsum of the foot and ankle, then back to the right shoulder or hip, or left side of head (22 and 24 grains),

Paralytic-like stitches extending into the bones, less on rising than while sitting (second day after 20 drops),

Evening attacks of tearing pains,

Bruised pains throughout the whole day (weather stormy), relieved after 4 P.M., when the wind subsided and the sky cleared, but the wandering tearing in the limbs continued (third day after 60 drops),

Pains composed of itching and sticking, now in one, now in another part, on a small spot; after scratching, it hurts more (after four hours),

All the pains, even if slight, became intolerable and unendurable, and he was very fretful,

The most violent symptoms appear within twenty to thirty minutes after taking the drug, and each one in a diminished degree,

The symptoms continued for some days after leaving off the medicine,

The prover noted in his daybook that the headache was much more characteristically developed from the triturations, while from the tincture more stitches appeared in the joints, with pains in the bones, though the latter were mostly only in the region of the joints (thirty-five minutes after 20 drops),

The symptoms disappear almost wholly during the midday heat, only the nose remains stopped, with a sensation of fulness and dryness in it, while the pressing and sticking headache, especially noticed during the forenoon in the temples and vertex, with some stitches in the left temple, is relieved, and only the stitches below the head of the fibula remain (ninth day after 60 drops),

Drawing from the sacral region forward, griping and pinching in the uterus, followed by discharge of large clots of blood,

Profuse discharge of clotted blood, with severe pains like labor-pains in the uterus, with tearing pains in the veins of the lower leg,

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