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Chamomilla - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

German Chamomile, Chamomile, Camomile, Chamom., Camomilla, Chamomila, Camomila, Chamomilla Vulgaris, Cham.

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HPUS indication of Chamomilla: Irritability
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chamomilla in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Great mental excitement (ten minutes after 5 drops),

At night while awake and sitting up in bed, he talks strangely,

At night, it seems as though he hears the voices of absent persons,

Fixed ideas (later action),

Earnest and taciturn mood; reconciled to his fate, about which he is deeply affected (later action),

Weeping and wailing,

Weeping mood and despondency; she complains of loss of sleep on account of general bruised feeling in the limbs,

Cries piteously (after four hours),

Moaning on account of a very trifling offence, which had happened a long time ago,

Moaning and groaning on account of ill-humor (after five hours),

Involuntary moaning, with heat of the face,

Piteous moaning of a child because he cannot have what he wants (after three hours),

Mood depressed and uneasy (eight days after 60 drops),

Very depressed mood, with anxiety and oppression, as of impending evil (twenty minutes after 5 drops),

Reflective; one cannot get a word out of her,

Apprehensiveness (tenth day),

Apprehensive feeling and depressed mood (soon after 60 drops),

Dread of every work,

Great dread of wind,

Anxiety, as if he was obliged to go to stool and ease himself,

Anxiety, with ineffectual urging to urinate, without much urine in the bladder,

Anxiety while urinating without any mechanical hindrance,

Repeated attacks of anxiety during the day,

Full of anxiety, with great uneasiness (forty-five minutes after 10 drops),

He is beside himself on account of anxiety; weeps and sweats profusely,

Very anxious; everything that she undertakes is very unsatisfactory; she is irresolute, with flushes of heat in the face, and cool sweat in the palms,

He is excessively anxious in bed, about not out of it, with rapidly changing pupils,

Hypochondriac anxiety,

Trembling anxiety, with palpitation (after one hour),

(She makes conscientious scruples about everything),

Disposition again much more excited than usual (seventh day after 60 drops),

Mood somewhat excited, uneasy (fifth day),

Excited, irritable temper,

Irritable mood,

Mood irritable; easily becomes impatient (third day after 5 drops),

Disposition irritable and impatient,

Since taking Chamomilla, the great irritability of disposition has very much diminished even to the point of being blunted,

Ill-humored and irritable, the whole day (third day),

Ill-humor; he suspects that he has been imposed upon,

Peevish disposition (22 and 24 grains),

The disposition was quiet during the whole day, though *the pains sometimes made him very peevish, especially those which involved the joints, and extended along the bones as paralytic and drawing pains; the wrist-pains sometimes seemed intolerable, although they were not very severe, and were transient, .

Peevishness; she seeks a cause for being peevish at everything (after thee hours),

Peevish about everything, with dyspnoea,

Fretful, and easily irritated (third and fourth days),

He is constantly fretful and inclined to be peevish,

Morning, on rising, fretful and disinclined to mental labor; during the day better (second day),

Fretful, out of humor, and obstinate, even to quarrelling, on the appearance of the menses,

Fretfulness, for two hours,

Fretfulness, after eating dinner,

Morose fretfulness; everything that another does is wrong; no one does anything to please him,

He frets internally about every trifle,

Disposed to anger, scorn, and quarrelsomeness (after two hours),

Morose, inclined to scorn (after twelve hours),

Talks with aversion, in a short, abrupt way,

"Great impatience," everything seems to go too slowly (fifteen minutes after 5 drops),

Whining restlessness; the child wants this and that, and when it is given he will not have it, or pushes it from him (after four hours),

He cannot stop talking about old vexations circumstances,

He cannot endure being spoken to, or interrupted, especially after rising from sleep, with sluggish pupils, difficult to dilate and to contract (after ten hours),

His hypochondriac whims and his peevishness about the most trifling circumstances seem to him to depend upon stupidity and heaviness of the head and constipation,

The child can only be quiet when carried on the arm,

Want of attention, careless; external objects make no impression upon him; he is indifferent to everything (after two hours),


Confused, excited mind,

He stammers, uses wrong expressions, and corrects himself (after four hours),

He understood a question wrongly and answered incorrectly, with subdued voice, as if he were delirious (after six hours),

When writing or speaking, he omits whole words,

Thoughts vanish,

Absence of mind; he sits lost in thought,

Great distraction of mind, even amounting to loss of ideas and inability to reflect earnestly for any length of time, in the afternoon,

Dulness of the sense, diminished comprehension (after four, five, and six hours),

A joyless dulness of the senses, with sleepiness, without, however, being able to sleep,

He understands and comprehends nothing aright, as if a kind of deafness prevented him, or as if he were in a waking dream (after one hour and a half),

Exhaustion of mind (fourth day after 60 drops),

Complete mental exhaustion, in the evening,

He is easily exhausted by reflecting,

Disinclination for mental work (soon),

Great disinclination for mental work,

When waking, while yet overpowered with sleep, he mistakes familiar persons for quite different ones (larger ones),

Slight stupefaction, with some vertigo,

Slight sensation of stupefaction, with feeling of compressure of the brain,

Coma vigil, or rather an inability to open the eyes; slumbering without sleep, quick expiration, and tearing headache in the forehead, with nausea (after one hour and a half),

The child lies senseless, completely without consciousness; frequent changes in the face, distortion of the eyes, contraction of the facial muscles, rattling in the chest, with much cough; it yawns and stretches very much,

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