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Chelidonium Majus - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Celandine, Chelidonium, Chelid, Chelidon, Chelidonin, Chel.

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HPUS indication of Chelidonium Majus: Diarrhea
Common symptoms: Diarrhea, Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chelidonium Majus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



On waking in morning, the eyes are swollen, and the lids agglutinated by dried gum (third day).

Heaviness in the eyes (after two hours),

Sensation as of sand in the eyes, with lachrymation, in the forenoon,

Sensation as of sand in the eyes,

A sensation as if a grain of sand were in the left eye, at 7 P.M., lasting a long tie,

Sensation as of sand in the eyes, less noticed on closing the eyes (after one hour),

Pains in the eyes, aggravated by lamplight (second day),

Burning of the eyes and cheeks, in the morning on waking,

Sensation of heat in the left eye, with sticking in the canthus (after half an hour),

Burning in the eyes (after twenty minutes), ; (sixth day),

Burning in the eyes and forehead,

Burning in the eyes, lasting an hour (second day),

Burning in the eyes the whole day,

Burning in the right eye,

Burning pain in the left eye, in the morning on waking, which gradually disappears on rising (second day),

Spasmodic pain in the right eye,

Pains in the eyes, as if the lids were forcibly pressed downward (after ten minutes),

Pressure in the eyes,

Pressure in the eyes and orbits, worse on moving the eyes, with sleepiness, as after a wakeful night,

Pressure in the left eye (after five minutes),

Pressure and flickering before the eyes (fifth day),

Pressure and pain in the eyes, on the upper part of the eyeballs, as if they would be pressed inward, more in the left than in the right eye; she keeps the eyes closed, since thereby the pain is relieved,

Pressive pain over the left eye (first day),

Violent pressive sticking in the right eye; soon after, pressure in the left eye,

Stitches in the right eye,

Sudden stitch in the left eye; with sensation as if the eye were torn out, five times in succession (after half an hour),

Tearing in the left eye and left temple from time to time (after ten hours),

Tearing in the left eye,

Tearing pain in and above the eyes (fifth day),

Itching of the eyes (after three hours),

Itching in the eyes, as after drinking liquor,

Itching in the right eye, disappearing on rubbing, at 5 P.M.,

Itching in the left eye, disappearing on rubbing (after three-quarters of an hour),


Dimness of vision,

Dimness and weakness of sight,

Morning on waking, sight is dim, as through a mist, especially in the right eye (fourth day),

Letters seem less distinct than usual when writing, as if the lamp were burning dimly (third day),

Letters run together while reading (after two hours),

Letters run together while writing (seventh day),

When writing, the letters seem to run together (fourteenth day),

Letters run together while he is writing; can be more easily seen at a great distance from the eye (after fifteen minutes),

Flickering before the eyes, ; (second and fourth days),

Flickering before the eyes, which rendered vision indistinct,

Flickering before the eyes, with dimness of vision,

Flickering before the eyes, with vertigo, lasting over a quarter of an hour,

Flickering before the eyes, lasting three hours, followed by diarrhoea-like stool,

Bright, flickering point before the eyes during the anxiety; she was unable to clearly distinguish objects (after six hours),

Glittering points before the eyes, with transient obscuration of vision, so that it became black before the eyes,

A blinding spot seems to be before the eyes, and if he looks at it the eye waters,

A kind of glare before the right eye, so that she can hardly read,

Cloudiness and illusions of sight,

It becomes black before the eyes, with a sensation as if she would faint,

Brow and orbit

Pain above the left eye (second day),

Neuralgic pain above the right eye, especially in the evening when reading by artificial light,

Drawing pain over the left eye (sixth day),

Pressive pain above the left eye, which seems to press down the upper lid (after three-quarters of an hour),

Sticking pain above the left eye (ten minutes after 5 drops),

Tearing pain above the left eye (after a quarter of an hour), (second day), ; (after half an hour),

Transient tearing over the right eye,

Neuralgic pain over left eyebrow (after four hours),

Sudden transient tearing over the left eyebrow, thence across over the right in a transverse direction (after half an hour),

Stitches between the eyebrows, extending into the right eye and left temple, and above the left ear,

Pressive tearing headache between the eyebrows, which presses the lids together; it disappears after eating, but returns after three-quarters of an hour (after half an hour),

Stupefying pressure in the right orbit, extending from without inward,


Margins of the eyelids very red,

Redness and swelling of the margin of the lower lids, with redness of the conjunctiva of the lower lids (second day),

Twitching in the lids,

Twitching and blinking of the lids, with lachrymation (after a quarter of an hour), (second day),

Repeated twitching and blinking of the lids (after half an hour),

Blinking of the lids (after fifteen minutes),

Severe trembling of the right upper lid (after four hours),

Jerking in the left eyelid,

Clonic spasms in the eyelids; on attempting to hold them open they were forcibly closed (after half an hour),

Inclination to close the eyes and lie down, as after intoxicating drinks (after two hours),

Desire to close the eyes; difficult opening of the lids, as if the upper lid were drawn downward, lasting till towards noon (eleventh day),

The eyelids can be opened only with difficulty; they seem swollen; upon attempting to open them they feel as if there were a grain of sand in them (third day),

The eyes close while writing (fifth day),

Rubbing of the upper eyelid against the ball, on moving the lid or ball (second morning),

Crusts of dry mucus on the lids of the right eye (second day),

Eyes agglutinated with dry mucus (third day),

The lids of both eyes are agglutinated with dry mucus, and can be opened only with difficulty (fifth day),

Both eyes agglutinated with dry mucus, the left worse (second morning),

The eyes are agglutinated in the morning, and foggy, so that he cannot rightly distinguish objects until he has washed himself (second morning),

The left eye was agglutinated with mucus in the morning (third day),

Heaviness of the eyelids (fourth day),

Heaviness of the lids

they rub against the eyeball (eighth day),

it seems as though they would not open well, as with sleepiness (after one hour),

Pain just above the left lid (fourteenth day),

Pain in the lids, with lachrymation,

Burning in the lids (after a quarter of an hour), (second day), ; (seventh day),

Burning of the lids, with watery eyes,

Burning in the eyelids and about the eyes, after a slight rubbing,

Burning in the eyelids, with heat and redness of the face,

Burning in the eyelids and pressive pain in the eyeballs, as if they would be pressed into the head, worse in the left, in the morning after rising (second day),

Burning in the lids of the left eye, lasting till going to sleep (first day),

Burning in the lower lids,

Burning in the left upper lid (third day),

Burning in the margin of the left upper lid (third day),

Sensation as if the eyelids were swollen, with sand in the eyes (first day),

Pressure in the eyelids (seventh day), ; (fifteenth day),

Pressure in the eyelids, at night on waking (tenth day),

Pressure in the upper lids (second morning),

Pressure on the right upper lid,

Pressive pain in the left upper lid (third day),

Sticking in the left eyelid,

Sudden transient sticking in the right upper lid,

Stitches in the inner side of the right eyelids,

Stitches on the inner side of the left lower lid,

Itching of the margins of the lids,

Burning-itching in the lids, in the morning on waking (ninth day),

Sticking-burning in the left external canthus (after one hour and a quarter),

Sticking and burning, as from sand in the inner canthus of the left eye, lasting more than two weeks; the inner angle of the eye was red and inflamed, with sensation of great heat in it; even after two weeks it was still weak and watery,

Jerking dull sticking in the right inner canthus, disappearing on rubbing, but frequently returning (after half an hour),

Itching-sticking in the inner canthus,

Itching in the left inner canthus, all day (sixth day),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation (after 100 drops), ; (after half an hour), ; (sixth day),

Frequent lachrymation (second day),

Lachrymation in the open air (after three hours),


Great redness of the conjunctiva of the lower lid (third day),

Whites of the eyes dirty yellow,

The white of the eye is of a dirty yellow color (fifth day),


Aching in the eyeballs on looking up,

Slight aching in the eyeballs, on moving the eyes,

Pressure in the eyeballs (seventh day),

Violent pressive pain in the left eye, in the middle of the eyeball, which seems to be so large that the upper lid would not cover it; relieved on closing the eye, in the evening (second day),

(Tickling-itching in the right eyeball),


Contracted pupils (immediately),

Contraction of the pupils, immediately after taking it; they, however, dilated to their natural size after an hour,

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