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Chimaphila Maculata

Chimaphilia Maculata, Chimaph, Chimaph. Maculata, Chimaphil., Chimaphila, Chim-m.

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Common symptom: Headache..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chimaphila Maculata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Intense gnawing hunger; burning fever; sensation of swelling in arm pits

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Pain, headache

in forehead; while lying down

in forehead; above eyes

after lying down

pressing (see bursting, pulling); forehead

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Sleep and dreams

Sleepiness, tiredness; after supper

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Chimaphila Maculata

Equis > general
This remedy is sometimes successful in cases which are not relieved by Cantharis. There is as much inclination to urinate as with Cantharis, and there is pain in the bladder, as if too full of urine, which must be voided in order to get relief from both pain and pressure, but urinating does not satisfy and he must soon go again. There is burning in the urethra when urinating, but there are larger quantities of urine discharged than with Cantharis, which has characteristically very small amounts, but often repeated, even but a few drops at a time. Equisetum, like Chimaphila, sometimes shows excess of mucus, and it is also very useful in enuresis. Both Chimaphila and Equisetum need further proving to draw out their characteristic. Equisetum sometimes has severe pain at the close of urination. (See Berberis, Natrum mur., Sarsaparilla, Thuja).

Chim > relationships
Compare: Chimaph. Maculata (intense gnawing hunger; burning fever; sensation of swelling in arm pits); Uva.; Ledum; Epigea.

Epig > relationships
Compare: Uva, Chimaph.; Lyc. Pareira. Epigea Repens contains Arbutin, also Formic acid.

Equis > relationships
Compare: Hydrangea; Ferr. Phos.; Apis; Canth.; Linaria; Chimaph. Equisetum contains Silica in appreciable quantity.

Hydrang > relationships
Compare; Lycopod.; Chimaphil.; Berberis; Pareira; Uva; Sabal; Oxydendron; Geum - Water Avens - (Severe jerking pains from deep in the abdomen to end of urethra; affections of bladder, with pains in penis; worse, eating; relaxed mucous membranes, with excessive and depraved secretions; imperfect digestion and assimilation.) Polyctrichum - Hair cap moss - (according to Dr. A.M. Cushing in mother tincture or infusion for enlarged prostate - prostatitis.)

Mit > relationships
Compare: Chimaph.; Senecio; Uva; Geran.; Gossip.

Pareir > relationships
Compare: Parietaria (renal calculi; nightmare, patient dreaming of being buried alive); Chimaphila (chronic catarrhal congestion following cystitis; acute prostatitis; feeling of a ball in perineum when sitting); Fabiana, see Pichi (dysuria; post-gonorrhoeal complications; gravel; vesical catarrh); Uva.; Hydrang.; Berber.; Ocim.; Hedeom.

Baro > relationships
Compare: Copaiva; Thuja; Populus; Chimaph. See Diosma.

Trit-r > relationships
Compare: Tradescantia; (Hemorrhage from ear and upper air passages; painful urination, urethral discharge; scrotum inflamed). Chimaph.; Senecio; Populus Trem.; Buchu; Uva. Polytrichum juniperinum - Ground Moss - (Painful urination of old people; dropsy, urinary obstruction and suppression).

Chim > general
Chimaph. umb. is a medicine used by many North American Indians in gravel and urinary disorders. It has also been used as a vulnerary. Among the eclectics it is used as an "alterative" in skin affections, e.g., acne, herpes, eczema, in enlarged lymphatic glands, in articular rheumatism. It is said by them to act mainly as an eliminative through the bowels and kidneys. They use it in cases of chyliferous urine, cystitis, strangury, smarting, burning pains on urination, turbid urine and frequent micturition, and diabetes. Also in passive renal, uterine and intestinal haemorrhages, leucorrhoea and gonorrhoea. From its property of increasing the renal secretion they give it in cases of calculus and prostatic irritation. Catarrhal states, with mucus, muco-pus, pus and blood, offensive or not, indicate its use. Chim. u. has been proved by Jeanes, G. Bute, and H. P. Gatchell. It causes flushing of cheeks with some general heat and accelerated pulse. Toothache agg. after eating, and from exertion.

Fil > general
Male fern has been recognised as a vermifuge from the time of Galen, and Dioscorides credits it with the power of causing sterility and abortion. A fragmentary proving in Allen's Appendix records a case in which 15 to 20 drops of the tincture given three times a day to a woman suffering from bloated abdomen with more or less pain caused diminution of the bloating, but also Severe prolapse of vagina, pain and tenesmus of bladder with copious and frequent emission of urine with intense pain. Filix was discontinued and then Chimaphila relieved. The symptoms did not return afterwards, except after much walking and standing. Hering says the best time to give the drug for expulsion of tapeworm is in the summer when the fresh root can be obtained. If an ounce of the grated root is given in the forenoon, usually the tapeworm comes away in the afternoon. Among the leading symptoms are Pale face with blue rings round eyes.

Pareir > relationships
Compare with Chimaphila, Uva ursi (spasm and burning in bladder, ropy urine), Hydrangea arb., Berber. (latter has pains more in back and hips, and has a yellow, loamy sediment).

Epig > relationships
Compare also Mitchella, Chimaphila, Cannabis, Calc. ren., Urtica urens, Uric acid.

Pareir > relationships
Compare Coccul. (botan.). Spasm and burning in bladder, ropy urine, Chimaph., Uva ursi. Prostatic affections, Hydran., Sabel ser. Renal colic, Ocim. c., Berb. Dysuria, Berb. (Berb. has pain in back extending to hips; Par. b. has pain extending to thighs and even toes. Berb. has paralysis of bladder with discharge of great quantities of mucus, which deposits itself at bottom of vessel and is viscid. Berb. urine lacks the ammoniacal smell of Pareira.) Dribbling urine after micturition, Selen.

Vesi > relationships
Compare Botan., Thlasp. b. p. In Gravel, Coc. c., Urt. ur., Thlasp. b. p. Haematuria, Chi. s., Fic. r. Phos. Prostatic affections, Hydrang., Solid., Sabal. Cystitis, Chimaph. u.

Bals > genitals etc
Catarrh of bladder ( Chimaph.)

Fil > genitals etc
Prolapse of vagina; with pains and tenesmus of bladder and copious frequent emission of urine with internal pains (relieved by Chimaph.).

Fil > generalities
The bloating of the abdomen diminished, but there was developed, as I think, on consequence of the Filix mas, a severe prolapsus of the vagina, and pain and tenesmus of the bladder, with copious and frequent emission of urine, with intense pain, which continued until after I abandoned the use of the Filix and gave Chimaphila, and those painful symptoms of vagina and bladder did not return, except in consequence of great fatigue, as long walks, much standing, etc.

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