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Chimaphila Umbellata - General symptoms - Clarke

Chimaphilia Umbellata, Chim.

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HPUS indication of Chimaphila Umbellata: Scanty urine

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chimaphila Umbellata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pipsissewa. Prince's Pine. Ground Holly. N. O. Pyroleae, a tribe of the Ericaceae. Tincture of root and leaves, or of fresh plant in flower.

Acne. Breast, atrophy of.

amel. by cold water. Cannot close jaws at night.

jaws feel stiff. sleeps with mouth open. Palate sore.

very sensitive to warm drink or food.

rawness of upper and back part of palate. Increase of appetite. It has been used with success in cases of inflammation of liver with ascites.

abdominal and renal dropsies.

enlarged mesenteric glands.

obstinate constipation and haemorrhoids. A peculiar symptom is shooting pain, deep-seated, left side of anus. The symptom "Sensation of swelling in perineum on sitting, as if a ball was pressing against it," shows its appropriateness in prostatic disorders. There is also loss of prostatic fluid. Constant pain in region of kidneys, as if something fluttering in kidney region, first one side, then the other. Pressing fulness in region of bladder. Vesical tenesmus.

strangury. Constant desire to urinate.

must rise several times in the night. Great quantities of thick, ropy mucus in urine. Blood in urine. Smarting pain (also painful irritation) from neck of bladder, whole length of urethra to meatus. Bruised pain in testicle is a leading indication in stricture. Leucorrhoea. Rapid atrophy of breasts or tumours. Acute rheumatism of shoulder. OEdema of arms (right). Inward trembling without mental disturbance. In homoeopathic practice Coburn reports the following cures ($51$) Stricture Man, 30, dysuria, severe pain, scalding and burning. At times urine voided in a large gush.

sharp pains at site. For four months, under Arnica Arn., Arsenicum Album Ars., Cicuta Virosa Cicut., Thuja Thuj., the tumour increased, skin became contracted, nipple drawn in. In eight months it broke out into an irregular ulceration with lacerated edges, fetid discharge. Axillary glands swollen. Chim. umb. Ø gtt. x. every four hours was given, and the same locally applied. The pains diminished, swelling decreased, and in six months the patient was well. The symptoms of Chim. u. are agg. In damp weather.

after washing in cold water.

from sitting on a cold, wet stone. (Though evergreens and "winter-lovers").


hence the name

the Chimaphilas are generally agg. by cold). Suited to cachectic, scrofulous individuals and broken-down constitutions.