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Chininum Sulphuricum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Chininum Sulphuricum: Roaring in ears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chininum Sulphuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Haemorrhage from lungs (probably) and eruptions on skin,

Some pain transversely through the chest, as it seemed, in consequence of the racking night-cough (twenty-sixth day),

Pressive pain in the chest, on rising (twenty-first day),

Oppression of the chest (twentieth day), ; (third day),


In a few minutes a feeling behind mid-sternum (oesophagus?) as if food had failed to go down (first day),

Feeling as if something indigestible had been eaten, behind lower sternum; better, temporarily, from slight eructations, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Slight sensation in breast, left of sternum, as if spasmodic state of oesophagus from indigestion, in the morning (fifteenth day),


Pain in the right side of the chest, on rising in the morning, lasting till noon, when it disappeared (thirty-second day),

Pains in the left clavicle (thirtieth day),

In street-car, crampy feeling in right side of chest, four inches outside of and below nipple (twenty-first day),

Crampy feeling at ends of right false ribs, when bending forward to urinate, in the morning (twenty-third day),

Slight crampy feeling at angles of last true ribs, right side, in the afternoon (nineteenth day),

Sticking in right thorax; also round lower angle of right scapula (twenty-ninth day),

Stitches in the left half of the chest (thirteenth day),

On entering my house, felt decided stitch, slow, moving from edge of liver upward, terminating outside and below the right nipple, in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Tickling in left chest persistent, in the evening (twelfth day),

Phlegm (of chronic formation) in left chest, working up fast, tickles, with frequent coughing and raising, but swallowing, as usual, what is raised; irritability of left bronchi afterwards, in the evening (eighth day),


Heat of the head, with a strong rapid pulse, followed at last by sweat,


Chest seemed completely dry; all provocation to cough had disappeared; he could breathe freely from the bottom of the lung; towards evening, however, the cough returned (twenty-seventh day),

Pain in the sternum, almost sticking, especially noticed on deep breathing or a sudden movement (twenty-first day),

Sticking in the right half of the chest, extending up to the shoulder, during the afternoon, impeding respiration; relieved by bending the body forward (tenth day),

Stitches in the left side of the chest, preventing deep breathing, continuing uninterruptedly until the next day, and very gradually disappearing (nineteenth day),

Expired air cool,

Breath offensive (after eight hours),

Repeated loud expirations from time to time, like interrupted sighing (thirty-ninth day),

Superficial and irregular respiration,

Repeatedly, whilst eating, took a long inspiration wearily, followed by loud sighing, heaving, groaning expiration, in the evening (seventeenth day),

Respiration increased, 4 (after one hour),

Respiration rose from 18 to 20 (after four hours); was 20 next morning; 24 next evening; 18 third morning (first proving); rose from 18 to 20 (second day), (second proving),

Respiration rose from 16 to 20 (after one hour); 20 (after four hours); 20, next morning; 22 (second evening); 18 (third morning),

Respiration increased from 16 to 24 (after four hours); 22 the next morning; 20, next evening; 20, third morning; 16 (normal), third evening,

Respiration slow and easy (after eight hours),

Slow and irregular breathing (68 grains),

Respiration slow, interrupted by sighs,


Respiration oppressed, as from a pain about the chest (tenth day),

Chininum Sulphuricum warm weather, averse to close air in street-cars; it is oppressive (sixteenth day),

In a close steam-car, felt oppressed; had to open the window (twenty-second day),

Rising suddenly from my seat, on attempting to swallow at the same moment, arrest of breath by a contraction of the throat, in the evening (twenty-eighth day),

Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchi.

A contractive feeling, hardly a pain, in a weak spot the left side of hyolaryngeal space, in the early morning (twenty-sixth day),

Tickling in larynx, cough, and raising of mucus (as usual), in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Decided laryngeal tickling, after midnight (seventeenth day),

Considerable tickling at bifurcation of trachea (behind upper end of sternum), cough, and raising and swallowing of phlegm, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Tickling in left bronchus and trachea (site of my usual irritation); cough scarcely detaches anything, but is painful to the palate and fauces; phlegm seems as usual to come from the lower lobe, in front of the heart, detached and swallowed after awhile, in morning (twelfth day),


Hoarseness at 4 P.M., with a deep tone to the voice (twentieth day),

The daily hoarseness reappeared about 4 P.M., and reached such a degree that the voice was like a bass voice, and the throat seemed constricted (twenty-fourth and subsequent days),

The attack of hoarseness, without anginose symptoms, recurred every afternoon for a long time,

All day, rough hoarse tone of voice, diminishing with the expectoration; this always swallowed (eleventh day),

Voice lost (after eight hours),

Cough and Expectoration.

The cough became worse towards morning, and was accompanied by the previous anginose condition (twenty-seventh night),

While dressing, cough, with stitch in upper left lung (?), and simultaneous slight rheumatic pain in left trapezius, near posterior edge of scapula, in the evening (ninth day),

Cough and tickling in windpipe at 12.30 A.M., less at 1 A.M. (eleventh day),

Frequent cough towards morning; the cough is caused by a small painful spot in throat (seventeenth night),

Loose cough (twentieth day),

Cough continued during the whole of six days, loose, but very severe, and whilst yesterday the mucus seemed to come from the throat, to-day it seemed as though he was obliged to cough deeply in order to raise the mucus from the lowest portion of the bronchi; expectoration was of a gelatinous nature (twenty-third day),

Cough and raising of phlegm, in the forenoon (twenty-eighth day),

Cough, raising and swallowing mucus, after midnight (seventeenth day),

Standing in open air, cough, with raising, and threatened irritability in left bronchi, in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Cough, which must be continued until expectoration is raised from very low down (twenty-fourth day),

Frequent cough and need to raise in the night, so that he was obliged to sit up in bed to get his breath (twenty-sixth and other nights),

Frequent cough, with raising of mucus; once this struck the roof of my mouth (several times, also before in the morning), (twenty-fourth day),

Short cough, with expectoration, swallowed, in the afternoon (fourteenth day),

Walking in the open air, noticed that the raising of mucus by cough was renewed, and that I kept my teeth involuntarily pressed together, as has been the case frequently during the proving, but having had the same formerly at times, overlooked it, in the afternoon (fifteenth day),

I noticed this morning that the phlegm came up the right side of the glottis, afterwards, the posterior (twenty-fourth day),

Heart and pulse


Extreme praecordial anxiety,

Slight uneasiness in the praecordia,

Considerable uneasiness in the praecordia,

Tension in the praecordial region, especially on the left side, below the short ribs, becoming so severe that the bands of the clothing must be loosened (thirteenth day),

Pressure in the praecordial region, with passage of flatus,

Sticking in the region of the apex of the heart, disappearing after a few minutes, (immediately after taking),

Heart's action subjectively perceptible, this whilst sitting partially doubled up, in the forenoon (nineteenth day),

Sitting, heart's action subjectively felt, extending to head; having just had an incomplete stool, with protrusion of mucous membrane, especially right side, after postponement, in the forenoon (twentieth day),

Heart's Action.

Pulsations of heart, conscious, slightly accelerated, in the forenoon (twenty-eighth day),

While at stool, pulsation of the heart increased, after straining, so as to be felt throughout left side of the body (abdomen and chest), in the forenoon (twenty-fourth day),

Chininum Sulphuricum evening, at 6 o'clock, a nap, with hands joined over top of head; lying on back. Was awakened at 6.45, the heart-beat with abnormal impulse, felt through much of the chest; and too frequently, better by lying still awhile, the stirring about moderately (fourteenth day),

At 10 A.M., strong heart-beat, after excitement (third day),

Pulsation of heart felt in left chest after going upstairs, in the afternoon (twenty-fifth day),

Conscious pulsation from heart to left chest, arm, and abdomen (not very rare), in the forenoon (third day),

Palpitation (third day),

Palpitation of the heart,

Slight palpitation, in the afternoon (fifteenth day),

Woke on right side; palpitation; relieved by lying in abdominal position (fourth day),

Roused suddenly, "palpitation, had to lie on it," with hand supporting heart (twenty-third day),

After breakfast, sitting at stool, elbows on knees, palpitation, felt through chest, down back to sacrum, and through abdomen (twenty-sixth day),

Owing to indignation, in the morning, palpitation of the heart; better by lying on it, alternating with changes of position, stretching, etc. (as usual), (twentieth day),

Woke in the morning, lying on left side, with slight, yet notable palpitation of the heart, ceasing on lying fairly upon it (third day),


Pulse rapid, full,

Pulse rapid, neither hard nor full,

Pulse more rapid, but not fuller than usual,

Pulse accelerated by nine beats, small and irritable (after two hours),

Pulse, morning and afternoon 45; towards noon 60 (seventh day),

Pulse 72, sitting, in the early morning (twenty-sixth day),

Pulse in the morning 65, in the afternoon 66, in the evening 75 (fourteenth day),

Pulse 88, at 8 1/4 P.M. (twenty-second day),

Pulse varied from 75 to 94 (the last one hour after eating), (second day),

Pulse (in temporal artery) beat very strongly under finger, bounding, counted 98 to 100 per minute; no other sign of fever, in the forenoon (nineteenth day),

Pulse 100,

Pulse 100, at 3 P.M. (fifth day),

Rise of pulse began in 95 minutes; greatest frequency reached in 120 minutes (girl), (12 grains),

Rise of pulse began immediately; greatest frequency in 65 minutes; fell again in 195 minutes (girl), (20 grains),

Rise of pulse began in 15 minutes; greatest frequency reached in 15 minutes; fell again in 120 minutes (girl), (10 grains),

Pulse rose from 64 and 68 to 92, in 55 minutes (girl), (8 grains, after thirty-five minutes),

Pulse rose from 72 to 80 (after one hour); 80 (after four hours); 84 (next morning); 88 (next morning); 74 (third morning),

Pulse rose from 72 to 84 (after one hour),

Pulse rose from 72 to 86 (after four hours); 82 the next morning; 80 in the evening; 84 third morning; 72 normal, in the evening,

Daily Means, calculated from the Detailed Observations.

Day of


No. of


Mean pulse of

each day's observ.

No med.,



70 1/2

5 grains Quinia pr. 1/2 hr. till 8 doses,



70 4/5

5 grains Quinia pr. 1/2 hr. till 8 doses,



69 3/8

5 grains Quinia pr. 1/2 hr. till 8 doses,



69 1/3

10 grains Quinia pr. 1/2 hr. till 10 doses,



69 3/5

20 grains Quinia pr. 1/2 hr. till 10 doses,



73 7/8

Slowness of the pulse,

Action on the circulation was constant; it usually occurred half an hour after taking, and proportionate to the size of the dose, producing slowness of the pulse,

Pulse regular, slow, scarcely perceptible,

Pulse diminished four beats to a minute, within two hours,

The pulse fell in a few days to 57, and then to 50 (from daily doses of 8 decigrammes),

Pulse on taking the drug, 80; after dinner it sank to 64 (whilst it was usually 73 to 75, at that time); in the evening, the pulse was normal, 75 (first day),

Pulse, on taking the drug in the morning, 60; after an hour, 62; taken at various times through the rest of the day 45 (fifth day),

Pulse became small, almost imperceptible, and fell to 40, 45 (from 32 decigrammes a day),

Pulse 83, in the morning of the third day before taking half a grain; one hour after taking, it was 75,

Whilst eating in the evening, pulse 76; 72 after writing; full, forcible (seventeenth day),

Pulse diminished in frequency for about 30 minutes; began to rise in 50 minutes; greatest frequency in 100 minutes (girl), (20 grains),

For fifty minutes afterwards the pulse fell a little in frequency and gained in strength. The fall was from 108 and 112 to 104 and 96. After this it beat 120 in the minute, and at the same time lost in strength (boy),

Pulse at 9 A.M. 75, irregular, weak, and small (twenty-sixth day),

Pulse full, firm, in the forenoon (twenty-eighth day),

Strength of the pulse fell (boy), (two doses in one day),

Pulse regular and very weak, scarcely perceptible (after eight hours),

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