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Chininum Sulphuricum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Chininum Sulphuricum: Roaring in ears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chininum Sulphuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Lustreless eyes,

Gray rings about the eyes (twenty-sixth day),

With some, the eyes become red and there is swelling of the lids, with the appearance of pimples,

Eyes restless (twelfth day),


Peculiar dryness of the eyes,

All day, eyes feel as if they had been in a glare, or as if the atmosphere were too dry, as if parched (twentieth day),

Walking in the wind I observed the cessation of the parched feeling in the eyes, and in the right lachrymation in the evening (twentieth day),

Eyes and frontal region feel heavy, in the afternoon (third day),

While sitting, sleepy feeling in the eyes, in the afternoon (sixteenth day),


Dim vision,

Dimness of vision, as from a net before the eyes, and once, as from a dark fog,

Amaurosis (two cases),

More or less complete, or even incurable amaurosis of one or both eyes,

Sight and hearing nearly lost,

Sight lost (after eight hours),


Great sensitiveness of the eye to the light, with lachrymation in the full glare of light (thirteenth day),

Sitting at a lecture, the glare of light felt disagreeable, although it is a dull day; drowsy, had to shut my eyes and press the inner canthi, in the afternoon (twenty-seventh day),

Sparks before eyes when sunlight is strong, for one week (after four weeks),

Bright lights and sparks before the eyes,

*Black spot, size of pin's head, about eighteen inches from right eye, and moving with eye for some weeks (after eighteen days),

Blackness before the eyes, with pain in the forehead, so violent that the head seemed as though it would burst (thirty-first day),

Brow and orbit

(From the beginning of proving, have had an habitual symptom considerably increased, i. e., disposition to contract eyebrows),

Slight neuralgic sensation, right inner brow, when bending forward in the morning (twentieth day),

Dull neuralgic grip, in outer right brow, deepseated; then, a somewhat similar pain in (outer) left biceps tendon, whilst holding the forearm flexed and pronated, hand on edge of table, at noon (twenty-fourth day),

Recurrence of neuralgic ache, outer half of right brow, after midnight (twenty-fourth day),

Whilst writing, stitch at inner left eyebrow, in the evening (fourteenth day),

Twinges about right outer brow, and various other places, in the afternoon (nineteenth day),

Neuralgic twinge in outer right brow, at 11.30 P.M. (eighteenth day),

Neuralgic twinge, inner right eyebrow (eighteenth day),

Neuralgic twinges, alternating in both brows; rather dull in character, in the night (twenty-first day),

While sitting, hard aching in outer half of orbit, above it, below it, and in the eyeball (I think this was on the right side), in the evening (twenty-third day),

Pain in left infra-orbital nerve (slight ache), in the night at 1.30 A.M. (twenty-sixth day),

Pain in left infra-orbital, malar, and superior maxillary nerves; aching and boring, worse in cold air, but nearly constant, even involving the eye at times, with tumefaction adjacent to upper molars (fortieth day),

Slight pain recurring in right outer supra-orbital region, in the early morning (twenty-sixth day),

Neuralgic pain in right supra-orbital nerve, then in left (whilst sitting in street car), in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Whilst writing, neuralgic pain in left supra-orbital nerve, slight, near foramen, in the evening (eighteenth day),

Neuralgic twinge in left supra-orbital nerve, in the forenoon (nineteenth day),

Sitting in church, felt a neuralgic twinge in right supra-orbital nerve, near foramen (nineteenth day),

Flashing in branches of infra-orbital nerve, left side, in the afternoon (twentieth day),


Eyes closed from weakness, while writing (fifth day),

Twitching of left eyelid (recurrence), several previous occasions not noted (twenty-third day),

Twitching of left eyelids; outer canthus, as most commonly (thirtieth day),

Twitching of left eyelids, in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

Whilst writing, renewed twitching in left eyelids, evening (twenty-sixth day),

Decided twitching of left eyelid, in the afternoon (twenty-fifth day),

Repeated twitchings in left eyelids, especially the lower, afternoon (twenty-sixth day),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation in the open air (twenty-ninth day),

On going out (air not very cold, but sunshiny), lachrymation from both eyes, obscuring sight. (Not rare in right eye; but now, worse in left) (fifth day),

Lachrymation of the eyes in the full light, at 5 P.M. (seventh day),


Dirty color to the white of the eye,


Disk on both sides, now decidedly paler (10 gr. doses), (after two and a half hour),

Disk and retina both very anaemic.

Disk looks dry, with the vessels smaller than usual running over it (10 gr. doses), (after one and a half hours),

Vessels on the disk appear smaller, and the disk itself of a papery whiteness (10 gr. doses), (after one and a half hours),


Dilatation of the pupils,

Pupils dilated,

Pupils much dilated, ; (after eight hours),


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