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Chininum Sulphuricum - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sulphite Of Quinine, Chininum Sulph, Chininum Sulfuricum Sulphuricum, Chininum Sulfuricum, China Sulphuricum, China Sulfuricum, Chin Sulph, Chin Sulf, Chinium Sulf, China Sulph, China Sulf, Chin-s.

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HPUS indication of Chininum Sulphuricum: Roaring in ears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chininum Sulphuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Expression sickly during the whole proving,

Expression sickly and hollow-eyed (twentieth day),

Slight puffiness of the face,

The face becomes swelled and bloated to an extent rendering the person unrecognizable,

Suddenly seized with oedema of the face and limbs, accompanied by an unusual erythematous rash.

Greatly disfigured, and arms felt ready to burst,

Face pale, ; (after forty-five minutes),

Face pale and suffering (twentieth day),

Paleness of the face (thirteenth day),

Paleness of the face continued a long time after the proving,

The paleness of the face lasted several weeks after the proving,

Paleness of the face, with excessive thirst and nausea (twelfth day),

Great paleness of the face (tenth day),

Earthy color of the face,

Earthy color of the face (twelfth day),

Dark redness of face,


Face and hands feel dry and heated, whilst writing, at 1.30 A.M. (twenty-sixth day),

Late, evening, in cold air, recurrence of left-sided facial pains (forty-fourth day),


Slight twitching in the left zygomatic muscles (twenty-sixth day),

Cool air blowing on right side of face, felt rheumatic (or neuralgic) dull pain in zygoma, malar and nasal bones, extending to side of head, with slight tingling in nose, as before sneezing, in the afternoon (fifteenth day),

Aching about left malar bone in the evening (twenty-fifth day),

While writing, sudden ache above left zygoma (whilst inclining head to that side), also at temporal ridge (after twenty-five minutes, fourth day),

Riding in street-car, with head inclined, reading, pains varying from left supra-zygomatic region, to ear, throat, and upper molars, sharp, but slight, relieved by holding head up, in the evening (ninth day),

Dull twinge above root of right zygoma, in the afternoon (twenty-third day),


Mouth very pale,

Great paleness of the mouth (fifth day),

Lips and fingers livid (after eight hours),

Lips and extremities livid and cool,


Cracking in the joints of the jaw every time the mouth is opened (eighteenth and subsequent days),

The cracking at the maxillary joint continues very marked (twenty-sixth day),

Continuous pain in left lower jaw, like pressure of a dull knife-blade, downward and forward, from first molar, in the afternoon (twentieth day),

Recurrence of dull cutting in left lower jaw, in the night (twenty-first day),

Cutting, sharp, left lower jaw, from amalgam-filled molar, downward and forward (twenty-ninth day),

Sharp neuralgic twinge (sitting), down right ramus of lower jaw, in the morning (twenty-third day),

Neuralgic twinges in left lower jaw from molars; less, in upper jaw and ear, in the afternoon (twenty-fifth day),

The neuralgia of left lower jaw is quite persistent; room cool (warmth relieves all the pains of a neuralgic sort), (twenty-fifth day),

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