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Chininum Sulphuricum - General symptoms

Sulphite Of Quinine, Chininum Sulph, Chininum Sulfuricum Sulphuricum, Chininum Sulfuricum, China Sulphuricum, China Sulfuricum, Chin Sulph, Chin Sulf, Chinium Sulf, China Sulph, China Sulf, Chin-s.

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HPUS indication of Chininum Sulphuricum: Roaring in ears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chininum Sulphuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Head empty.

on rising, especially on stooping or moving, pain in head.

feeling of tension about head.

at 3 o'clock, headache, etc.

at 9 o'clock, pain in side of forehead, etc.

on waking, frontal headache.

early, on raising eyebrows, pain up side of head, etc.

while writing, with head inclined to left, dull headache on left side.

when bending forward, sensation in brow.

early, pain in supraorbital region, resonance in ear.

at 1.30 o'clock, while writing, fauces, etc., feel dry, etc.

twinge down lower jaw.

teeth feel rough. tongue flabby, etc.

clogging of pharynx. hunger.

thirst. early, slight nausea.

pressure in region of liver.

soon after rising, commotion in bowels.

on rising, breaking wind, etc.

while standing, cramp in colic region.

immediately after rising, colic, etc.

after stool, mucous protrusion.

at 6.45 o'clock, diarrhoea-like stool, etc.

early, urging to urinate.

early, feeling in hyolaryngeal space.

on rising, soreness of larynx, etc.

tickling in left bronchus, etc.

cough, etc. pain in chest.

sensation in breast. on rising, pain in side of chest.

when bending forward to urinate, feeling at ends of false ribs.

after breakfast, sitting at stool, elbow on knees, palpitation.

palpitation of heart, early feeling in sterno-mastoid muscle, etc.

at 2.20 o'clock, after sleeping, feeling in right deltoid.

after 1 o'clock, before going to bed, while making motions with arms, cramp in deltoid.

early, while writing, pain in ulna.

on waking, right arm uncovered, pain in shaft of ulna.

early, when feeling for levator anguli scapulae, cramp in flexors of forearm.

early, while writing aching in ulna.

hips feel old, etc. early aching in leg.

on rising. sticking below malleolus.

early sitting, pain in muscles of sole.

felt weary. early, itching on chin, etc.

before breakfast, when lying down, cold feeling on sacrum, etc.

fingers, etc., cold. during deep sweat.

(Forenoon), Feeling in head.

after writing, fulness of head.

while sitting, writing head feels full.

violent headache. twinge in supraorbital nerve.

sticking in ear. after breakfast, say at 10 o'clock, brassy taste.

urging to stool. at 9 o'clock, stool mushy, etc.

cough, etc. while sitting partially doubled up, heart's action subjectively felt.

pulsations of heart accelerated.

while at stool, pulsations of heart increased.

at 10 o'clock, after excitement, strong heart-beat.

conscious pulsation of heart.

pulse in temporal artery beat very strongly.

pulse full, etc. pricking to left of dorsal spine.

aching in forearm. twinges in dorsum of wrist.

after using hands vigorously, sticking in left hand.

while sitting at stool, cutting in rectus femoris.

post malleolar sticking.

after writing, "nervous mobility;" felt heavy, etc., muscular system felt inert.

at 11 o'clock, chilliness, etc.

stove-heat agreeable. in draft of air, feet getting cold, etc.

feet, etc. cold. sitting writing, hands warm.

(Noon), While holding forearm flexed and prorated, hand on table, neuralgic grip in right brow.

sticking in ear. while waiting on doorstep, sneezing.

on sitting, after motion grumbling in colon.

pain in shoulder. when putting hand behind him, sticking in dorsum of forearm.

feeling in glutaeus maximus.

while sitting, drowsiness, etc.

while sitting, left foot gets cold..

(Afternoon), Feeling of impending evil.

towards evening, rush of blood to head.

headache. after walking in sun, headache.

towards evening, headache.

frontal arteries began to pulsate, etc.

between 5 and 6 o'clock, pain in forehead.

towards evening, pain in forehead, etc.

some pain in forehead.

about 4 o'clock, some pain in forehead.

from 1 to 4, frontal headache.

towards evening, headache.

at 5 o'clock, frontal headache.

dull headache. twitching of temporal muscles.

towards evening, headache in temple.

feeling in left head, etc.

dull headache. on going out, with head down, neuralgic twinge in and behind parietal protuberance.

twinges in occipital protuberance.

eyes, etc., feel heavy.

twinges about brow, etc.

flashing in supraorbital nerve.

twitching of eyelid. glare of light disagreeable.

sitting tension in parotids, etc.

while walking out of doors, aching in ear.

after going downstairs, sticking in auditory meatus.

twitching of the nose.

on going into room from cold air, sneezing.

air blowing on side of face, pain in zygoma, etc.

twinge above root of zygoma.

pain in lower jaw. twinges in lower jaw.

aching in molars. sticking in teeth.

sensitiveness of bicuspid.

twitching of lingualis muscle.

throat full, etc. scraping in throat.

itching of velum palati.

phlegm from pharynx. at 2 o'clock, hunger, etc.

hunger. thirst. vomiting.

full feeling in stomach.

stitching in hypochondrium.

while sitting in room, pain about umbilicus.

distended abdomen. after 2 o'clock, sensation in upper abdomen.

while going about house, continuing while in street-car, pinching in colon.

colic. at 2 o'clock, colic, etc.

pain in colon. while sitting, stitch in groin.

sticking in sphincter ani.

at 2 o'clock, urging to stool, etc.

when going about room, desire to urinate, etc.

aching in spermatic cord, etc.

at 4 o'clock, hoarseness, etc.

short cough, etc. walking in open air, raising of mucus, etc.

crampy feeling at angles of ribs.

sticking in right chest.

after going upstairs, pulsation of heart felt in chest.

slight palpitation. at 4 o'clock, neck began to swell, etc.

after sitting in draft of air, feeling in scapular muscles.

twinges in right scapula, etc.

sensitiveness of dorsal vertebrae.

carrying medicine-case in left hand, pricking in dorsal vertebrae.

when walking lumbar pain.

pain in lumbar region.

sitting, pain in pelvic muscles.

while sitting bent to other side, pain in region of left kidney.

when using the parts, twinges in index finger, etc.

while folding powders, arms felt as if wanting in nerve-force, etc.

sitting, with arm in mal position, rheumatic threatening in deltoid muscle, etc.

feelings in tendons of deltoids.

sitting back in arm-chair, aching in axilla.

while writing, pain in ulnar nerve.

when pulling a door, pain in front of elbow.

while going about, sensations in dorsum of forearm.

carrying medicine-chest in right hand, pain in little finger, etc.

riding in cold wind, pain in tendons of forearm.

while holding a weight, sticking in dorsum of forearm.

twinge in forearm, etc.

after writing, pain around carpus.

while writing, pain in knuckles, etc.

walking bent forward. while walking, catch in glutaeus maximus.

tired feeling in thighs.

walking, rigid feeling in thighs, etc.

feeling behind trochanter.

feeling in vastus externus.

when sitting, with limb suddenly doubled up, pain in thigh.

standing bent forward, foot advanced, myalgia along rectus femoris.

after jumping from platform of car, cutting across rectus femoris.

entering house, cutting across thigh.

twinge behind trochanter.

sensation down side of knee.

on rising from seat, feeling about head of fibula.

sitting left knee resting on right, pricking in calf.

pain in foot. feeling in foot.

pains in calcanear spaces.

at 5 o'clock, uneasy sensation.

sensation through body, etc.

itching on nose. itching on scrotum.

towards evening, yawning.

drowsiness. felt heavy.

chill, etc. at 3 o'clock, shaking chill, etc.

chilliness. towards evening, chilliness, etc.

special chilliness. chilly creeps on side of occiput.

chilly creeps over trapezius muscle, etc.

from noon till evening, extremities, etc., cold.

feet, etc. cold. while writing, left hand cold.

left hand colder than right.

backs of hands, etc., getting cold.

sitting, writing, feet cool.

feet, etc., getting cold.

flushing, etc. towards evening, skin warm.

towards evening, heat, etc.

warmth of left side of face.

towards evening, heat of face.

while busy writing heat of face.

at 4 o'clock, flushes of heat in face, etc.

(Evening), Heavy feeling in head.

at 7 o'clock headache.

frontal headache. sticking in forehead.

temporal arteries full, etc.

neuralgia in parietal region.

walking in open air, neuralgic twinge in right head.

sitting, neuralgic twinge in side of head.

threatening headache in occiput.

on holding up head suddenly to right, shock across occiput.

falling of dandruff from beard, etc.

itching of scalp. when walking in wind, lachrymation, while writing, stitch at left eyebrow.

while writing, aching in orbit, etc.

while sitting in street-ear, pain in supraorbital nerve.

while writing, pain in supraorbital nerve.

twitching of left eyelids.

aching above mastoid process, etc.

sticking in ear. intolerance of noise of boys.

sitting in shirtsleeves, sneezing.

moisture in nose. head held obliquely down in writing, sensation at end of nasal bone.

while sitting, tingling in nose.

in cold air, facial pains.

aching about malar bone.

reading, with head inclined, varying pains.

sticking in molars. taste of abnormal secretion.

appetite very great. thirsty.

while sitting bent, rising of ingesta.

pyrosis. eructations. fasting, visiting a patient, sitting on low chair, preparing medicine on knee, sensation in stomach, etc.

shortly before going to bed, pain in region of liver.

commotion in colon. emission of flatus.

aching in rectus abdominis.

sitting inclination to left side, left-sided colic.

walking about, colic in colon.

sticking in colon. standing in open air, cough, etc.

commotion in rectum, etc.

sitting pressure of flatus, etc.

while walking, sticking to right of anus, etc.

urging to stool, etc.

at 9 o'clock, after urinating, pain in orifice of urethra.

relaxation, etc. of right testis.

tickling in larynx, etc.

tickling at bifurcation of trachea, etc.

while dressing, cough, etc.

while eating, long inspiration, etc.

rising suddenly from seat, and attempting to swallow at same moment, arrest of breath.

feeling behind sternum.

immediately after chewing orange-peel, eating sugar, and drinking water, pressure in subensiform space, etc.

at 7 o'clock, pain in left half of chest.

on entering house, stitch from edge of liver.

tickling in left chest.

phlegm in left chest. lumbar pain.

while writing, lumbar pain.

aching in renal region.

pain in upper arm. sticking above condyle of humerus, etc.

while writing, twinge in nerve of arm.

palmar sticking. finger-joint sore.

walking about, feeling in lower extremities.

just before going to bed, hips feel tired.

walking, tension in muscles of thigh.

while sitting, ache in rectus femoris.

ache in glutaeus maximus.

sticking in knee-joint.

when warmth got to feet, toe began to twitch.

aching over tibia. twinges in tibial nerve.

twinges in fibula. foot feels swelled.

when resting it one side, pain in muscles of sole.

twitchings. when walking slowly in open air, stitches in skin of chest.

itching of concha of ear.

drowsiness. left arm cool, etc.

feeling as if he would perspire, etc.

moderate perspiration.

perspiration of clothed parts.

(Night), When reading, bent forward, pain from supraorbital foramen to vertex.

at 11.30 o'clock, twinge in brow.

neuralgic twinges in brows.

at 11.30 o'clock, tension in right parotid.

cutting in lower jaw. ravenous hunger.

thirst. on retiring to bed, in crouching attitude, eructations, etc.

on starting to go out of room, eructations, etc.

while going upstairs, before supper, gnawing in stomach, etc.

near morning, on waking, oppression at epigastrium.

cough, etc. 10 o'clock, boots hurt instep.


(After midnight), While writing, neuralgic sensation on side of head.

recurrence of ache in brow.

between 1 and 2 o'clock, pain in right ear, etc.

teeth clinched. while moving about, emission of flatus.

at 1 o'clock, while going about, recurring more sharply when sitting, pain at border of rectus abdominis.

neuralgic tickling. towards morning, cough.

at 12.30 o'clock, cough, etc.

towards morning, cough.

cough, etc. pain along Digitalis Purpurea digital nerve.

dorsal itching, etc.

Again I mistakenly wrote at first "left" instead of "right" (I remember a report I published some time ago of contusion of the spine cured by Hypericum Perforatum Hypericum, in which the same error occurs; I do not remember whether I had then taken any medicine; possibly I had taken China China or some other), (fifteenth day),.

Lost the power of naming substantives.

was obliged for a long while to consider what different familiar things were called.

and as to casting up a line of six or eight figures correctly, it was utterly impossible.

he could never make the amount twice alike.

his perceptions of quantity were greatly impaired, so that in prescriptions he wrote ounces instead of drachms, ordered drachms instead of grains, directed draughts to be put in gallipots, and prescribed fluids to be made into pills (14 to 16 grains daily),.

Whilst writing, dull ache, right side, extending as a sharp neuralgic sensation to right outer brow, and dull, later, to right mastoid process, returning slightly to brow, and up temporal ridge, same side.

again in ear, right side, then back to brow.

later, a catch in middle of right sterno-mastoid muscle, when turning head that way, after midnight (seventeenth day),.

Whilst writing, with head inclined to left side, dull headache on left side (similar to early symptoms), extends to left side of neck and throat, and right mastoid process, then to vertex, then to occiput.

shifting, then to brows (varying with position of head), now pressing in both temples, extending over coronal suture, in the morning (twenty-first day),.

With five-grain doses, the effects on one observer were similar to those already mentioned, though not so marked.

with the other observer, on one occasion, when the quinine created considerable disturbance of the stomach, a diminution of the vascularity was observed only to a slight extent, and about an hour and a half after exhibition of the dose.

otherwise, the fundus remained, as it had been at the first, rather congested,.

Dimness of sight (girl, 5, from 10 grs.) of left eye only, began in 177 min., lasting 40 min.

from 8 grs., first of left eye, then of right, in the latter continuing after it had disappeared from the former.

from 20 grs., appeared in 20 min., first in right, then in left eye, lasted 160 min., from 20 grs., appeared in 25 min., in right eye only, lasted 105 min.,.

Noises in the ears, buzzing sounds, as if bells were ringing (boy, after thirty-five minutes, lasting about five minutes).

(girl, from 8 grains, began in one hundred and ten minutes, and lasted sixty minutes; from 10 grains, began in one hundred and twenty minutes, lasted eighty minutes; from 12 grains, began in forty minutes, lasted one hundred and eighty-five minutes; from 20 grains, began in fifteen minutes; from 20 grains, began in forty minutes),.

After going out to the yard, in slippers, and returning to the warm room, sneezing. (Sneezing has occurred a number of times during the proving; which, although not very common, seemed trivial, and thence is not noted. But the most common provocation is getting the feet cold; last night, from resting the back against the cool wall), (twenty-ninth day),.

Vesicular exanthema, with much itching and inflammatory redness and swelling of the skin.

appears first on the genitals and thighs, then on the face, hands, and arms.

it is a little moist, but it usually dries with a fine crust, sometimes causing cracks and ending with a desquamation of thick scales.

with this the general condition is only slightly disturbed, sometimes with slight febrile symptoms and gastric disturbances.

its usual course is of one or two weeks,.

Craved and chewed some fresh orange-peel, then ate some white sugar, and drank some cold water after it.

immediately, as repeatedly heretofore has happened, dull but smart pressure in subensiform space, preceded by salivary tension and flow.

afterwards, repeated shuddering of the head.

no chilliness. this attack differs from others in being more instantaneous.

relief after a few minutes by eructations, in the evening (seventeenth day),.

Pressive pain in the left half of the chest, which was very sensitive to deep inspiration, most sensitive when the left arm was thrown forcibly backward.

it seemed to extend through the middle of the chest to the back, and was relieved by leaning upon the left forearm, with the body bent forward (position as when writing), at 7 P.M. (seventeenth day),.

Pulse 88 before taking.

90 (after one hour and three-quarters).

90 (after two hours and three-quarters).

90 (after four hours).

96 (second morning). (first proving). (She then took a second dose of 10 grains), 108 (after one hour).

106 (after four hours).

100 (next morning). 88 (next morning), (second proving). Pulse 84, before taking.

98 (after one hour). 98 (after four hours).

108 (next morning). 100 (next evening).

88 (third morning), (third proving),.

Pulse rose from 72 to 78 (after two hours).

74 (after four hours), (first proving). Rose from 76 to 100 (after one hour).

92 (after four hours).

84 (second day). 84 (third morning).

72 (third evening), (second proving). Rose from 72 to 86 (after one hour).

82 (second hour). 84 (second morning).

86 (second evening). 72 (third morning), (third proving), .

On those two occasions, when the temperature was decidedly depressed, the pulse beat the fastest when the temperature began to fall, and became less frequent again when the depression in the temperature was attained. On every occasion of the increase in the rapidity of the pulse there occurred also a loss of strength. On two occasions, when the pulse was at its quickest, the pulse became for a short time irregular and intermittent. On two other occasions the pulse, at first after the administration of the Quinia beat a little slower, and also grew in strength.

but this temperature loss in frequency and gain in strength, was soon followed by the opposite circumstances (girl),.

Respiration rose from 22 to 26 (after one hour and forty-five minutes).

was 24 (after two hours and forty-five minutes).

24 (next morning), (first proving).

respiration 24 before taking.

22 (after one hour). 22 (after four hours).

26 (second morning). 25 (second evening).

20 (third morning), (second proving).

respiration 20 before taking.

22 (after one hour). 24 (second morning).

22 (third morning), (third proving),.

On rising this morning, scraping soreness of larynx and trachea when swallowing, with raising and coughing of considerable mucus, accumulated during the night, relieving the laryngeal scraping by degrees, but causing rawness in bronchus and lung of left side.

later in the day, the cough affected rather the fauces, with rending sensation (eleventh day),.

Sitting in street-car, cough, with cramp to left and above umbilicus.

standing in street (wearing no overcoat, being averse to it), coughing, with crampy lumbago, left side, better by external support and adjusting position (cough aggravated when without overcoat to-day in open air, constantly, also after every powder), (after one hour and a half, tenth day),.

The expectorated mucus, when examined, consisted of a basis of an opaque, white, globose little mass, say one-eighth of an inch in size.

another, smaller, as of slower formation, with exfoliated epithelium.

these, surrounded by about three times their quantity of fresh transparent secretion, stretching out between the fingers to more than an inch, in the forenoon (twenty-fourth day),.

Fasting. visiting a patient, sitting on a low chair, preparing medicine on my knee, sudden oppressive sensation in stomach, with salivation, and tension in the salivary (parotid) glands.

better after leaving the house, but previously constant flow and swallowing. (I have occasionally had the like, with shuddering of the head at the end of the spell added to the above, in the evening), (tenth day),.

A rasping pain in the abdomen, from the umbilicus up to the chest, with dragging downwards towards the genitals (thirty-seventh day).

this violent griping and rasping, with dragging towards the genitals, lasted two days, when at last traces of menstruation appeared in the night of the forty-first day, when it reached its height, and was quite copious.

on the forty-third day the whole evolution was completed.

after this the girl continued to menstruate regularly but scantily,.

Stool (after exertion of the body) postponed by circumstances.

soft, except the very first.

came away suddenly, partially arrested by a cramplike contraction of the sphincter, concluding as this gradually subsided.

followed by painless prolapse of mucous membrane, etc., like piles, on right side (same as for some time past, but more pronounced), requiring replacement, and sitting on it to retain, for awhile (eighth day),.

Urine as clear as water, containing, the next morning after the chill, a number of clear transparent crystals, shown under the microscope to be four-sided prisms, with four-sided pointed ends (about one fourth of a grain of these crystals in 10 ounces of urine).

the crystals were enveloped by tough mucus, as with a spider's web (fifth day),.

A brickdust sediment in the urine of the previous day, consisting of adhering brown grains of the size of poppy-seeds, having the external appearance of gravel.

they were round, oval, and kidney-shaped.

one of the larger showed under the glass several concentric layers of a bright color.

under a magnifying power of three hundred they seemed of the size of a bramble (Rufus calsius) berry, and the surface had the appearance of a collection of beautiful crystals (fifteenth day),.

The quantity of uric acid excreted during forty-eight hours, after 15 grains of quina had been taken, was equal to 0.790.

on the third day, after quina had been taken, I excreted again about my normal average, namely, 0.621 grammes.

and on the two following days 0.543 and 0.656 grammes respectively. I now took quina for a third time, and the quantity of uric acid again fell to 0.438 grammes on the first, and to 0.192 grammes on the second day, .

Have had, since taking Chininum Sulphur sulph., several times renewal of an old symptom, i. e., relaxed spermatic cord, right side, with dragging aching, requiring support.

to-day (after sitting with some compression of it by the pants, and with suppressed sexual feeling), 10.30 A.M., aching constriction, worse when taking certain positions.

better by the little jar of going down stairs.

extends to epididymis, but worse at external inguinal ring.

better by careful friction.

testes full and firm (seventh day),.

Whilst writing (2.20 A.M., after sleeping), rheumatic feeling in right deltoid. (Some of the upper deltoid pains should, perhaps, be rather referred to the insertions of the spinatus muscles into the tuberosities of the humerus, some of the lower, perhaps, to the brachialis anticus, at least as participating therein; being rather transient, it is difficult fully to test this by muscular movements, and especially as they usually cease with change of position), (twentieth day),.

Having day before yesterday accidentally broken my right thumb-nail to the quick, now, whilst riding in a street-car, find it very sore and stiff.

later, with heat. aching, at times extending to metacarpal joint, worse from using it, throbbing when hanging down.

perceptible swelling. temporary aggravation whilst running hot water on it from hydrant.

afterwards much ameliorated.

later, entirely gone, in the afternoon (eighth day),.

Began while walking to feel as if the bones at inner half of right knee-joint did not fit, impeding locomotion, increased to a drawing at inner part of popliteal space and up inner hamstring muscles.

thought I should have to stop walking.

did stop once or twice, and shook limb to relieve tension.

it caused awkwardness of gait.

subsided while making a call, in afternoon (fifteenth day),.

Sudden starting from sleep at 2 A.M.

throat swollen, expectoration accomplished only with great difficulty.

he was obliged to rise, and with great exertion to cough up some mucus, after which there was momentary slight relief.

besides, the more he coughed the worse the respiration seemed to become.

sweat covered the whole body, especially the back and limbs.

respiration became rattling and gasping, so that he was obliged to get out of bed (without thirst, anxiety, or palpitation, only general heat very marked; pulse 66, small, soft, irregular), (twenty-fifth night),.

The fever shows itself at one time by an effervescence of the blood, causing great pulsation (or "snapping") of the veins, at another by an icy coldness of the whole body, insomuch that it has been compared to the action of an intermittent fever.

this fever seems to terminate by a sharp spontaneous accession (from breathing the dust of the bark),.

Temperature before taking, 37° C.

37° (after one hour and forty-five minutes).

38.8° (after two hours and forty-five minutes).

36.6° (after four hours).

37.2° (second morning).

(first proving). Temperature before taking, 37.2° C.

36.9° (after one hour).

36.8° (after four hours).

37.5° (second morning).

(second proving). Temperature before taking, 36.9°.

37.1° (after one hour).

37.4° (second morning) (third proving),.

Previous to sitting down to supper, whilst moving the arms, felt a chilly creep over the left shoulder, shoulder-blade, and left side of the neck.

after sitting down, the room being rather warm, felt warm about face, shoulders, and downwards and backwards, gradually all over, with throbbing of heart and arteries to feet and hands (seventeenth day),.

Standing long in the evening produced much of an habitual weakness of the left side of the body, contracted by riding a rough horse in army life.

relieved when recumbent, but requiring many turnings, in the morning, in bed, pressing up the left abdomen, etc., to get ready for my day's work.

always worse by sitting up very late at night (thirteenth day),.

Late this afternoon, in a street-car, down in a valley, felt that peculiar sensitiveness of mind and body, which sometimes precedes febrile diseases.

as if a little more of the same would make me chilly. Have often experienced the same in Illinois, when laboring under malarial influences, and riding into valleys. It was like a sudden aura or magnetism, felt particularly about the neck and throat and face, and Pulsatilla Pulsatilla then seemed remedial. It is the same feeling to-day, and disappears in the clear upper strata of air, where the opposite conditions of light, with dry warm atmosphere prevail (thirteenth day),.

Frequently I find sudden motions cause catching dull or spraining pains, e. g., in outer fibres of deltoid tendons, when raising arms.

in tendons in front of left ankle, when flexing the joint suddenly. Prior to proving had a sprained feeling in last articulation of right little finger, especially when shaking hands with others.

it seems worse of late, especially after the doses (seventeenth day),.

During the afternoon and evening, spent mostly in street-car, on walking, or visits, had a rapid succession of transient, and principally slight symptoms, shifting locality, dull, sharp, crampy, etc., as crampy feeling in left hypochondrium in a small spot, probably in left rectus muscle.

sticking in the right axillary folds (twenty-fifth day),.

Chininum Sulphuricum morning, symptoms all seem wanting, for the first time. My impression is that my system, under the influence of the last dose, has established a "tolerance" of the drug, which I take to be another phrase, a synonym, for the incipiency of that vital resistance or "reaction" which characterizes Hahnemann's "secondary effects," in the "resolution" of its "primary" pathogenetic action, i. e., of return to health.

the phenomena being alternately and periodically, both primary and secondary, probably in all cases, the former waning, the latter increasing up to full health.

these thence ought to be easily distinguished (twenty-first day),.

A dose of Chinin, Sulphur Sulph. in high potency sometimes arouses suppressed malaria, and brings back the paroxysm. Aside from its undoubted influence over malaria, it is indicated homeopathically whenever there is marked periodicity and spinal sensitiveness. Acute articular rheumatism. Polyarticular gout. Pruritis and congested conditions of the rectum. Symptoms of Chronic interstitial nephritis. Retrobulbar neuritis with sudden loss of sight. Thready vessels. Hiccough.


Sensitive Nervous

A net, fog or mote before eyes



Brow ague

Granular, brickred, urinary sediment

Vertigo, with tinnitus (Salicylicum Acidum Sal-ac)

Spine (cervico-dorsal) aches, or is tender Anticipating chills

Delirium during heat

Increasing fever and prostration, with profuse nightsweats

Profuse sweat which better, but exhausts

Thirst in all stages

Clear apyrexia

Typical malaria



Sulphate of Quinine. (C20H24N2O2)2 H2SO4 15H2O. Trituration.

sallow complexion, emaciation, deafness and singing in the ears, enlarged spleen, disposition to shiver, and great debility. Periodicity is extremely well marked, the attacks returning at the same hour each day. In intermittents the onset may anticipate. Skin flaccid and sensitive to touch. Red rash over whole body, with severe stinging, followed by desquamation. Other prominent symptoms are Headache extending from occiput to forehead. Whirling in the head like a mill-wheel. Twitching of left eyelid, agg. in the evening. Aphthae in weakly people. Tartar on teeth. Hunger at night. Prolapse of rectum, especially in children. Haematuria and haemoglobinuria. ("Black-water fever" has been developed through administering Chi. Sulphur sul. in intermittents. Koch deserves much credit for showing that the worst features of African fevers are due to over-dosing with Quinine and not to the disease). E W. Sawyer (Med. Advance, 1887) relates this instructive history He learned from his cook that her brother (aet. 16) could not take a particle of Quinine without causing a profuse flow of blood with the urine, sometimes within half an hour, always without pain. This had followed every time his doctors had tried to "break his ague" with Quinine. A year later a farmer's wife, aet. 60, came to Dr. Sawyer to be treated for bloody urine unattended with pain or uneasiness. She attributed it to strain from walking two miles on a slippery road. She had been for months under Hygienist treatment without benefit, and was alarmingly weak from loss of blood. Rhus Tox Rhus 200, Ham. 1x, Erigeron Canadense Erig. 1x, Chi. 1x, Ferrum Muriaticum Fer. mur. 2x were given in succession in vain. At last, calling to mind the case of the youth, he gave Chi. Sulphur sul. in 1 / 16 gr. doses three times a day, and a prompt cure was effected. Chi. Sulphur sul. causes painfulness and swelling of varicose veins during a chill. (Julius E. Schmitt cured a case on this last indication.) Great sensitiveness to external influences. All discharges debilitating. Weak and nervous.

pressure amel. Wants to lie down. Motion = chilliness. Stooping = giddiness. Bending forward amel. Sleeplessness and over-stimulation of nervous system.

Lancinations in the chest, in the direction of the heart, immediately after a meal.

in the l. side of the chest, preventing a deep inspiration.

which seem endeavouring to pass out of the chest, esp. on lying or sitting down, disappearing while walking or standing upright.

in the r. side of the chest, extending upwards towards the shoulder, cutting short the breath, mitigated by bending forward.

Cutting pains in the abdomen, without evacuation in the superior part of the abdomen, sometimes with great lassitude, in the superior part of the abdomen and umbilical region.

sometimes in the evening with flatus, and movement in the abdomen, with loose, fetid stools, like pap, and emission of fetid wind, sometimes chiefly in the morning, on rising.

Sulphate of Quinine.

* * *


First to third trituration; also thirtieth potency and higher.




Dorsal spine


Sulphuric acid and Sulphur Sulphur are themselves in the first rank of periodic remedies, and combined with the chief alkaloid of China China they enhance the powerful periodic properties of that drug. In old-school practice the Sulphate of Quinine has almost entirely taken the place of the crude Bark as a remedy. Chin. Sulphur sul. closely resembles China China in its effects, but as it has been proved separately, and as observations of the effects of over-dosing have supplied many additional symptoms, the homoeopathist has plenty of guidance in the selection of one in preference to the other. Chi. Sulphur sul. is even more powerful as an antiseptic than China China, and it is probable that it is in virtue of its property of antagonising the malarial poison that it suppresses intermittent fever when it does not cure. It only cures when the fever corresponds to its own type. When a fever is "suppressed" there is generally air unholy alliance between disease-force and drug-force, which is expended on some part of the organism, resulting at times in lifelong ill-health. The "Quinine cachexia" is well known