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Chloralum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloral Hydrate, Chloral, Chloralum hydratum, Chlol.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chloralum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sense of weight on the chest, in the region of the sternum, at night, causing an expiration to be easier than an inspiration,


Breath fetid (20 grains thrice daily),

Constantly fetid breath,

Odor of Chloral in breath something sickening (after four hours),

Respiration stertorous (after twelve hours),

Stertorous breathing, with loud snoring during sleep in any position; when lying on the back, the inspiration was through the nose, while the expiration was blown through the lips, as in apoplexy,

Gasping breathing,

Respiration so hurried as to "resemble the panting of a dog" (3 drachms, after ten minutes),

Respiration 48, shallow, and loudly stertorous (after ten minutes),

Respiration slow, labored, and stertorous (after ten minutes),

9 and 10 A.M., respiration 20 (before taking); 16 (after one hour); 18 (after three hours); 18 (after seven hours); 20 (after eleven hours),

The patient was found breathing heavily, at times stertorously,

Very laborious respiration, with occasional deep inspirations, with a sighing expiration,

Respiration quiet, and at times imperceptible,

Respiration intermitting (after one hour),

Sense of suffocation and oppression of chest, in front and at its base,

Great dyspnoea,

Attacks of extreme dyspnoea, which increased to asphyxia; at the same time the face was swollen, the facial muscles paralyzed, and there were also all the signs of cerebral effusion (45 grains daily),

Heart and pulse


Sounds of the heart indistinct (after one hour and a half),

Heart's Action.

The primary action is to increase the force of the heart's action and arterial tension,

Action of the heart so violent that its pulsations could be heard at a distance (3 drachms, after ten minutes),

As soon as she took a glass of beer there was strong pulsation of the arteries, and the whole face was swollen and of such an alarmingly deep color that we were obliged to forbid the use of wine and beer (30-45 grains),

The secondary effect is to diminish the force of the heart's action and arterial tension,

Heart acting regularly, but with increased frequency and diminished force,

Motion of heart quite rapid, but so feeble as to be scarcely felt (after twelve hours),


Slight increase of pulse,

Pulse rapid, weak, and wavy (after forty minutes),

Radial temporal, and tibial pulses frequent, weak, and irregular, in both force and rhythm, and frequently intermittent; after an hour, the superficial pulses almost imperceptible,

Pulse 74 (before taking, 68),

Pulse weak, and about 76,

Pulse 84 (76 is normal), (after half an hour),

Pulse 88 (55 grains, after forty minutes),

Pulse ran up from 76 to 88 (30 grains, after fifteen minutes),

Pulse 90; whole body extremely relaxed, except the left leg (after forty-five minutes),

Pulse 92 (55 grains, after thirty-five minutes),

Radial pulse hard, 92 (after one hour),

9 A.M., pulse 72; 10 A.M., pulse 80 (before taking); pulse 84 (after one hour and a quarter); pulse 92 (after three hours); pulse 90 (after seven hours); pulse 80 (after eleven hours),

Pulse risen from 80 to 100 (55 grains, after six minutes),

Pulse 100; sleeps; face commenced to flush up bright-red (after fifteen minutes),

Pulse 108 (after twenty-five minutes; after one hour),

Pulse 120 (20 grains thrice daily),

Pulse 120; sleeps with snoring; face flushed of darker hue (after twenty minutes),

Pulse slow, feeble, and intermittent,

Pulse fell from 125 to 100 in half an hour (75 grains),

Pulse quick and bounding; its frequency about 120, but gradually decreasing till (after seven hours and a half) it was only 96,

Pulse fell from 120 to 90 in about half an hour, with increasing drowsiness (60 grains),

Pulse fell from 96 to 84 in half an hour (45 grains),

Pulse sunk from 88 to 80 (after five minutes),

Pulse fell from 80 to 70 in half an hour (45 grains),

After the dose, her pulse, generally small and 80 per minute, would fall from 10 to 12 beats; it would, after the lapse of half an hour or so, rise to 90, and even 100, and then, after some time, fall to its normal state; it was hard, but regular,

Pulse fell from 90 to 60 in about half an hour, with increasing drowsiness (60 grains),

In large doses, within safe limits, the pulsations are not reduced in number proportionately to the size of the dose, but the effect is more prolonged,

The pulse of the carotids could hardly be felt (after one hour and a half),

Pulse of right arm (she had lain on that side) not perceptible; that of the left, small, thready (after twelve hours),

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