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Chromicum Acidum - General symptoms

Chromic Acid, Chromium Acidum, Acid Chrom Chr-ac.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chromicum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Soon after going to bed (10 o'clock P.M.), two attacks of very violent toothache on right side.

each attack lasted about ten or fifteen minutes, with a free interval of several minutes. During the second attack, the painful teeth seemed too long.

the pain extended into the forehead.

a pain between the head, left shoulder-blade, and shoulder, grew much better. During the pain, he was frequently obliged to change his position. After the second attack, such uneasiness in limbs that he was obliged to get up and walk about. The teeth of the right side felt too long, even the next morning, and cold water produced pain,.

An apparently deepseated pain for almost three weeks, with stiffness, at times more severe, at times less, in left shoulder-blade and left part of back of neck, up to occiput.

for several days it was so violent that the slightest motion of the affected part was very painful.

at night even sleep was impaired, as only certain positions were endurable.

the rising from a lying position caused much pain, and turning the head to the left or backward was impossible.

the pains were least felt when standing and walking.

at times the pain extended into the left olecranon, to the muscles on the chest below left shoulder and spina.

all muscles connected with the shoulder-blade were more or less affected and painful to touch.

the least draft of air increased the pain.

the use of the left arm was impeded.

in drawing a long breath, a stitch in the upper left part of chest, near the shoulder.

coughing caused very violent pain over the whole upper left part of chest, and deep coughing was impossible.

pressure on the chest.

the pain moved from the left shoulder-blade down to the pelvis, and the lumbar region was sensitive,.

Severe sharp pain in the hypogastric region and along the ascending colon, at 6 A.M., which became very severe and cutting and lasted half an hour, when he was relieved by a profuse diarrhoea which lasted three hours.

then the symptoms all ceased, and headache, the same at the day before, set in, followed by the same sickness of the stomach, both of which lasted until 4 P.M., as before,.


Tiredness and weakness,

Heavy, dull, stupid,

The pains are worse and last longer on the left side than on the right,

Diphtheria, post-nasal tumors, and epithelioma of the tongue have been benefited by Chromicum Acidum. Bloody, foul-smelling lochia. Symptoms come and go Suddenly, and return periodically; offensive discharges.

.. Chromic acid. Anhydrous chromic acid. Chromic anhydride. Cr O3. Solution.. with. Chromium Oxidatum.. Chromium sesquioxide. Chromic oxide. Cr2 O3. Trituration.

The symptoms of these two substances are nearly identical, and may be taken together as Hering has taken them. Symptoms of the Acid are distinguished by (A.) after each.

those of the Sesquioxide by (S.). Symptoms common to both are unmarked. Chromic acid is a powerful antiseptic, and has been used for disinfecting purposes, to arrest fetid discharge, and correct fetid odours. "Foul smelling, sanious lochia" is an indication. Allopaths have used it in 10 per cent. solution for checking excessive foot-sweat.

a very dangerous practice, but to homoeopaths it may suggest a possible internal use. It causes, in strong solution, inflammation and destruction of epithelium and mucous membranes.

a false membrane. gangrene. On the skin it has been used to destroy warts. Cutting pains in eyes. Cough, hard, sometimes deep.

swallows sputa. Vomits breakfast. Symptoms appear and disappear suddenly and return periodically. (The suddenness of many of the symptoms is very marked.) Disagreeable pricking and itching here and there, with uneasiness in limbs. On turning to right side, pain in left side goes off (S.). Pains suddenly shifting to various parts of trunk, on waking (S.). Sensation of a vacuum at heart.

of emptiness in chest. The rheumatic symptoms are well-marked, and I have frequently obtained good results in rheumatic cases with both preparations. The symptoms are agg. least draught of air (A.).

and by cold water (A). agg. Night and early morning, 2 to 6 a.m. Pain agg. left side.


Homeopathically, third to sixth trituration.

Chromicum Acidum is not available to buy over the counter.