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Cicuta Virosa - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Water Hemlock, Cicuta, Cic.

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HPUS indication of Cicuta Virosa: Hiccough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cicuta Virosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Trembling in the upper and lower limbs,

The limbs were tossed about hither and thither,

He tossed his limbs now to one, now to the other side,

Spasmodic distortion of the limbs, throwing himself to the distance of two feet,

Great weakness in the arms and legs, after slight exertion,

Limbs palsied,

Complete paralysis of the limbs; sensation was benumbed, but not completely lost; paralysis of the arms was incomplete,


Sensation of great weakness, now in the right shoulder, now in one or the other knee, or in the ankle,

Alternating painful pressure in various muscles of the extremities, mostly in the lower legs, with prickling in the toes,

Tearing in the extensor of the left forearm and at the base of the three last toes of the right side,

Bruised sensation of the forearms and legs,

Painful bruised sensation, alternately in the arms and legs, with heat streaming through them, making motion difficult,

Upper extremities


Frequent involuntary jerking and stitches in the arms and fingers (lower limbs and head),

Jerking in the left arm, so that the whole body is jerked (after four minutes),

Loss of power of the whole arm and fingers,


Sensation as if there were no power in the left arm, with a sticking-tearing pain in it,

Arms felt numbed, and their movements were weak,

The arm seems very heavy on raising it, with sticking in the shoulder, so violent that she cannot raise the arm to the head without crying aloud; she cannot even move the fingers,

Painful sensation beneath the right arm,

Drawings in the left arm,

Pressive pain in the muscles of the right upper and forearm,

Tearing pain in the whole of the left arm, as far as the fingers,


Twitching in the left shoulder (after twenty minutes),

Sensation of cracking in the shoulder-joint, not audible,

Tearing in the muscles of the left shoulder,

Sore pain, as from a blow, in the right shoulder-joint,


Painful weakness in the muscles of the lower portion of the left upper arm,

Painful weakness in the muscles of the right upper arm, on writing,

Tearing in the inner side of the lower portion of the right upper arm,


(Swelling on the inside of the left elbow-joint, as if an ulcer would form; on moving the arm it pains as if one pressed on an ulcer),

Painful sensation and heaviness in the left elbow,


Sticking-like tearing in the muscles of the right forearm, while writing, disappearing during complete inactivity of the body (after one hour and a quarter),

A sore pain, as from a blow or bruise, in the left forearm,


Sensation of cracking in the wrist, which is not audible,

Severe pressive pain in the ulnar side of the left wrist,


Veins of the hands distended,

Drawing on the dorsal surface of the left hand at the base of the fingers,

Pulsation on the hand, on straining at stool,


Dark color of the fingers and thumb of the right hand,

Nails blue,

Deadness (going to sleep, numbness, coldness) of the fingers,

Drawing in the tendons of the dorsal surface of the left fingers,

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