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Cimicifuga Racemosa - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Actaea Racemosa, Actaea Racemosa Cimicifuga, Actea, Macrotys, Cimic (actea Racemosa), Macrotin, Cimicif, Cimifuga, Actea racemose, cimicifuga, Cimicifuga, actea racemosa, Cimic.

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HPUS indication of Cimicifuga Racemosa : Minor back pains
Common symptoms: Minor back pains, Dry cough, Headache.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cimicifuga Racemosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Faintness in the epigastrium, with repugnance to food, which, however, did not prevent his partaking of a moderate breakfast (second day),

Faintness in the epigastrium, generally in the morning, before eating (particularly if the medicine had been taken over night), not preventing eating, which was followed by a sensation of repletion, as if too much food had been taken,

Feeling as if too much food had been taken,

During afternoon, sensation as if too much food had been taken into the stomach,

No appetite for supper; repugnance to food (second day),


Rumbling of flatus below the umbilicus at 10 P.M. (fourth day),



Flatulence, causing a sensation of fulness in the abdomen, at 10 P.M. (fourth day),

Flatus; rumbling in lower part of abdomen at 10 A.M. (fourth day),


Eructations and slight nausea (immediately),

Eructations, nausea, and loss of appetite,


Pain in left hypochondria region, worse on motion and on taking a deep inspiration,

Dull pain in region of liver,


Dull griping-twisting at the umbilical region, more towards the left,

Acute cutting pain at the umbilicus,

Acute cutting pain in the umbilical region, which, although acute, was not so severe as to prevent attending to his usual business; uninfluenced by eating, and continuing through the afternoon (after three hours),

General Abdomen.

Pain in the abdomen,

Wandering pains in bowels,

Dull, heavy pains in the abdomen,

Fulness, pressure in abdomen,

Griping pains in bowels, from the umbilicus down,

Periodic colic, with inclination to bend forward, relieved after stool,

Soreness of abdominal muscles on taking a full inspiration,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Rumbling in lower abdomen,

Fulness and pressure in lower part of abdomen; increased pressure next day, with some pain,

Soreness in lower abdomen (second day),

Slight pain in left iliac region; afterwards, severe pains in bowels, mostly below the umbilicus with weight and pain in lumbar and sacral regions,


Distension of stomach and upper part of abdomen,

Faintness of the stomach,

Faintness of the stomach, two or three times, of short duration,

Faintness and emptiness of stomach,

Slight faintness in the epigastrium during the forenoon (second day),

Great uneasiness at the stomach (after three hours),

Pain and heat in the stomach followed by eructation, which afforded relief,

Pain and heat in stomach, followed by eructations, which afforded relief; the sense of heat in stomach continued, with a feeling of warmth and dryness in the whole alimentary canal,

Before breakfast, slight pain in the epigastrium, extending to the left hypochondrium, with faintness and sensation of emptiness (second day),

Acute darting pain in the epigastrium, after a light supper,

Tremor in the stomach,

Sense of internal tremor in the stomach, after breakfast (second day),

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