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Cimicifuga Racemosa - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Actaea Racemosa, Actaea Racemosa Cimicifuga, Actea, Macrotys, Cimic (actea Racemosa), Macrotin, Cimicif, Cimifuga, Actea racemose, cimicifuga, Cimicifuga, actea racemosa, Cimic.

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HPUS indication of Cimicifuga Racemosa : Minor back pains
Common symptoms: Minor back pains, Dry cough, Headache.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cimicifuga Racemosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Cimicifuga racemosa, Ell. Synonyms, Actaea racemosa, Linn; Macrotys actaeoides, Raf.; Botroflus serpentaria, Raf. (Med. Flora).

Nat. order, Ranunculaceae. Common names, Blacksnake root, Bugbane, Rattleweed.

Preparation, Tincture of the root.

(Morning), On waking, pain in head.

on getting up, dull headache.

before breakfast, pain in forehead.

on waking, at 2 o'clock, pain in forehead, etc.

after rising, pains in vertex, etc.

on rising, pain in eyeballs, etc.

after rising, coryza. dry mouth.

before eating, faintness at epigastrium.

before breakfast, pain in epigastrium, etc.

after breakfast, sense of tremor in stomach.

after rising, disposition to diarrhoea.

papescent stools. stitches in urethra.

on waking, quickened respiration.

on bending neck forwards, pain at points of spinous processes of vertebrae.

early, pain in small of back.

feeling in joints. from 3 to 5 o'clock, disturbed sleep, etc.

in bed, before rising, chilly.

soon after waking, surface cold.

(Afternoon), Depression, etc.

pain in head. dull pain in forehead.

pain in eyelid. at 4 o'clock, sneezing.

inclination to sneeze.

uneasiness in teeth. at 4 o'clock, dryness of pharynx.

sensation in stomach. towards evening, soreness, etc.

in region of tendo Achillis.

stinging of great toe.

nervous weakness. itching on hand.

chilliness. chilliness in back.

(Evening), Pain in head.

at 10 o'clock, pain in forehead, etc.

fulness in vertex. after retiring for the night, pain in eyeball.

obstruction of nostril.

stinging in nose. sore throat.

towards night, hoarseness.

at supper, no appetite.

at 10 o'clock, rumbling of flatus.

at 10 o'clock, flatulence.

disposition to diarrhoea.

dry cough. stiffness of neck.

from 8 to 9 o'clock, pain in great toe, after going to bed, jerking.

feeling of lameness, etc.

itching, etc., on hands.


*Dull pain in the region of the moral organs.

a pressing outward and upward, as if there was not room enough in the upper portion of the cerebrum.

this pain was very oppressive and almost intolerable.

it began about 5 o'clock P.M., after taking the second dose, and continued unabated till morning, when it was relieved in thirty minutes by a single dose of Bryonia Bryonia,.

At first, dry, stuffed condition of the nostrils, which was soon followed by an open, moist condition, with great sensitiveness to the cold air, as if the base of the brain were laid bare, and every inhalation brought the cold air in contact with it.

this is exactly similar to that produced by a sudden change of weather in winter, from cold and dry to damp thawing, as by a south wind, which melts the snow,.

Itching of the dorsal surface of the left hand and wrist, particularly on the dorsal surface of the thumb, in the evening.

small red papulae first appeared, becoming, after slight irritation, a diffused redness, which disappeared in a few hours, but could be reproduced at any time by slightly irritating the surface.

this symptom gradually disappeared in a few days,.



Nervous shuddering through upper and back part of body,

Very trembling,

Tremors all over (after third dose),

After going to bed, jerking commenced on the side on which he was lying, obliging him to change his position; it began by a perceptible twitching in the left foot,

Easily fatigued, as after great exertion,

Weak, trembling, exhausted, sinking feeling, with slight nausea,

Nervous weakness, afternoon,

Prostration (during the first twelve hours),



Restlessness, afternoon, moving about, not knowing what to do,

Continual restlessness during the forenoon; desire to move about, not knowing where to go, or what to do,

Restless the latter part of the night,

During night, very restless,

Nervous uneasiness, during the afternoon (second day),

The general uneasiness and disturbance in the whole system was such that it was difficult to fix the attention on any subject of business or study,

Uneasy feeling, hardly amounting to pain, in all parts, principally the right side,

All day nervous, full of work, and doing it fast,


Sensitiveness to cold air,

Great sensitiveness to cold air, which seemed to penetrate the system (second day),


Desire to lie down and close the eyes,

General feeling of weariness, weakness, and prostration, as if from over-exercise,

Feels tired,

Feels very tired,

Feels very tired and worn out (fourth day),

Feeling of exhaustion, as from over-exercise,

Sensation as if from severe muscular exercise, especially in the small of the back,

Feeling, which only those know who "spree," "court," or watch all night with the sick,

Feels bad generally (third day),

General feeling of illness,

In morning, general feeling of lameness, and many unenviable feelings, which he thinks the feeling on getting over a "spree" would hardly express, unless it was a pretty hard case,

Sick all over; so weak and trembling as not to be able to go out or study; believes the condition to be but one remove from mania-a-potu; next morning weak and trembling (after fourth dose),

Soreness and stiffness of whole body, as after hard labor,

General bruised feeling, as if sore,

Peculiar tingling in the muscles, followed by an aching pain in the limbs, from above downward,

Affects the left side most,

September 29th, 1852. Took 25 drops of the tincture at 3 P.M. At 10 A.M., next day, a dull oppressive headache came on.

pain principally in the forehead, extending along over the vertex down to the occiput. In the whole forehead the pain is very severe. On walking out into the open air, pains in the muscles of the lower limbs as from great fatigue.

felt more particularly in the anterior parts of the thighs. Great disposition to yawn. Inclined to drowse much. Sleep disturbed by dreams of accidents, seeing limbs broken, great suffering, etc.


On the following morning awoke at 3 o'clock, with severe cutting pains and great uneasiness in the lower part of the abdomen (hypogastric region), with urgent desire to go to stool. Stool very thin and partly undigested. Great uneasiness in the bowels all the forenoon, without much desire to go to stool, but a sensation as though I should be obliged to soon. Next morning awoke at 3 o'clock, with diarrhoea of thin undigested character. Pain low down in the bowels. Diarrhoea continued through the day.

stools once in four or five hours.


October 8th. At 6 A.M., dull oppressive headache came on, extending from the forehead over the vertex to the occiput.

violent pain in the whole forehead.

pain dull, with a sense of heaviness. Great dizziness. Constant disposition to yawn. Occasional shooting pains about the sides of the head, in the region of ideality and sublimity. Pulse rather accelerated. Feeling of great prostration of whole system. Appetite poor. Limbs feel excessively fatigued. Forehead dry and hot. Pains in head partially relieved by throwing head backward. At times very chilly over the entire body. Continually stretching and yawning. Great uneasiness and oppression in the epigastrium. Stomach feels greatly oppressed. On attempting to read immediately go to sleep. Disposed to get angry easily. Rather melancholy. Symptoms nearly all subsided by 2 P.M. In the evening great pain in lower part of bowels, with great fulness of the abdomen. Sensation as though diarrhoea would come on. Very bitter and disagreeable taste in mouth Very drowsy and sleepy. Slept well till 3 A.M., after that time very restless. This symptom appeared regularly every morning for two weeks.


Second, third and fourth days after 3 A.M., each day, pain in lower part of bowels, with diarrhoea of a thin, undigested character, lightish-colored. Pains in the head grew less and less severe for three or four days, and gradually subsided by the fifth. Upper lip very much swollen and inflamed for eight days. Skin cracked and came off. A small ulcer on each cheek, near the centre.

very much inflamed for several days, bleeding almost constantly. Eruption, on the hands and wrists principally, resembling mosquito-bites.


September 29th, 1852. Took 20 drops of the tincture at 9 A.M. One hour after, fluent coryza, with violent tickling in the nares, which excited sneezing, going off in about half an hour. Great drowsiness after dinner. Weakness of the knee-joints, preceded by unnatural warmth in the feet. Weakness in the lower limbs. When walking, have to proceed with great cautiousness for fear of falling. General feeling of intoxication. Dull, heavy rheumatic pains in the upper posterior region of the neck. Tearing in the centre of the vertex, in a spot about the size of a Argentum Metallicum silver dollar. Jerking in the muscles of the left thigh, more particularly in the region of the inferior third. Cold feeling of the left thigh and knee, as though a cold breeze were blowing on them. Stitching pain as of fine needles in the region of the heart, accompanied with slight twitching or pulsation in the external muscles of that region. Slight palpitation of the heart. Sleep imperfect.

waking at midnight. General burning and itching of the skin after rising in the morning, continuing half an hour.