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Cimicifuga Racemosa - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Actaea Racemosa, Actaea Racemosa Cimicifuga, Actea, Macrotys, Cimic (actea Racemosa), Macrotin, Cimicif, Cimifuga, Actea racemose, cimicifuga, Cimicifuga, actea racemosa, Cimic.

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HPUS indication of Cimicifuga Racemosa : Minor back pains
Common symptoms: Minor back pains, Dry cough, Headache.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cimicifuga Racemosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in vertex, during afternoon and evening,

Aching pains in vertex and occiput, in paroxysms at times quite severe, immediately after rising; the pains continued through the day, but no so severe as in the morning (second day),

After one hour, aching pain and soreness of vertex, increasing to great severity; after two or three hours passing to the frontal part of the head, continuing all night, and depriving him of sleep,

Pain from the eyes to the top of the head; it seemed as if the nerves were excited to too much action, lasting three hours; under larger doses it lasted six hours,

Slight pain in left side of head (soon after),

Dull pressive pain in left side of head,

Pain in front and top of head,

Pain in forehead, which seemed to proceed from the right temple in burning lines, accompanied after an hour by a sense of fulness and heat; pain, heat, and fulness soon become continuous, with a sense of drowsiness (10-drop doses),

Pain in forehead and occiput, with heaviness of head (after one hour); the pain in the head continued for ten days,

Slight pain in forehead, with dryness of the pharynx, and aching in the eyes, apparently between the eyeball and orbital plate of the frontal bone, at 10 P.M. (fourth day),

Occasional transient pain in forehead over right eye,

Dull pain in forehead, in afternoon,

Dull pain in forehead, before breakfast (second day),

Dull pain deep in forehead (soon after),

Dull boring pain in forehead over left superciliary ridge, continuing for two hours (after three hours),

Awoke at 2 A.M., with excruciating though dull pain in forehead, extending to temples, with coldness of forehead,

Headache (frontal), (fourth day),

After hearty dinner, headache in left frontal region, continuing at intervals during the rest of the day; worse outdoors; after sleep, headache as before, worse during a walk out of doors; better after entering a room (second day),

Pain in left temple,

Headache through the temples; headache as if it would burst,

Sharp cutting pain in right temple (immediately),

Pain extending from the right eyeball through to right side of occiput, slightly affecting the ear, at night,

The pain in the head seemed to extend over and through the whole brain, producing a distinct sense of soreness in the occipital region, which was much increased by motion (15-drop doses),


Fulness in vertex, in evening,

Full feeling in upper part of brain, with dull feeling,


Fulness on left side,


Pressure in front part of head and eyes,


Sensation as if the temples were compressed, occasionally through the day,

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