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Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber) - General symptoms

Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber, Mercuric Sulphide, Cinnabaris, Mercurius Sulfuratus Ruber, Mercurius sulfuratus niger, Mercurius Sulfutatus Ruber, Cinnabar, Mercury sulphide, Mercurius sulphuratus ruber, Cinnb.

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Common symptoms: Rectal lesions, Tickling cough.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On rising, etc. 7 o'clock, giddiness, etc.

after waking, especially when lying in left side and pressing forehead into pillow, pain in forehead.

on waking, especially when lying on left side and back, aching pain in forehead.

on waking, pain in organ of Conscientiousness.

after rising from bed, fulness, etc.

in occiput, etc. furred tongue.

after rising, drawing in mouth.

on waking, at 8 o'clock, throat dry.

appetite impaired. on waking, at 8 o'clock, thirsty.

hoarseness. aching across small of back, etc.

at 4 o'clock, pain in kidney region.

weakness of limbs. sense of prostration.

before getting up itching etc., on inner side of thighs.

Sensation of sticking over the secretive region, which increases and becomes a numb pain, extending to right temple (Time and Locality), with a feeling of warmth on right side.

pain extends from one temple to the other across the os frontis from right to left, is mild in the forehead, but violent in the organs of Time and Locality, both night and day, and on rising in morning,.

Aching and somewhat sharp pain in the left hypochondrium, in front, over a space as large as may be covered by the hand.

worse on moving about, and in the open air. Pain soon extending around the lower border of ribs behind, and to region of left kidney, where it seems dull and somewhat oppressive. All felt and disappeared in four hours. Soon after, appearing in right hypochondrium, in front, and extending around to back, and region of right kidney, where the pain is of the same character as in the left kidney. The dull pressive pain is felt in one and then in the other region of the kidney alternately. The pains intermit in severity, and those in the hypochondria are relieved by bending forward (soon after),.

Wakened several times from sleep at night by a severe pain in right arm. It continued next morning and during the day.

at times very severe, commencing about the centre of the os humeri, and extending to the elbow and along the radius to its inferior extremity.

the pain was of a heavy, aching character, deepseated, and caused lameness and difficulty in moving the arm (fourth day),.

For certain forms of ciliary neuralgia and ulceration upon a syphilitic base, Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber) is most effective. Sleepless during night.

Pain outward along brow, encircling eyes, or like a saddle at root of nose

Nose; heavy pressure at root; worse pressure of glasses; discharges foul, acrid, burning serum or dark lumps

Dry mouth, wakes from sleep

Hawks down stringy mucus or lumps of mucus drop from posterior nares

Naso-pharyngeal catarrh

Thin, white diarrhoea

Foul, acrid sweat between scrotum and thigh

Warts on prepuce

Old, hard chancres

Heart flutters, then rushes of blood to head

Nodes on shin bones

Cramp in calf, after walking

Fiery red ulcers, eruptions, etc

Sweat, worse nose

Mercuric Sulphide. Red Sulphide of Merc Viv Mercury. Hg S. Trituration.

especially for fan-shaped warts. In the mental sphere there is indolence and indisposition to mental labour. Forgetful. Fretful, easily provoked. Headache with nosebleed. General sensitiveness to touch bones of skull, scalp, roots of hair.

bridge of nose. warts bleed when touched. Sensation on bridge of nose as if touched with metallic substance, uneasy creeping and pressing sensation about nasal bones as from wearing spectacles when not used to them. Jerkings and pullings are frequent. Berridge reports this symptom cured "Left leg feels shorter than right whilst walking." jerking in penis.

occurring during sleep. Tearing stitches in glans. Burning, stinging, itching of corona glandis. Leucorrhoea, the discharge of which causes a pressure in vagina. Haemorrhages are frequent nose-bleed.

bleeding piles. In addition to dysenteric symptoms there is obstinate constipation, stools hard and too large. Protrusion of anus during stool. Formication as from a large worm. Little pimples round anus with burning and itching. The skin is much affected. Redness predominates (colour of the drug). Red spots. Heat, redness, and swelling of face, especially about eyes. "We are led to use this for very red and very fiery-looking ulcers, which may occur in the throat or on any other part of the body, in the mouth, on the legs.

particularly if there be nodes on the shin-bones. In very angry-looking chancres" (Guernsey). Eruption on posterior cervical region.

on inner and lower part of thigh with itching. Warts.

pimples. pustules. ulcers.

violent itching and pricking, especially about joints. The back of the neck is much affected. Pain extending to occiput when head is thrown back. Pain r. side of neck on turning head. Muscles seem contracted. Glands enlarged. The symptoms are amel. in open air. Cold and chilly in warm room. agg. In summer. Most symptoms are agg. at night. Sweat agg. at noon. Generally rest amel.

walking agg. Headache agg. after sleep. After dinner amel. Symptoms intermit in severity.

Cinnabaris (Maercurius Sulphuratus Ruber) Cinnabaris (Red Sulphide of Merc Viv Mercury.)

The symptoms are worse at night from warmth of the bed, and when perspiring, like Merc Viv Mercurius Worse from both heat and cold,

The patient desires to be alone. Aversion to mental work. Forgets things which he intended to do. Mind crowded with thoughts preventing sleep.

The pains in the head are violent.

worse after eating. better by heat and pressure. Fullness in the whole head. Constriction. Pain in the cold forehead, which is ameliorated by heat. Tearing in the forehead before the menstrual flow. Pain in the forehead and vertex in the morning, worse lying on the left side and back, ameliorated lying on the right side, and it passes off after rising.

Shooting pains in the left side of the head with flow of saliva and copious urine. Headache with nosebleed. Sensitive scalp and skull. Supra-orbital neuralgia.

Stitching, and dull pains in the eyes. Inflammation of the conjunctiva; worse at night. Red, congested lids. Ptosis. Weak vision. Iritis of syphilitic origin. The symptoms are worse at night. Sharp paroxysmal pains from the warmth of the bed.

Roaring in the ears after eating. Itching in the ears.

Cold spot on root of nose Pressure on the bones of the nose. Coryza with dirty yellow -mucus drawn from posterior nares. Epistaxis; pains in back and limbs.

The symptoms of the teeth are similar to Merc Viv Mercurius

Tongue coated white every morning. Taste putrid, metallic and bitter. Sore ulcerated mouth. Salivation. Inflammation of mouth and throat with great thirst, worse at night. Dry mouth, and viscid mucus in the throat. Fullness in the throat, with constant desire to swallow. Dryness of the throat.

Aversion to food. Eructations, and vomiting. Tenderness of the stomach.

Syphilitic buboes.

Dysentery, worse every night; bloody mucous stools; much straining. Diarrhoea, with greenish stools, worse at night. Protrusion of anus during stool.

Copious urine. Pain as from an ulcer in urethra when urinating; it wakes him also at night. Albumin in the urine.

Inflammation of glans penis with profuse secretion of pus. Increased sexual desire. Swelling of prepuce with much itching. Warts on the prepuce and fraenum, bleeding when touched. Chancres on the prepuce of gangrenous odor. Inflamed and swollen chancres, hard, discharging pus. Indurated, or neglected chancres.

Gonorrhoea, of yellowish green discharge, much pain during flow of urine. Symptoms worse at night, and from the warmth of the bed. The patient is sensitive to both a warm room, and to cold air. Induration of testes.

Syphilitic laryngeal ulcers in a tubercular patient. Hoarseness in the evening.

Pulse fast in the evening and night.

Stiff neck with pains shooting to occiput. Stitching pains each side of spine in dorsal and lumbar regions, worse on deep breathing.

Pain in the limbs at night. Sensitive to sudden changes in the weather. Lame, bruised and stiff in all the limbs. Pains worse from motion. Syphilitic nodes on tibia.

Pain in tendo Achillis and os calcis after walking. Numbness in the feet. Cold feet, day and night. Wandering gout.

Burning itching of the skin, worse scratching. Itching all over. Redness, and red spots on the skin. Pustules. Gangrenous ulcers. Elevated ulcers.

It is antidoted by Hep Sulph Calc Hepar and Nitric Acid Nitric acid. It is closely related to Thuja Thuja