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Coccus Cacti - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Cochineal, Coc-c.

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HPUS indication of Coccus Cacti: Spasmodic cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coccus Cacti in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Increased vigor of the thoracic organ,

Sneezing was impossible on account of the violent pain in the lung,

Sensation of heat deep in the chest, which became so severe momentarily that it caused burning, especially in the praecordial region,

A suffocative sensation, as though the thorax were too narrow; this symptom was aggravated by drinking beer (seventh and eighth days),

Pressure upon the chest, with hoarseness,

Severe pressure in the chest in the evening, followed by ulcerative pain in the praecordial region,

Frequent dull sticking pressure in the region of the bend of the fifth and sixth ribs (first day),

Sensation of pressure, weakness, and bruisedness of the chest,

Pressive sensation in the chest, with at times increased sensitiveness about the left nipple,

Pinching-pressive pain in the middle of the chest,

Oppression of the chest,

Oppression, with soreness of the whole external chest (fourth day),

Oppression of the chest and soreness of the apices of the lungs on ascending a hill, a sensation as if he had run too violently,

Some oppression of the chest, in the forenoon while speaking,

Frequent oppression of the chest,

Transient oppression of the chest (eighth day),

Sticking in the lower part of the chest,

Transient sticking pain in the ribs and praecordial region, in a place of the size of a dollar, which on pressure feels as if suppurating,

Stitches in the upper part of the chest,

Fine stitches in the walls of the thorax, especially in the epigastric region, on uncovering the abdomen,

Sensation of soreness in the apices of both lungs, with transient chilliness in spite of very warm temperature, when walking (first day),

Sore pain in the chest beneath the clavicles, with much affection of the air-passages,

Very sore pain, with pressure and tension in the chest and pulsating throbbing, especially in the apices of the lungs, following the sensation of heat (second day),

Frequent sensation as though a vessel were pulsating here and there in the lungs (first day),


Burning beneath the sternum,

Painful pressure in the middle of the sternum, extending from before backward, coincident with a similar pain between the shoulder-blades, extending from behind forward, in the forenoon while walking (second day),

Sensation of pressure in the middle of the sternum, extending to both scapulae (after 3d trit.),

Feeling as if the lungs were affected by fine stitches behind the middle of the sternum,

Sensation of soreness and pressure beneath the sternum,


Slight burning and sticking between the ribs, first left, then right (fourth day),

Tensive pain in the upper part of the left chest (first day),

Tensive pain in the upper part of the left chest near the clavicle, especially noticed during the day, and aggravated by moving the left arm (eighth and ninth days),

Drawing pain in the region of the left clavicle, aggravated by lying upon the left shoulder,

Sticking, not very painful, in a small circumscribed spot in the middle of the first false rib of the left side, after going into the street, ceasing when quiet in the room,

Sticking pain in the left side, extending forward towards the sternum, with pressive pain on the chest,

Pressive sticking pain in the lower portion of the right lung, immediately after rising in the morning; the pain was very severe, especially on deep inspiration, but was not affected by motion,

Stitches in the left half of the chest, especially on rapid walking,

Stitches in the left upper half of the chest, aggravated towards evening,

Stitches in rapid succession in the region of the left nipple, which disappear on paying attention to them, and do not return (fourth day),

Some stitches in quick succession in the lower left side of the thorax, in the forenoon when walking in the street, also returning in the evening (second day),

Transient, very painful stitches, at times in the left, at times in the right side of the chest,

Very transient stitches between the sixth and seventh ribs, first in the left and then in the right side (sixth day),

Dull stitch in the lower lobe of the right lung, on deep inspiration, at 4 P.M.,

Fine stitches in the right half of the chest along the sternum,

Frequent fine stitches between the fifth and seventh left ribs, disappearing on deep inspiration, and immediately returning on expiration (third day),

Deeply piercing sharp stitches in the upper part of the left chest near the clavicle, followed by long-continued ulcerative pains, frequently repeated for several days, and seeming similar to a commencing tuberculosis (third day),

Severe piercing stitches near the left nipple,

Several biting stitches on the margin of the left false ribs between the stomach and left flank (deeply seated),

Sensation of soreness at the apex of the left lung, with at times pulsating sensation that constantly alternated with slight contraction of the lower lip (like cramp in the skin),

Bruised pain in the region of the left clavicle, which pains as if sprained, on moving the head or left arm, or when lying on the left shoulder,

Bruised pain in the region of the left clavicle, aggravated by moving the arm, and changing while lying to a pain in the left shoulder, as if sprained,

Bruised pain in the left clavicular region, on waking from sleep in the morning,


Sore pain in the lungs became at times dull sticking or slightly boring, and sometimes seated in the pleura and pericardium; at another time it seemed deep in the lungs and heart, and at the same time seemed to be associated with stronger beats of the heart (second day),

Shivering over the whole body, at 9 P.M., lasting half an hour; pulse 100,


The symptoms in the chest became gradually worse, the sore pain became burning, and frequently changed its seat, but it affected most the heart and apices of the lungs, with irritation to breathe deeply and to cough (second day),

Sticking pain in the left side of the chest, in a circumscribed spot, aggravated by walking, but not by deep breathing,

Stitches in quick succession at the greatest curvature of the last true ribs of the left side (60th dil., second day, also second day after 30th dil.); they appeared while sewing and were aggravated by walking or ascending steps, but not by deep breathing; relieved during rest,

Hot breath,

Short, oppressed breathing, after rising,

Involuntary deep inspiration, frequently while walking, with some relief from yawning (second day),

Difficult breathing,

Respiration more difficult than usual while walking (fifth day),

Dyspnoea and oppression of the lower portion of the chest (first day),

Larynx, Trachea, and Bronchi.

Collections of mucus in the air-passages,

Scraping in the air-passages and irritation to cough,

Rawness of the air-passages, which frequently compelled him to cough (second day),

Inclination to cough,

Irritation to cough, followed the next day by short dry cough (first day),

Sensation of burning after every paroxysm of cough (fourth day),

Roughness during and after speaking,

Catarrh of the larynx and air-passages,

Choking and sensation as if a crumb stuck behind the larynx,

Sensation as though a crumb of the size of a Juglans Regia walnut were sticking behind the larynx, which obliged him to swallow constantly (second proving),

Irritation to cough in the larynx in the evening, interrupting sleep at night,

Pain and rawness in the larynx, after speaking a short time,

Burning sensation behind the larynx, as from a corrosive fluid,

Stitches in the larynx, with a hoarse voice (third day),

Fine stitches in the larynx,

Scraping in the larynx and trachea, the whole day (third day),

Slight scraping in the larynx, provoking hawking and cough (after one hour),

Scraping sensation in the larynx, causing some paroxysms of cough, with expectoration of little balls of mucus,

Tickling in the larynx, followed by hacking cough (sixth day),

Tickling in the larynx, very violent, waking him at 11.30 P.M., causing cough, with expectoration of much tenacious mucus, for ten minutes,


Fatigue of the vocal organs, even after speaking without exertion, the voice becomes rough and hoarse; respiration is somewhat laborious,

The vocal organs become weary after talking a long time, with a hoarse voice,

Huskiness of the voice, which has a deep tone, often noticed on going from the room into the open air,

Hoarseness (after 3d trit.), ; (seventh day),

Hoarseness, at times very decided (towards the end of the proving),

Hoarseness in the morning,

Hoarseness towards evening,

Slight hoarseness, in the evening (third and fourth days, and subsequently),

Hoarse voice (third day),

Hoarse voice in the morning, with much mucus in the throat, which compels violent hawking, whereby some tenacious mucus is expectorated (ninth day),

Voice hoarse and rough, in the afternoon (first day),

Voice hoarse and rough, with irritation to cough, slight paroxysms of cough, and hawking of mucus, relieved by rinsing the mouth with tepid water or eating warm food, every morning,

Voice somewhat as though he had not spoken for a long time, at first somewhat hoarse, but soon becoming clear (third day),

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough caused by constant irritation in the bronchi and larynx, which made the soft palate so painful that even swallowing the saliva or food was difficult (fourth day),

Cough woke him at 1 A.M., he was unable to fall asleep again on account partly of the cough, partly of a burning sore sensation in the lungs, and partly of the pressing headache; he slept uneasily from 6 to 7 A.M.; on waking the headache was less, but the chest troubles continued with their previous severity (second night),

Cough especially from 10 to 11 A.M. (tenth day),

Cough seldom, only in the forenoon, in single paroxysms, not racking (ninth day),

Cough, especially severe in the evening, and troublesome on account of sensation of soreness and subsequent, burning in the chest (second day),

Cleaning the teeth provoked violent cough, which was followed by vomiting of a slimy fluid,

Was unable to speak in a very hot room on account of excessive coughing (eleventh day),

Cough aggravated by the warmth of the stove,

The ordinary smoking provoked cough, after dinner,

Cough better in the evening and night,

Paroxysm of tickling cough, ending with expectoration of mucus,

Frequent paroxysms of cough, as from tickling in the larynx and pharynx (eighth day after 80 drops),

Short paroxysms of cough,

Dry cough in the morning, lasting several minutes, causing vomiting of mucus,

Dry cough at night, lasting half an hour, caused by tickling in the air-passages; in the morning, the cough became looser, with easy expectoration (twentieth night),

Dry cough, with some pain, especially in the apices of the lungs (third day),

Dry cough, afterwards the cough became loose, with slight mucous expectoration,

At times dry cough, at times expectoration of thick mucus, for several days,

Frequent dry cough, with expectoration of offensive sweetish mucus, seldom yellow,

Frequent short dry cough, caused by irritation in the trachea, during the forenoon,

Frequent dry hacking and hawking, with increased thirst,

Wakened twice at night by dry cough (third night),

The accustomed smoking repeatedly caused dry cough,

Constant dry cough in the morning,

Short dry cough (after 3d trit.),

Very short, dry, hacking cough,

Cough racking, dry, and painful (fourth day),

Paroxysm of coughing, repeated in the warmth of the bed at night, lasting from 2 to 3.30 A.M.; the cough became again dry and left an aching in the throat, as if it were fatigued, with heat and sore burning (eleventh day),

Violent, long-continued cough, without expectoration, after waking in the morning,

Cough, with expectoration of lumpy mucus,

Cough, with expectoration of a large quantity of viscid albuminous mucus,

Cough, with constant tickling in the bronchi about their bifurcation, caused by a feeling as though a plug of mucus were moving in the chest, in spite of profuse expectoration of mucus (fourteenth day),

Frequent cough, with expectoration, through the night (sixth night),

Frequent cough, with considerable expectoration (towards the end of the proving),

Paroxysm of cough, with easy expectoration of grayish, gelatinous, lumpy mucus,

Short paroxysms, of cough, repeated three, times before going to bed, and followed by easy expectoration of globules of mucus (first day),

Cough in short paroxysms, with easy expectoration of greenish lumpy masses,

Slight paroxysms of cough, with expectoration of round masses of grayish mucus (second day),

Morning cough, with easy expectoration, which was slimy and mingled with very tenacious threads (eighth day),

Expectoration increased, tough and sweet, on the fifth day; on the sixth day it became lumpy and of a grayish-blue color, and was expectorated with less exertion; on the seventh day it became still looser,

Expectoration of easily loosened mucus,

Expectoration of yellow, sour mucus (sixth day),

Expectoration of thick mucus,

Expectoration of lumpy mucus,

Expectoration of lumpy yellow mucus after slight hawking,

Expectoration of yellowish mucus, which had a tinge of red, and tasted sourish-sweet (second day),

Expectoration of large masses of whitish-gray mucus,

Towards evening the cough was accompanied by some expectoration (fourth day),

Frequent expectoration of mucus,

Frequent expectoration of mucus, alternating with dry hacking cough,

Frequent expectoration of thick nauseous mucus,

Frequent expectoration of easily loosened mucus, in the afternoon,

Frequent slight expectoration of white mucus in lumps as large as a pea from the larynx, with a dry sensation in the mouth, extending into the fauces (symptoms noticed even at the beginning of the proving and which constantly recurred),

After making great exertion, some mucus was raised by the cough; this was greenish-yellow, and almost as sweet as sugar-cane (fourth day),

Heart and pulse


An indefinite pain in the heart, which was not seldom interrupted by the beating of the pulse; sensation as if everything were forced towards the heart; towards evening of the same day throbbing pain in the heart, with at times pulsations on its upper surface,

Pressure in the praecordial region,

Pressive burrowing pain in the region of the heart, on rising, continuing the whole time he was driving, and only disappearing on leaving the carriage,

Severe pressive pain in the praecordial region, with palpitation, at night,

Dull stitches through the heart from time to time, with throbbing in it, which seemed to be audible, but was not perceptible to the hand (third morning),

Constant sensation of soreness in the heart from morning till noon (sixth day),

Throbbing, like a violent pulsation, now in the heart, in the middle of the chest, now in the apices of the lungs; throbbing, consisting of several beats in rapid succession, followed by five to ten minutes' intermission until it appeared at another place (first day),

Sensation as though an artery were pulsating very rapidly on the upper surface of the heart, repeated several times while walking,

Heart's Action.

Tumultuous action of the heart, while lying down after dinner (first day),

Palpitation, causing anxiety, lasting several minutes (second day),

Frequent palpitation at night, waking him from sleep,

Sudden violent palpitation, as from great fright, lasting twenty to thirty seconds, whereby the whole body was shaken, waking him about midnight from doze, and recurring with constantly decreasing severity,

Irregular beating of the heart in rapid succession, causing anxiety, after eating,


Pulse accelerated, ; (after 3d trit.),

Pulse accelerated, tremulous (first day),

Pulse moderately accelerated,

Pulse 64 (fifth day after 3d trit.),

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