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Coccus Cacti - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Cochineal, Coc-c.

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HPUS indication of Coccus Cacti: Spasmodic cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coccus Cacti in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head,

Confusion of the head throughout the day,

Confusion of the head the whole day (second day),

Confusion of the head, especially on the vertex (seventh day),

Confusion of the head, as after drinking too much,

Confusion of the head on the vertex (third day),

Confusion of the head in the forehead, with sensation of heaviness and dulness, in the morning on rising,

Confusion of the head in the evening,

Confusion of the head after breakfast,

Confusion of the head, as before the outbreak of violent coryza, relieved in the open air,

Slight confusion of the head,

Great confusion of the head (third day),

Great confusion of the head, in the evening while walking (especially on the vertex), (seventh day),

Head was confused and felt intoxicated, especially towards evening,

General Head.

Rush of blood to the head,

Rush of blood to the head, on going into a warm room after a walk; he was obliged to leave the room, when he felt better, repeated three times in one forenoon,

Sensation of swelling of the head,


Confusion of the head in the forehead, with pain extending across the left frontal eminence, involving a small portion of the left half of the forehead, the parietal bone, and the temple, and reaching to the zygomatic portion of the right jaw, leaving a general sensation along all those parts of a dull tearing or cutting, transient (after one hour),

Great confusion of the head in the evening, with pressive pains on the vertex, with burning in the skin of the forehead, lasting into the night,

Headache, not relieved in the open air (first day),

Headache in the morning on waking; it soon ceased, but frequently returned for a short time through the day (sixth day),

Headache, with such great weakness that she was obliged to sit down frequently during a hurried walk (after 3d trit.),

Headache, consisting of fulness, with increased warmth and slight stupefaction (second day),

Dull pain in the whole head all the forenoon, aggravated by violent motion of it,

Pressive pain in the brain, especially at the bridge of the nose,

Pressive headache, like that frequently experienced with disordered stomach,

Pressive headache, as after drinking too much, in the morning after waking, disappearing after rising,

Pressive headache in the evening (third day),

Pressive headache, aggravated by stepping hard (first day),

Painful stitches shoot through the brain,

His accustomed beer caused headache (second day),

The headache and chest symptoms were somewhat relieved after lying down, for some hours in the forenoon (fourth day),

A painful elevation on the vertex as large as a pea, lasting the whole day,

Severe pressure and burning pain in the vertex, in the morning on waking, lasting an hour, but on rising after a short subsequent sleep it disappeared,

Dull burrowing headache in the posterior portion of the right parietal bone, paroxysmal, continuing only a short time, while lying in bed in the morning (one hour after 25 drops),

Indefinite pain in the forehead, aggravated by shaking or turning the head, or even moving it,

Dull headache above the right eye, in the morning on waking,

Dull, burrowing, frontal headache,

Pressive pain in the right side of the forehead, sometimes extending to the occiput (first day),

Dull pressive pain in the forehead (first day),

Pressive frontal headache at breakfast, which was eaten without remarkable appetite (fourteenth day),

Tearing pain, extending from the felt eye up into the forehead, in the evening after lying down,

Violent raging pain, extending from the right eye along the squamous portion of the temporal bone, on its inner side to the occiput; it seems a though a fluid were injected paroxysmally into a small blood-vessel,

Pressive pain in the right temple,

Pressive pain in the left temporal region soon after rising, which frequently extended to the left eye, and lasted nearly the whole day,

Slight pressive pain, extending from the temples towards the vertex, which completely disappeared after the customary washing with cold water (second day),

Sticking pain in both temples, with painful sensation of fulness of the whole head (3d trit.),

Dull sticking pain in the left temporal region, lasting several minutes, disappearing on pressure, but returning on leaving off the pressure (seventh day),

Violent throbbing and pressive pains in both temples, lasting more than an hour, equally during rest and motion, frequently alternating with heat and redness of the face (second day),

Dull boring pain in the left side of the occiput towards the ear,


Gooseflesh at the roots of the hairs and bristling of the hair (second day),

Sensation as if the scalp were drawn tightly over the skull (after one hour),

Crawling pain in the scalp on walking, which obliges him to scratch (eleventh day),

Pressing pain in the occiput, with sensation as if the scalp were swollen; this sensation extended to the left cheek and side of the nose,

Outer head

Stitches in the occiput like the bite of a leech woke him from sleep and caused scratching,


Sensitiveness of the head on the vertex,


Rather severe sticking in the head, in the coronal suture of the right side,


Tearings in the frontal bone,


Sensation as if the temples were too narrow,

Pressure in both temples,


Indefinite drawing and pressing in the occiput, temples, and right eye,

Pressure and sensation of warmth in the occiput, at 6 P.M. in a warm room,

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