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Coccus Cacti - Modalities Etc

Cochineal, Coc-c.

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HPUS indication of Coccus Cacti: Spasmodic cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coccus Cacti in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Drawing in back teeth; while walking, stitches in left hypochondrium; especially from 10 to 11 o'clock, cough; cough; while speaking, oppression of chest; while walking, pressure in middle of sternum; at 10 o'clock, while lying, chilliness.

(Night), Heartburn; at 11 o'clock, stitches in urethra; towards morning, erections; at 11.30 o'clock, tickling in larynx; dry cough; cough; pain in praecordial region; palpitation; on lying down, cramp in toes; when at rest, tearing, etc.; sweat on back, etc.

(Before midnight), When warm in bed, pain in mastoid process.

(Midnight), Frequent micturition; sudden palpitation; sweat.

(After midnight), Sleep restless, etc.

(Open air), Lachrymation; after being in warm room, huskiness of voice.

(Ascending a height), Oppression of chest, etc.; stitches at left ribs; pain in tendo Achillis.

(After beer), Great excitement; temporary aggravation; pains in head, etc.; sensation in thorax.

(At breakfast), Frontal headache.

(After breakfast), Confusion of head.

(On the cars), Lassitude in lower limbs.

(After coughing), Nausea.

(After dinner), Griping in abdomen; tumultuous action of heart; after short nap, weakness, etc.; chilliness; on moving in open air, shivering across scapulae, etc.

(Driving), Pain in region of heart.

(While eating), Flatulence; pain in small of back.

(After eating), Dizziness; thirst; distension of stomach; rumbling in intestines; griping in intestines; beating of the heart; stitches in lower leg; sleepiness.

(Heat of room), Cough.

(On deep inspiration), Stitch in right lung.

(Lying upon part), Feeling in ear.

(Lying on left shoulder), Pain in region of clavicle.

(Motion), Pain in umbilicus; pains in little finger, etc.; pain in patella.

(Violent motion of part), Dull headache.

(Moving head), Pain in forehead.

(Moving arm), Pain in region of left clavicle.

(Pressure), Pain in flank; pain in patella.

(During rest), Pain in sciatic nerve; weariness in feet.

(Smoking), Pain in canine teeth; dry cough.

(Stepping hard), Pressive headache.

(After stool), Pain in rectum.

(After going into street), Sticking in left false ribs.

(Empty swallowing), Pressure in pharynx.

(Talking), Sensation in soft palate.

(Turning head to right), Pain in Eustachian tube.

(Uncovering abdomen), Stitches in walls of thorax.

(Rapid walking), Stitches in left chest; profuse sweat.

(Warmth), Especially in bed, throat symptoms.

(In warm bed), Stitches in various places; sticking in skin.

(In warm room), After a walk, rush of blood to head; after being in cold air, itching within ear.

(Warmth of stove), Cough.

(After wine), Heartburn.


WORSE, left side, after sleep, touch, pressure of clothing, brushing teeth, slightest exertion.






Cold exposure


(Towards evening), Became lively.

(Evening), Cough.

(Night), In warmth of bed, rawness, etc., in throat; cough.

(Open air), Confusion of head; chilliness.

(On paying attention to the pain), Stitches in left nipple disappear.

(Change of position), When lying, pain in teeth, etc.; disappear.

(Cold water), Cough.

(After washing with cold water), Pain from temples towards vertex disappears.

(After dinner), Scraping in throat.

(Passage of flatus), Pain in flank; griping in abdomen.

(Lying down), Headache, etc.

(Lying on painful part and pressing it firmly against bed), Pain in shoulder.

(Micturition), Pressure in bladder, etc.

(On pressure), Pain in temporal region disappears.

(Rest), Stitches in left ribs; pain in left tendo Achillis.

(On rising after short sleep), Pressure on vertex disappears.

(Stool), Griping in bowels.

(From Chinese tea), Relief.

(When walking), Pain in thighs disappears.

(Warmth), Drawing in left hypochondrium.

(After warm soup), Pain in Eustachian tube disappears.

(Water), Pain in arches of palate.

(Wine), Inclination to vomit.


BETTER, walking.

Washing in cold water


Increased appetite,

Great appetite, or rather ravenous hunger, but he had scarcely eaten a spoonful of soup when the appetite disappeared and he ate without desire, though without aversion,

Appetite variable,

Hunger at an unusual time, at 6 P.M., obliging him to eat; in spite of this frequent taking of nourishment he was not strengthened, but felt weary the whole day, and disinclined to work (second day),

Ravenous hunger, even soon after eating (second day),

Sensation of hunger, even after eating (second day),

Unpleasant sensation of hunger; was obliged to eat much and often (second day),

Sense of satiety from water, with aversion to drinking (tenth day),

Loss of appetite, ; (after 3d trit.),

Loss of appetite (after 3d trit.),

Loss of appetite, with increased thirst,

No appetite for breakfast, but afterwards ravenous hunger,

Aversion to smoking (fourteenth day),



Thirst, especially in the morning,

Thirst somewhat increased after eating,

Great thirst, in the evening (tenth day),

Great thirst, in the evening, with longing for beer, after a glass of which he experienced pains in the whole of the head, with sensation of great weakness, so that he was unable to sleep before midnight (fourteenth day),

Great thirst after eating; a large quantity of cold water caused unusual chilliness,

Aversion to coffee and water (third day),


Eructations and inclination to cough (first day),

Eructations of air,

Loud spasmodic eructations of air, every evening,

Tasteless eructations (first and sixth days),


Heartburn, with tensive pain in the throat, in the afternoon,

Heartburn at night,

Heartburn, for two hours after eating,

Heartburn, while walking after smoking,

Heartburn, with eructations of almost corrosive fluid,

Severe heartburn, and pressure in the stomach, after wine,


Frequent retching,