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Coca - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Divine Plant of the Incas, the Spanish priests denounced it as un delusio del demonio, Coca.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coca in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sudden voracious appetite, especially for animal food, contrary to usual habit,

Great hunger; dinner was eaten with appetite, even at 11 A.M., though less was eaten than on the preceding day, when he had no special hunger (sixth day),

Longing for food, although the abdomen was somewhat distended in the epigastric region, as from an overloaded stomach (second day),

Indians, after chewing all day, not eating any food, ate at night like hungry men, and sometimes at a single meal swallowed as much as would serve others two days,

Appetite diminished; could not take his usual moderate quantum of food,

Drinking the decoction at 3 or 4 o'clock P.M., it has invariably and totally deprived him of all appetite for dinner, and of his rest at night; under these circumstances he always passed the night in reading or writing; he felt no fatigue or hunger on the following morning,

Enables the body to feed upon itself, without the hunger-pains and weakness usually accompanying prolonged abstinence from ordinary food,

Did without food for full forty hours, and the next food taken was then exceedingly well digested,

Indisposed for food; ate very little dinner, and no tear or supper,

No relish for food (first day),

No desire for dinner, in spite of which much was eaten with relish (second day),

Appetite extremely irregular, for the aversion to all food is often suddenly followed by an insatiable craving, especially for animal food,

Appetite extremely irregular; aversion to all food is soon followed by the most ravenous hunger, especially for animal food,

Sometimes aversion to all food, with sudden voracious appetite, especially for animal food,

Slight eructations after dinner (second day),


Rumbling in the abdomen, with passage of flatus after five minutes, and continuing more or less throughout the day (second day),

Repeated rumbling in the abdomen, as from flatulence, with eructations without taste or odor (two hours and a half),

Constant urging of flatulence, without passage of any,

On two occasions flatus from bowels, having the smell of burnt Gun Powder gunpowder, 8 A.M. (ninetieth day),

Passage of flatus and urging to stool (after forty-five minutes),

Profuse passage of odorless flatus, relieving the colic and the rumbling in the abdomen,


Bilious affections appear, with their numerous tormenting sufferings, common under a tropical sky; obstinate constipation, jaundice, headache, debility, emaciation,

Intense pains in region of liver; biliary affection; gallstones frequent and severe,

General Abdomen.

Abdomen distended, tense, tympanitic,

Abdomen very much distended (eleventh day),

Abdomen very much distended, in the evening (third day),

Gurgling in the ileum, extending after ten minutes to the ascending and descending colon (after twenty minutes),

Peculiar gurgling in the abdomen, with sensation of emptiness (second day),

Colic renewed after a cup of chocolate,

The colic is very much aggravated after taking coffee, continues throughout the day till 5 P.M., then disappears after drinking cold beer,

Nausea and vomiting

Slight nausea,

Great nausea after breakfast (after four hours),

Slight sick feeling before supper, removed by it; had little appetite (eighty-fifth day),

Violent vomiting, very slimy water, without bitter or sour taste, at 6 P.M. (first day),

Distension of the stomach and continued gulping and desire to eructate, returning after dinner and lasting till evening (thirteenth day),

Increase of digestive powers,

Digestion goes on with great activity,

Digestion became extraordinarily good and continued so,

Debility of digestive organs at first seems to be slight uneasiness, soon reaches a frightful intensity,

Dyspepsia (nineteenth day),

Dyspepsia, with tasteless eructations, nausea, and great weariness (eighteenth day),

Satisfied, comfortable feeling in stomach, as after a meal taken with a good appetite,

After breakfast, emptiness; again after a long walk (one hundred and sixth day),

Peculiar sensation of emptiness in the stomach and abdomen (four hours),

Painful contracted sensation in the stomach, with a pain in the left side, something like a so-called stitch in the spleen (after fourth hour),

An intense gnawing, hungry sensation, at the pit of the stomach,

Sensation of fulness in the epigastric and mesogastric regions (after two hours and a half),

A sensation of gastric fulness and repletion, as after a very full meal, continuing several hours, followed by a total disinclination to eat or sleep, for a period of twelve or twenty-four hours, depending upon the quantity of the leaves taken,

When walking, a pain about region of cardiac end of stomach, gradually increasing; would have amounted to a cutting pain; after standing, 4 P.M., it went off, returning during a walk, soon (first day),

Pricking pain in a spot about the cardiac end of stomach, when sitting indoors, 7 P.M.,

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