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Cocculus Indicus - Back And Neck symptoms - T.F. Allen

Indian Cockle, Cocculus, Coccul, Cocc.

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HPUS indication of Cocculus Indicus: Motion sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cocculus Indicus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressure in the scapulae and nape of the neck,


Weakness of the cervical muscles, with heaviness of the head, for several days; the cervical muscles seem unable to support the head; is obliged to lay the head now here, now there; even the muscles are painful most relieved when leaning backward,

Stiff pain in the cervical muscles, on moving the neck, and on yawning,

Painful cracking in the cervical vertebrae, on moving the head,

Paralytic drawing in the side of the neck, and other places; at times almost like an intermitting paralytic pressure,

Sticking pain in the neck, on moving the head forward and backward,

Fine stitches in the outer parts of the neck (after one hour),

Fine stitches externally in the right side of the neck,

Pulsating stitches externally, in the left side of the neck,


Trembling in the back,

On standing, pain in the back, as if one were too much fatigued or had strained himself (after twelve hours),

On moving the shoulders, the whole back became stiff and painful,

Boring pains in the back,

Pain in the spine, as if it would break,

Pressive pain in the back, especially on the left side, while sitting (after five hours),

Paralytic pressive pain in the lumbar region,

Piercing pain in the articulation of the dorsal and all the vertebrae, as if they were sprained or spasmodically drawn together, especially on motion (after twenty hours),

Tearing pains in the back,


Intermitting, pressive, paralytic pain beneath the left scapula, during rest,

Drawing pains just below the left scapula, while standing and lying, most severe in the morning (after six hours),

Stitches in the scapulae, extending from the right to the left,

Tearing between the shoulders and in the spine, in the evening, before lying down (after thirty-six hours),


Pain in the small of the back, as if bruised, not aggravated by touch,

Paralytic pain in the small of the back, as if lame,

Paralytic pain in the small of the back, with spasmodic drawing across the hips, which prevents walking, with anxious fearful mood,

Sharp hard pressure in the loins and region of the kidneys, in the morning, while lying in bed, disappearing after rising,

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