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Cocculus Indicus - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Indian Cockle, Cocculus, Coccul, Cocc.

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HPUS indication of Cocculus Indicus: Motion sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cocculus Indicus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Trembling of all the limbs,

Trembling in all the limbs, always with chilliness, which does not disappear even in a warm room, especially in the evening,

Painful stiffness in the joints (after eight hours),

Painful stiffness of all the joints, now in the hands and fingers, now in the knees and ankles, for two days (after twenty-four hours),

Limbs became paralytic and stiff, with drawing pains in the bones and back,

Paralytic immobility of the limbs, (after twenty-four hours),

Paralytic immobility of the limbs, with drawing pains, feeling as if in the bones,

Painful lameness in the arms and legs; she could scarcely rise from her seat, with loss of power,

Cracking in the joints,

Cracking in the joints, when walking,


The limbs seem paralyzed,

At one time the feet are asleep, at another the hands, alternately; very transient attacks,

Such heaviness in the limbs, and such weakness in the whole body, at 9 A.M., that she could not keep herself from sleeping; several days at the same time,

Internal pains in the limbs, aggravated by touch and external pressure (after twenty-four hours),

Internal burrowing bone pains in the limbs,

Pain in the limbs, on motion, as if they would be crushed or broken,

Sensitive paralytic drawing, constant and paroxysmal, here and there in the limbs, as if in the bones,

Drawing pain in the limbs and abdominal muscles, as after taking cold,

Drawing pain in the limbs of the left side,

Slight noise shoots through all his limbs,

The muscles of the limbs are painful to touch (after twenty-four hours),

The arm upon which he lies in bed pains as if beaten,

Sensitive paralytic pain on violent motion of the arm, as if the bones were beaten asunder,

Excessive drawing pain in the bones of the shoulder and arm, on raising the arm after eating; on touch the parts are painful, as if bruised or beaten,

The humeri just above the elbows seem beaten, and pain as if paralyzed, on motion,

Upper extremities


Convulsions of te arms, with closing of the thumb in the fist,


The arms are asleep, with a crawling sensation,

Sensation in the arms as if asleep and paralyzed, during and after a meal (after three hours),

Paroxysmal burning pain in the left arm,

The arm aches while eating; it is very heavy and tired if he attempts to raise it,


Some stitches in the shoulder and muscles of the upper arm, during rest (after one hour),

Pain consisting of a broken, tearing, and sticking sensation in the shoulder and elbow-joints, also in the toes and between them, intolerable during rest, with a sensation of heaviness; he dreads to move the arm, though the pain is relieved by motion (after five hours),


Jerking in the muscles of the left upper arm,

Pulselike, visible jerking in the muscles of the right and left upper arms, just above the elbows,

Pain in the upper arm, on raising it, as if the arm were broken in two,

Drawing in the upper part of the humerus, with bruised pain,

Stitches in the right upper arm,

Intermitting dull stitches, like shocks, on the outer side of the left upper arm, blow its head,

A digging (wavelike drawing), bruised pain in the left humerus,


Sudden paralytic pain in the bend of the right elbow,

Continued sticking in the left elbow (fourth day),


A kind of paralysis of the arm while writing; is scarcely able to hold his pen (after four hours),

The forearm is asleep, with sensation as if the hand were swollen, with constrictive pain in the muscles; the fingers are cool, with an internal sensation of icy coldness (after three hours),

Pain as if dislocated in the radius, during rest and motion,

Intermitting, very sensitive, almost tearing, paralytic pressure in the anterior muscles of the forearm, especially during rest,

Pressive pain in the right forearm,

Sticking pain in the outer side of the left forearm, extending into the little finger,


Redness of the left hand, with drawing in the middle finger (fourth day),

The hand trembles while eating, and the more the higher it is raised,

Now one hand, now the other, seems insensible and asleep,

Cramplike pain on the outer side of the right hand, and in the forefingers, with some heat of the hand,


Painful paralytic jerking through the fingers (sixth day),

Cramplike contraction of the fingers,

Cramplike pain in the right little finger, while writing,

Tearing, boring, drawing pain in the fingers,

Cramplike sticking pain from behind forward, in the right index finger,

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