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Coffea Tosta - General symptoms

Coffea, Coff-t.

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HPUS indication of Coffea Tosta: Toothache

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coffea Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Preparation, Infusion of the well-roasted berries. A decoction of raw Coffea Cruda Coffea furnishes a preparation very rich in Coffeïnum.

an infusion of the roasted Coffea Cruda Coffea contains some Coffeïnum (the amount varying with the roasting), but much of the alkaloid is changed into "Coffeone" (to which the aroma is due). This Coffeone is obtained free from the alkaloid by distilling an infusion of roasted Coffea Cruda Coffea.

some effects of this distillate are here included.

She recognized those about her, and was aware of the cause of her sufferings, but still her sensorium was evidently not quite clear.

and next day she retained only a very obscure recollection of what had occurred. Plain or connected answers were not obtainable from her, and only after much effort and persuasion would her attention be engaged at all, she continuing to incessantly repeat the same phrases in the most dolorous tone,.

The preceding tracings plainly indicate quite a marked decrease of the pulse, with diminished extent of oscillation, and a consequent increase of arterial tension. They are similar to the tracings taken by Meplain ten or fifteen minutes after drinking the cold infusion.

but are still more strongly marked under the action of a simple decoction of the unroasted berry. When, however, the tracings are taken a few moments after drinking an infusion of black coffee, especially when well roasted and of a strong aromatic odor, the peculiarities of the pulse are directly opposed to those presented above. In this case, they indicate more or less excitement of the circulation, as shown in the tracings by the more extended oscillations, by the greater abruptness and height of the ascending line, by its sharp angle at the top, and by the jerking contour of the descending line. This important fact, first noticed by Meplain, is accounted for by him as follows. He distilled a litre of a strong infusion of roasted coffee, and obtained therefrom about 200 grammes of a liquid which, in addition to the aromatic smell and taste of coffee, possessed a slightly acrid taste and decided empty rheumatic odor. After taking this, he observed the pulse to rise from 64 to 72. Hence he inferred that the symptoms of vascular excitement (quickened circulation, diminished vascular tension, flushed face, etc.), which appear immediately after drinking an infusion of black coffee, are effects of the Coffeone. Our own investigations have led us to accept implicitly the ideas of Meplain, as to the part played by Coffeone in inducing the primary effects on the circulation experienced after drinking a strong infusion of roasted coffee. As we ascertained from the experiments we instituted, in order to test the soundness of our colleague's opinion, the changes in the circulation which are among the effects of coffee depend not only on the length of time which may have elapsed since the taking of the beverage before the observations are made, but also on the more or less thorough roasting of the berry. Thus we may account for the astonishing diversities in the opinions expressed by different authorities as to the effects of coffee on the circulation, and especially on the pulse, which latter, according to some (Trousseau, Deltel, Penilleau, Prompt), is increased, while according to others (Rognetta, Caron, Jomaud) it is lessened, in frequency. We remark, in the first place, that those writers who have observed an acceleration of pulse after drinking an infusion of coffee, have taken it either warm, or with the addition of chicory (which Jomaud has shown to be a violent vascular irritant), or else they have made their observations immediately after partaking of the beverage. Those, on the other hand, who have observed the pulse to become slower, have chiefly used in their experiments coffee raw, or but slightly roasted, or else have waited at least ten or fifteen minutes after drinking it, before examining the pulse,.

Coffee. N. O. Rubiaceae. Infusion of the well-roasted berries.

Antidote to poisons. Labour pains. Migraine. Nervous excitement, effects of. Seminal emissions. Urinary affections. Vertigo.

The symptoms of Coffea Cruda Coffea t. have been principally obtained from sensitive persons on whom strong coffee has acted injuriously.

and the clinical uses have been mainly based on these. But a word must be said about the antidotal effects of Coffee. As an allopathic antidote to Opium in poisonous doses its value is well known. In addition to Opium and its derivatives it counteracts the effects of Nux Vomica Nux vomica, Belladonna Belladonna, narcotic mushrooms, poisonous sumach, tobacco, bitter almonds, Hydrocyanicum Acidum Prussic acid, Colocynthis Coloc., Valeriana Valer., Cicuta Virosa Cicuta, Chamomilla Chamom., salts of Antimony, Lead, Phosphorus Phosphorus, Acid Phos Phosphoric acid. On account of its extensive antidotal properties Coffee has largely been condemned by homoeopathic practitioners.

but it should be remembered that it does not antidote all other medicines, and it is questionable if it counteracts the effect of many of the above-named drugs when they are given in high potencies. In any case it is desirable to forbid its use when Belladonna Bell., Chamomilla Cham., Colocynthis Coloc., Ignatia Ignat., Lycopodium Lyc., and Nux Vomica Nux are being given. Coffea Cruda Coffea tost. is serviceable against both cold and heat. Beneficial to persons who live in the open air. It has caused and cures dynamically a toothache like that of Coffea Cruda Coff. crud. when amel. by cold.

"cold water amel. intense pain in sound teeth of right lower jaw." (I have several times cured a toothache like this with Coffea Cruda Coff. c. 30.) Coffea Cruda Coffea tost. is useful in confinements to relieve the excess of suffering which some women experience.

"pains intolerable." It is useful also in heart affections where there is troublesome palpitation from heart-irritability.

and in general nervous excitement. Whilst it is generally given in the form of black coffee in such conditions it is also available for use in the attenuations. Other indications for its use are Tense arteries. Periodic headaches in hysterical women. Nervous and gastric headaches. Vomiting on least exertion. Diarrhoea from overwork and too much care. Gout and rheumatism with tendency to form chalk-stones. There is a definite and extensive proving of Coffea Cruda Coff. t. given in Allen.

Coffea Cruda Coffea. Hahnemann. Rubiaceae.


Sensitiveness Coffea Tosta is characterized by a general sensitivity. Sensitiveness of vision, of hearing, of smell, of touch; sensitiveness to pain. it is most astonishing sometimes about this great sensitiveness. Pains are increased by noise.

Sensitiveness of hearing is so great that sounds are painful. Pains in the face, toothache, headache; pains in the lower limbs; everywhere aggravated by noise.

All the nervous disturbances possible are found in this medicine, and they are all aggravated by noise. Even the opening of the door and the ringing of the door-Belladonna bell produces great suffering. Such patients are so sensitive that they hear sounds which those in a state of health cannot hear.

Perhaps no medicine in the Materia Medica approximates this sensitiveness of hearing where it is accompanied with pain, unless it be Nux Vomica Nux vom Those practitioners who do not know this generally resort to Nux Vomica Nux vom for pains aggravated from voices in another room, or from noise or the sound of children.

Many remedies have increase of nervousness from noise; noise aggravates headache, and aggravates suffering about the head, and makes some persons nervous, But pain in the extremities aggravated by noise is peculiar. It seems that the noise disturbs him so that he cannot bear pain.

The Coffea Cruda Coffea state is brought on by emotions or violent excitement of the mind, but especially by joy or

"pleasant surprise."

The result is sleeplessness, nervous excitement, neuralgia, twitching of muscles, toothache, face ache, red face and hot head.

You may be called to the bedside of a woman who has been laboring for some great cause. She works persistently, is successful, but goes to bed with weeping, delirium, neuralgia, sleeplessness.

Her heart palpitates, her pulse flickers, she has fainting spells, and without Coffea Cruda Coffea she may die. Coffee drinkers who keep up through some ordeal and then break down are similarly affected.

The Coffea Cruda Coffea patient is sensitive to wine. A small amount of wine intensifies the nervousness, produces sleeplessness, flushed face, feverishness, great excitement. Not necessarily intoxication, but nervous excitement.

Coffea Cruda Coffea has a painful sensitiveness of the skin beyond comprehension. I remember one particular case. A woman bad her lower limb out of bed and it was as red as fire down one side. I walked toward it to put my hand on it.

But she said,

"Oh, don't touch it, I can't bear to have it touched; I can't touch it myself."

I asked how long this had been coming on.

She said,

"Ob, it all came on within an hour."

Such a symptom is common in coffee drinkers. There was no fever. Intense stinging, burning pains in the skin with the redness and heat with coarse rash coming on suddenly, leaving just as suddenly. The sensitive part is aggravated by cold air, aggravated by any wind or from fanning, from motion, yet aggravated by warmth. Aggravated from anyone walking across the floor. The woman I referred to scowled when I was walking toward the bed. A number of times I have seen such things relieved within a few minutes by Coffea Cruda Coffea

The wakefulness produced by Coffea Cruda Coffea is well known, even to the laity. It is taken by nurses to keep them awake nights with their patients. The Coffea Cruda Coffea patient is quick to act and to think. So full of ideas that she lies awake nights making plans, thinking of a thousand things.

utterly unable to banish the thoughts that flood the mind.

hears the clocks on the distant steeples, as do Opium, China China and Nux Vomica Nux vom.

Hears the dogs barking. So great is the brain activity, the mental excitement, that she hears noises that are purely imaginary. Memory active, easy comprehension full of ideas.

increased power to think and to debate. Coffea Cruda Coffea increases the mental capacity. But after a while reaction follows.

she becomes stupid and sleepy.

There is no end to the fancies, to the visions. Fanciful visions come before the mind. Recalls things not thought of for years; recalls poetry that was recited in childhood. Eyes brilliant; pupils dilated; face flushed head hot.

Coffea Tosta applies to toothache and faceache where it is deep in the jaws. Hot head; inflamed condition of the gums. Pain in the teeth; rending, tearing pain in the teeth, brought on from exposure to cold, from emotions, from excitement, from joy; aggravated from motion; ameliorated by ice or ice-cold things; aggravated by warm food.

Cannot drink warm tea, it so intensifies the pain. That is a particular. The particulars contrast with the generals. In one place you may see "better from cold" in black-faced type, but it relates to the face and jaws. Worse from cold is a general. Aversion to cold air, aversion to the open air unless it is very warm and still. Aversion to wind.

"Neuralgic toothache entirely relieved by holding cold water in the mouth, returning as it becomes warm.

Toothache during the menstrual period.

Complaints of anemic children during dentition."

That is the description of a nervous child with many nervous brain and mental troubles. This child is extremely sensitive.

it takes cold. The routine prescriber gives Belladonna Belladonna to a child who has hot head, hot face and throbbing carotids, and when it does not help he gives more Belladonna Belladonna, and increases the size of his dose until the child has a proving.

He makes a Belladonna Belladonna child, out of it when Coffea Cruda Coffea would have cured it. In most instances where Belladonna Belladonna is indicated the child is sluggish and stupid, and would like to sleep. With Coffea Cruda Coffea there is excitement. The child hears things its mother cannot hear.

sees things. imagines things.

Wakes up in fright. Sees this, that and the other thing in the room. Wakes up excited as if it had visions. Looks for things, and finally sees they are not there. Such things are strong features of Coffea Cruda Coffea.

The ear is the one organ capable of registering sounds. But strange to say, the ears are sometimes very deceiving. Roaring in the ears sometimes seems as if it were in the occiput. Sometimes it is accompanied with a sensation of tingling or bubbling in the head.

When patients say,

"I have a roaring in the head,"

you know that means in the car; many times accompanying roaring, ringing in the ears, buzzing in the ears, is a peculiar sensation of vibration in the head that is mistaken by the patient for a sound.

I mention that because the Coffea Cruda Coffea patient feels a crackling or a bubbling in the occiput. The head feels badly; it feels too small. Headache, as of something pressing hard upon the surface of the brain.

You would naturally suppose there was a pressing because of the congestive state heretofore described.

"Headache as if the whole brain were torn and bruised, or dashed to pieces.

The eye and the head symptoms are worse from noise and light.

"Headache intolerable.

Nervous hysterical headache.

One-sided headache."

There is another head symptom which is quite common. A feeling as if a nail were driven into the head. Coffea Cruda Coffea headaches are worse from walking, from motion; from the mere moving across the floor, he says he feels a draft of air on his head. And that is true of the pain in any part of the body.

If a Coffea Cruda Coffea patient should have a pain in the hand, swinging of the hand through the air will aggravate. It is worse both from the motion and from the air. I want to illustrate that in this way in order to show how sensitive he is to air, and especially the painful part to cold air.

when he moves against the air, against even still air he feels it. But the amelioration of the toothache from cold is an exception, is a particular.

The neuralgia of the face is a common feature of old coffee drinkers.

Sensitive persons take coffee and finally become habituated to it. They say they cannot get along without it. They must have coffee. Such individuals should stop coffee. When coffee furnishes a crutch it is a sure indication that drinking it must be stopped.

So it is with tea or any beverage. Such persons sometimes become sensitive to coffee, and they drink it in great quantities.

the face becomes red. headaches come on, and other symptoms of Coffea Cruda Coffea Stopping coffee brings out quite a proving, and you have to study Chamomilla Cham. and Nux Vomica Nux for an antidote.

In all these remedies you get opposite effects. Now Opium will illustrate that. The first effect of Opium is to constipate. Let several doses be given, and as the effects of the Opium wear off he may have diarrhea. Opium eaters can seldom stop because a diarrhea comes on. If you should ever have an Opium case and diarrhea comes on Pulsatilla Puls will nearly always control it. But there are individuals who reverse that. Often small doses of Opium will bring on dysentery, and if it is increased, bloody dysentery and inflammation of the bowels come on. Of course, one is action and the other the reaction.

Women A woman who is a confirmed coffee drinker will have menses too soon and lasting too long.

Uterine hemorrhage is not uncommon. Another feature of Coffea Cruda Coffea is that the woman can scarcely wear the napkin during menstruation (Platinum).

The parts are in a state of hyperesthesia. The vagina is hot and sensitive, often preventing coition. In the text it reads

"Great sensitiveness of female genital organs, with general excitability.

She is in a state of ecstacy.

Uterine hemorrhage with excessive sensitiveness of organs and voluptuous itching.

Metrorrhagia; large black lumps."

Sometimes large bright red lumps.

Excessive sensitiveness about the vulva with voluptuous itching, is a strong feature of Coffea Cruda Coffea, and you will often find such symptoms in coffee drinkers.

During and after labor we also see this great excitement, all these nervous manifestations. The nervous system is in a fret, and such a mental state as described comes on with after-pains; extremely sensitive to pain, cries out; sees visions; hears all sorts of noises.

Pains aggravated from motion; aggravated from noise. Wants everybody to keep still in the house.

Convulsions of children.

"Puerperal convulsions.

Extreme excitability."

"Palpitation of the heart, pulse fluttering."

"Strong, quick palpitation of the heart with extreme nervousness, sleeplessness and cerebral erethism caused by unexpected news of great good fortune."

Let a woman about to go into confinement hear suddenly some unusually good news and the becomes almost ecstatic; carries the symptom all through confinement. The child is affected, the milk is affected. The milk flows away.

Hemorrhage is likely to come on. Great nervousness, excitability, fear.