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Coffea Tosta - General symptoms - Clarke

Coffea, Coff-t.

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HPUS indication of Coffea Tosta: Toothache

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coffea Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Coffee. N. O. Rubiaceae. Infusion of the well-roasted berries.

Antidote to poisons. Labour pains. Migraine. Nervous excitement, effects of. Seminal emissions. Urinary affections. Vertigo.

The symptoms of Coffea Cruda Coffea t. have been principally obtained from sensitive persons on whom strong coffee has acted injuriously.

and the clinical uses have been mainly based on these. But a word must be said about the antidotal effects of Coffee. As an allopathic antidote to Opium in poisonous doses its value is well known. In addition to Opium and its derivatives it counteracts the effects of Nux Vomica Nux vomica, Belladonna Belladonna, narcotic mushrooms, poisonous sumach, tobacco, bitter almonds, Hydrocyanicum Acidum Prussic acid, Colocynthis Coloc., Valeriana Valer., Cicuta Virosa Cicuta, Chamomilla Chamom., salts of Antimony, Lead, Phosphorus Phosphorus, Acid Phos Phosphoric acid. On account of its extensive antidotal properties Coffee has largely been condemned by homoeopathic practitioners.

but it should be remembered that it does not antidote all other medicines, and it is questionable if it counteracts the effect of many of the above-named drugs when they are given in high potencies. In any case it is desirable to forbid its use when Belladonna Bell., Chamomilla Cham., Colocynthis Coloc., Ignatia Ignat., Lycopodium Lyc., and Nux Vomica Nux are being given. Coffea Cruda Coffea tost. is serviceable against both cold and heat. Beneficial to persons who live in the open air. It has caused and cures dynamically a toothache like that of Coffea Cruda Coff. crud. when amel. by cold.

"cold water amel. intense pain in sound teeth of right lower jaw." (I have several times cured a toothache like this with Coffea Cruda Coff. c. 30.) Coffea Cruda Coffea tost. is useful in confinements to relieve the excess of suffering which some women experience.

"pains intolerable." It is useful also in heart affections where there is troublesome palpitation from heart-irritability.

and in general nervous excitement. Whilst it is generally given in the form of black coffee in such conditions it is also available for use in the attenuations. Other indications for its use are Tense arteries. Periodic headaches in hysterical women. Nervous and gastric headaches. Vomiting on least exertion. Diarrhoea from overwork and too much care. Gout and rheumatism with tendency to form chalk-stones. There is a definite and extensive proving of Coffea Cruda Coff. t. given in Allen.