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Coffea Cruda - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Coffee, Unroasted Coffee, Coffea, Coffea crud, Coff.

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HPUS indication of Coffea Cruda: Sleeplessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Coffea Cruda in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion in the head (after three hours),

General Head.

Rush of blood to the head, especially while talking,

Rush of blood to the head, with anxious heat and redness of the face.

Lightness of the head, and of all physical movements; a general unusual, increased sensation of health and vigor,

Heaviness of the head, with heat in the face,

Headache, as if the brain were torn or beaten, commencing while walking in the open air, but soon disappearing in the room,

Headache on reading, as if the brain at the frontal eminence, then behind the frontal bone, were beaten, torn, and crushed (after two hours),


Confusion in the forepart of the head, sometimes extending to the right temple, as a sticking-drawing pain; aggravated on walking in the open air,

Headache, as if the brain were too full and crushed, especially in the occiput, after waking from the midday nap, neither aggravated nor especially relieved by motion, by mental exertion, nor in the open air (after four hours),

Headache in the morning on waking; lack of general tension in the brain; he avoids opening the eyes; on stooping it seems as if the brain fell forward, and so pressed against the temples and forehead,

Reflection caused drawing headache, accompanied by pressure in the upper part of the forehead,

The headache is renewed and aggravated after eating; it disappears in the open air, but returns in a short time in the room,

Pressive pain in the upper part of the vertex.

One-sided headache, as if a nail were driven into the parietal bone,

Compressive headache in the forehead (second evening),

Pressive headache in the temples, extending to the occiput, while walking in the cold air; (it is relieved while sitting in a room); again it becomes very violent on first going into the open air, but afterwards it almost entirely disappears (after three-quarters of an hour),


Itching on the scalp.


Crackling is sometimes heard and felt in the vertex, while sitting still,


Crackling in the brain in the region of the ear, rhythmical with the pulse,


Slight rheumatic drawing in the left side of the occiput,

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