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Comocladia Dentata - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Guao, Comocladia, Com.

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HPUS indication of Comocladia Dentata: Throbbing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Comocladia Dentata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Evening), Soreness in eyeballs.

catarrhal symptoms. pains in eye.

about 8.30 o'clock, stitches in canthus.

at 8.30 o'clock, pains around umbilicus, etc.

at 9.30 o'clock, pain across abdomen.

at 9 o'clock, after lying down in bed, pains in hypogastric region.

at 7.30 o'clock, soreness below ribs.

at 8 o'clock, itching on the abdomen.

itching on lower extremities.

Severe pain at intervals, extending from the posterior portion of both eyeballs through the head to just below the occipital protuberance, with sensation of pressure on the superior surface of the eyeballs, seeming to move the eye downward and outward (sixth day).

this pressing and rolling sensation was felt more or less during the last two days,.

Aching in a middle molar tooth of the upper jaw of the right side (the molar tooth immediately below it is carious, or in popular language hollow).

at 12 M. it increases and becomes of a twitching character, that is, a sensation as if the tooth was drawing out of its socket or alveoli, putting the nerve on the stretch, and suddenly pressing into the socket again, the pain shooting up to the temple of the same side.

the tooth felt about an inch and a half long, and lasted till 3 P.M., relieved by pressing on the jaw with the hand, and by holding the affected side close to a hot stove.

aggravated by holding cold water in the mouth (first day),.

The lower portion of the right hypochondriac region down to the crest of the right ilium, and extending two-thirds across the abdomen (from right to left) presented a pale-red appearance, as if an eruption would make its appearance.

by passing the hand over this portion of the abdomen beneath the skin is covered with papillae.

next morning, could see no trace of these papillae on the right side, but the left side of the abdomen presented a similar appearance as the right side, but the left side of the abdomen presented a similar appearance as the right side of the night previous, but much less marked (eighteenth day),.

Small round dull-red pimples on the right scapula, anterior, and upper half of the left forearm, in the same region of the right arm, but more numerous on the left.

also on the outer and upper parts of the calf of the left leg. When observed, those on the calf of the left leg and left arm looked dry and scaly, as if the parts had been scratched with the finger-nail (fifteenth day),.

Itching on various parts of the body, mostly on the extremities.

in the forepart of the day, worse on the upper extremities.

in the after part worse on the lower extremities.

the general character of the itching seemed to be tingling, increasing in intensity the longer it lasted.

relieved by rubbing or scratching.

better in the open air and on motion.

worse in a warm room, warm weather, and during rest (eighteenth day),.

While sitting in church felt severe tingling itching on the left side of the scrotum, which continued several minutes, about 8 P.M., then shifting to the inner side and lower half of the left thigh.

it seemed almost insupportable, causing me to rub the part, which gave relief. The itching on this part seemed to extend from above down, spreading over a surface of about two inches in width and four to six inches in length. After leaving this part I felt it just below the knee, on the inner side of the same extremity. Then on the upper extremities, the left one first, then on the right lower extremity. The itching seemed to change rapidly from one place to another, relieved by rubbing or scratching.

worse in a warm room or during rest, and for the most part proceeding from above down, particularly on the lower extremities, and generally of a tingling character (second day),.

10 A.M., while at rest in my office, itching on the inner side of the left thigh, then above the right eye, then on the scalp.

10.15 A.M., itching at the inner border of the gastrocnemius muscles of the left leg, relieved by rubbing. Immediately after a tingling itching on the right side of the upper lip, then a crawling itching on the right malar region, then an itching moving downwards from the right commissure of the mouth, then an itching on the palmar aspect of the right carpus, moving towards the palm of the hand, then an itching at the angle of the jaw on the right side.

10.55 A.M., itching at the right eyebrow.

11.40 A.M., a biting-corrosive itching on the right forearm, over the belly of the palmaris longus muscle. Immediately after itching on the right side of the face, near the angle of jaw, then itching on the posterior aspect of the right forearm, then an itching on the dorsal aspect of the first phalanx of the index finger of the right hand (first day). During the afternoon itching on different parts of the exterior body (third day),.

Very acute pain in the left mammary gland, about an inch above the nipple, while sitting in the house, and lasting about five minutes.

this pain, I think, I cannot describe intelligibly.

sometimes it seemed to be a throbbing sore pain, at others as if a sharp edge of a small knife-blade was pressing on the spot, and with great force, increasing in intensity, and with a sore bruised feeling of the ribs beneath when pressed with the hand.

relieved by walking about, particularly by deep inspiration.

aggravated by expiration.

at 3.30 P.M. A return of this pain at 5 o'clock, immediately after eating supper. After leaving the mammary gland it passes down the side as low as the spleen. At 6.30 a return of the pain in the mammary gland. Immediately after leaving the mammary gland, a sensation of a lancing pain passing down the right side of the chest and inner side of the right upper arm, then to the elbow, down the lower arm and along the dorsal surface of the second and third fingers, after which, pain in the left carpus.

it returned at 7.25 and 9.20 (twentieth day),.

The back and right half of the abdomen and outer part of the right thigh presented a streaked appearance of alternate red and white (the former the broadest).

this redness vanished by pressing with the fingers, but returned immediately on taking away the pressure.

the streaks extended as high up as the scapulae.

the redness seemed to be of a dull hue.

at 9 o'clock, on retiring to bed (seventeenth day),.



Swelling of the whole body (from merely passing by in the shadow of the tree),

Under a good deal of nervous excitement, with fever, hard pulse (tenth day),

Restless at night, continual rolling from side to side,

Cannot sit still; constant change of position because it gives relief,


General malaise, fever, and headache,

Worst symptoms on the left side,

3.20 P.M., an intermittent, pressing-outward pain at the left sacro-iliac articulation, sensitive to pressure, relieved by walking, but feels lame and sore (third day),

5 P.M., a pulsating pain in the right gluteal region, near the tuberosity of the ischium, sensitive to pressure (third day),

3.40 P.M., a pulsating pain at the left pubic bone, continuing several hours, generally relieved by walking, sometimes felt when walking; the pain seems to be in the periosteum; there is sensitiveness on pressure (second day),

10 A.M., while standing quietly before a hot stove, a return of the pain near the right Tuberculinum tuber ischii (second day),

4.50 P.M., a pulsating, deep pain in the posterior and upper part of the right thigh (third day),

2.35 P.M., while writing, pain in the upper and posterior part of the left thigh (fifth day),

4.10 P.M., pulsating pain in the neck on the right femur, seeming to be in the capsular ligament, ceasing while walking, returning when at rest (tenth day),

At night, while in bed, a pulsating pain in the neck of the right femur; this pain was felt several times during the day (eleventh day),

1 P.M., a pulsating, deep pain in the neck of the right femur; this pain seems to be in the capsular ligament, at the inner border of the ilio-femoral ligament, and continues ten hours, relieved by walking (twelfth day),

5.5 P.M., a return of the pain in the neck of the right femur, continuing several hours (fourteenth day),

3.27 P.M., while at rest, pain along the outer side of the right thigh (third day),

9.50 P.M., a lame aching at the inner side of the right thigh, just above the knee, followed by a wiry or threadlike pain in the right instep (fifteenth day),

Aching and sense of drawing in the outer hamstring of the right leg, at 3.40 P.M.; return of the aching and drawing, at 4.26 P.M. (second day),

3 P.M., a lame, aching pain in the right knee (third day),

9.20 P.M., while seated in a warm room, and immediately after supper, an intense crampy aching in the left knee, continuing eight minutes; not relieved by motion (nineteenth day),

3.50 P.M., a drawing pain in the right knee, extending into the anterior muscles of the thigh (third day),

12.30 A.M., while in bed, an intermittent pressing outward pain in the right knee, relieved by motion (second day),

12 M., aching in the right leg (second day),

2.50 P.M., a numb aching passing down the outer side of the right leg to the foot, then an aching and sense of drawing in the outer hamstring (third day),

9 P.M., an intermittent aching in the right tibia (eighteenth day),

3 P.M., a pulsating pain in the head of the right tibia, relieved by motion (second day),

5.30 P.M., while at rest, a pulsating pain in the head of the right tibia; the tibia is sensitive to pressure (second day),

6.30 P.M., a pulsating pain near the upper extremity and outer side of the right fibula. Immediately after a pulsating pain in the right thigh (third day),

3.30 P.M., while at rest in my office, the right leg elevated and resting on the table, and after a walk in the open a air, a crampy lameness in the right leg just above the instep, relieved by walking. Immediately after and while at rest, a drawing, crampy sensation in the hollow of the right foot, passing up to the outer ankle and along the outer border of the gastrocnemius muscle to the knee, relieved by walking, returning while sitting, the feet resting on the floor, passing slowly upwards from the outer ankle to the knee, then in the tibia, where it becomes a numb aching, then in the tarsus, where it occasions a drawing aching, as if the foot would cramp.

continued motion relieves (second day),.

While at rest, a numb, drawing sensation in the left instep, which extended to the knee, followed by a sense as of warm air, like an aura, ascending half way to the knee. The numbness and drawing then concentrated at the instep, where it remained a short time, and again the aura ascended slowly to the knee.

at the same time both the tibia and fibula ache.

there is also a sense of increases temperature and fulness in the leg. The numb drawing then moved over the dorsum of the foot to the toes, where it terminated in a prickling.

relieved by motion, but returned when motion ceased (seventh day),.

5.44 P.M., while at rest in a warm room, the atmosphere loaded with moisture, south wind, a drawing, crampy sensation at the dorsum of the right foot, in the region of the external cuneiform bone, spreading outward and over the caboid bone, and forward over the metatarsal bone of the little toe.

then moving upwards to the region of the anterior ligament, where the drawing, crampy sensation ceases and becomes a bruised aching, extending to he external malleolus. Sometimes it extends up the tibia and fibula, producing a feeling of fulness in these bones. When walking there is lameness (twenty-first day).

3 P.M., while at rest in the house, a return of the aching in the right foot below the outer ankle, terminating in aching (twelfth day),.

The sleep last night was light and dreamy. After midnight I dreamed I entered a beautiful garden, from which I passed into a low woodland, in the eastern border of which was a sluggish, broad, shallow stream of water.

to cross dry shod required some exercise of mind. This morning arose from bed refreshed, light-hearted, and cheery (second day),.

Sensation of increased warmth, almost burning, accompanied with painful weakness, extending from the shoulders down to the hands, there remaining, rendering even writing painful, more in palm and wrist (after ten minutes).

pain in right hand grows severe, and extends to the elbows (after one hour).

much lessened or disappears on getting up and moving around,.

Revision of authorities, by Dr. J. Hyde, Am. Observer, xiii, p. 629. 1, Dr. J. Hyde, proving, 1854, with a drop of the 5/100th dil.

2, Miss J., 4 afterwards 3 drops.

3, Mr. G. took pellets saturated with the 5/100th.

4, same;. 8, provings by Dr. J. Hyde, Am. Obs., xiii, 593, 10 drops in water at 10.30 A.M. and 12.30 P.M., 20 drops at 4.30 P.M.

8a, same, 10 drops at 6.30 A.M. (first day), same at 6.10 A.M. (second day), 25 drops at 6.30 A.M. (third day), 40 drops at 4.10 P.M. (seventh day).

8b, 3 drops at 5.30 P.M. and 11 P.M. (first day), 3 drops at 7.30 A.M. and 1 P.M., 4 drops at 4.45 P.M. and 9.50 P.M. (second day), 8 drops at 12 M. and 2.20 P.M. (third day).

8c, same, 10 drops at 3 and 10.55 P.M. (first day), same at 7.4 A.M. and 3.30 P.M. (second day), put 2 ounces of cold water and 10 drops of 1st dec. into Fullgraff's inhaler, and inhaled for twenty minutes, at 11.45 A.M. and 3.30 and 10.30 P.M. (tenth day).

inhaled twenty minutes at 2.30, 5, and 10.25 P.M. (fourteenth day).

inhaled twenty minutes at 2.30 P.M. took 8 drops at 10.55 P.M. (fifteenth day), 12 drops at 4.35 P.M. (sixteenth day).