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Conium Maculatum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Excessive heaviness of the arms and legs, especially of the left arm,


Knees and elbows much swollen,

Trembling of all the limbs,

Parietal loss of power on moving her joints; cannot raise her hands to her head, or extend her legs,

Without power to move the arms or legs,

Difficulty in using his limbs, so that he was unable to walk,

She dropped an inkstand which she was holding in her hands, and was unable to walk, and she was placed in a recumbent position,

Complete paralysis of the limbs, with complete unconsciousness,


All the limbs are affected before menstruation, with weeping mood, restlessness, and anxious solicitude about every trifle,

The limbs fall asleep,

Sensation of an unfastening of the joints of the arms and legs, which causes weakness,

Gritty sensation in her joints when moved,

Pains in the joints of the hands, feet, fingers, and toes,

Pains and swelling in her joints, and numbness, after exposure to cold and wet,

Weary pain in all the joints,

Drawings in the limbs,

Drawings in the right fingers, and in the right great toe, and in the evening on the anterior portion of the right lower leg, and in the left toes in the evening, in bed,

Dragging sensation in limbs,

Pressure and tearing in the joints of the arms, legs, fingers, and toes,

In the morning a pressive pain in the joints of the upper arm and upper thigh arouses him from sleep,

Cutting pain in the flesh below the nail of the left thumb, and on the right great, with burning,

Tearings in all the limbs, almost as from a sprain,

Wandering tearing in the arms and legs, as also in the teeth (first days),

Bruised sensation in all the joints, during rest; less or not all during motion,

Bruised pain in the arms and legs,

Severe bruised pain in all the limbs,

Tearing in one or another limb, in bed, in the evening,

Buzzing and tingling in the limbs,

Attack of weakness and chilliness, so that he was obliged to lie down, followed the next day by headache and palpitation most violent; it seemed on every beat of the pulse as if the occiput were being pierced by a knife, and the heart seemed at times to throb violently, at times to make great haste, and at times to waver,

Upper extremities

Could only move the upper extremities with great exertion,

Some numbness with tingling of the arms (after twenty minutes),

Tonic cramp in the muscles of the ball of the thumb, with a painful sensation on strongly adducting the thumb,


The arms when lifted fall like inert masses, and remain immovable,

Tickling in the arm pits excites no motion of the arms,

Twitchings in the arms and hands at night in sleep, preceded by ill-humor; the eyes are open and staring, and are turned here and there,


Sensation of great weariness in the whole right arm, frequently repeated,

Sensation of weakness in the arms,

Drawing pain up and down the arm, mostly on moving it,


Sticking in the left axilla,

Stitches in the left axilla,

Sharp stitches in the right axilla,

Sharp stitches in the left axilla, shooting along the inner side of the upper arm, several in succession,


Mingle weariness and weakness in the lower part of the biceps brachii muscle. I particularly studied this feeling and can give no other idea of it except by comparing it, as already done, to a mixture of weariness and feebleness or debility. It was not unpleasant, and there was a constant disposition to flex and extend the forearm (eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth days),

Pain as from fatigue in the soft parts of the outer and upper portions of the right upper arm, so that it was difficult to raise it several times during the day,

Drawing on the inner side of the right upper arm,

Drawings in the posterior surface of the left upper arm,

Drawings in the inner side of the right upper arm,

Paralytic drawing pain in the upper arm during rest (after one hour and a half),

Stitches on the inner side of the upper arm, and in the axillae,

Tearing through the upper arm in the evening, in bed (first day),

Tearing alternating with stitches in the upper arm during rest, only transiently relieved by motion,


Cracking in the elbow-joint, especially in the evening,

Heaviness in the elbow-joint, with fine stitches,

Cramplike pain in the muscles of the forearm, especially when resting on the arm (after one hour and a half),

Drawings in the left elbow, and in the right heel,

Cutting pain in the bend of the left elbow from within outward during rest (after fifty hours),

Stitches in the left elbow,

Tearing pain in the elbow on walking in the open air,

Bruised pain in the left elbow,

Bruised pain in the right elbow-joint,


Drawing and pressing in the forearm,

Drawing in the extensors of the right forearm,

Drawings in the muscles on the outer and inner side of the left forearm,

Drawing on the lower portion of the right forearm,

Dull drawing in the forearms, worse during rest than during motion (after seventy-two hours),

Pressure extending from deep in the left forearm to the fingers,

Stitches with sensitiveness of the skin to touch on the dorsal surface of the right forearm,

Bruised pain in the extensor muscles of the right forearm,

Bruised pain on the outer side of the left forearm, worse when touched (after sixty-two hours),


Cracking in the wrist, especially in the evening,

Paralytic drawing pain in the wrist during rest,

A pressing in the flexor tendons above the left wrist,

Sticking pain as if sprained in the articulation of the metacarpal bone of the left thumb with the wrist, especially on bending it inward,

Fine stitches in the wrists (after ten minutes),


Deadness of the left hand, especially of the palm,

Boring pain in a small spot in the palm of the left hand at the point where the line surrounding the ball of the thumb meets with that of the third finger,


Yellow finger-nails (sixth day),

Twitching of the muscles of the ball of the left little finger,

Long-continued visible twitching of the muscles of the ball of the left thumb, which draws the thumb and metacarpal bone back and forth; if the thumb is forcibly kept straight by the extensors the twitching can be seen under the skin; when the force of the extensors is relaxed the thumb begins to twitch again,

Numbness of the fingers,

Numbness and coldness of the fingers and toes,

The fingers become spasmodically stiff and cramped on cutting with shears,

Burning pain on the flexor surface of the index finger, and afterwards a hard, long-continuing lump at that place,

Drawing in the fingers,

Drawings in the left thumb,

Drawing in the first phalanx of the left little finger, with a feeling of stiffness, which remains even after moving the fingers,

Sharp drawing in one or another finger,

Dull pain, with feeling of stiffness in the right fourth finger, followed by severe pressure on the upper and outer portion of the left upper arm,

Stitches as with needles beneath the finger-nails (fifth day),

Stitches beneath the nails of the right hand,

Stitches in the tips of the fingers, as with needles,

Sharp stitches in the metacarpal joints of the fingers during rest (after one hour and a half),

Pain under the nail of the right index finger as if the part were torn and the nail pulled up,

Numb prickling sensation was felt in the fingers, extending gradually to the elbows, producing a stiffness of the muscles of the parts, making it difficult to move the forearm and hand,

Cutting shocks in the last metacarpal joint of the thumb (after forty-eight hours),

Lower extremities


Gait unsteady and tottering on account of weakness in the lower extremities; the weakness continued even the next day, with trembling,

The muscular weakness was especially marked on going out to walk; the gait seemed automatic, inasmuch as there was a tendency to carry the body forward, so that as little muscular power as possible should be used,


"Legs felt independent, and as if they didn't care for him or anybody else,"

"Legs felt as if they weighed a ton,"

Tendency to cramp in one of the calves,

Cramp in the muscles of the calves, on ascending steps, or on drawing off the boots, together with cramps in various groups of muscles, on exerting them,

Languor, muscular weakness, with strong desire to assume a recumbent posture,

Loss of power on waking from the midday nap; the arms and legs feel prostrated,

The most powerful and active subjects lose their strength and are obliged to keep their beds,


Weakness of the whole body,

Weakness, in the morning, after waking, as after a fever,

Weakness in the morning on waking, which disappears after rising,

Weakness of the whole body in the morning fasting, as after severe illness, with loss of appetite as from satiety, and aversion to food,

Was obliged to keep his bed on account of weakness and chilliness with palpitation and headache,

Great weakness and exhaustion after eating,

Remarkable weakness of the whole body, in the morning and evening,

Tremulous weakness after every stool, disappearing in the open air,

Muscular weakness, causing slight tottering,

Weak and sick in the morning, in bed, with ill-humor, sleepiness, and pains in the stomach (second day),

So weak that she was obliged to lie down,

Exhaustion of mind and body (fourth day),

Great exhaustion,

Very much exhausted, weak and as if paralyzed, after a short walk, with fretful hypochondriac mood,

Walking in the open air is exhausting and the air affects one,

Nervous prostration,


General paralysis of all the voluntary, and ultimately of all the involuntary muscles; those of deglutition being the first, and of respiration the last to fail,

The paresis, which had hitherto been mainly confined to the ocular muscles, became general, and then I found that, even with the eyes shut, any movement involving the balance of the body was attended with a singular uncertainty and falling short of the desired effect, and this was again invariably accompanied by a fresh rush of seasick feeling. I accordingly now settled back in my arm-chair, shut my eyes, and for some then minutes kept absolutely still, with every muscle completely relaxed. The seasickness then speedily disappeared, and I became wholly unconscious of any influence of the poison whatsoever. Indeed I had to open my eyes at last and experimentally look about, in order to know whether the enemy was still with me at all or not,


Attacks of faintness, in each of which she remained about five minutes without consciousness,

Constant uneasiness,

Hastiness and uneasiness in all his actions,

Hurried mood,

Constant tossing about, with violent screaming,

General increased liability to take cold,

Great liability to take cold, even in the room, while sitting after a walk, during which he had perspired,

Dulness of all the senses,

Disinclined to work,

During the action of hemlock, a sensation of muscular weariness, almost amounting to aching, is not uncommon, particularly if bodily exertion be continued the while,

He cannot get rested in any position,

Heaviness and unsteadiness of the whole body, in the afternoon,

A kind of stiffness of the body; movement of the limbs, neck, etc., causes an unpleasant sensation,

Feeling in the morning, as though he had not slept enough,

Standing is very irksome,

On returning from a walk every step was excessively irksome, and he could scarcely wait a moment on account of ill-humor and impatience for the time when he could rest in solitude,

He feels the blood very uneasy in the whole body,

Feeling as though the whole body inclined towards the right side,

A place injured several years previously frequently begins to pain,

Contractive sensation in the inner parts, wherewith saliva accumulates in the mouth,

Cramplike and spasmodic pain in various parts of the body, chest, jaws, etc.,

Fine cutting in the glands,

Paroxysm, usually after eating, commencing with yawning, sticking in the sternum, and pressure in the pit of the stomach, even on touch, whence it extended to the back and became sticking in the region of the kidneys,

Sticking sensation in the whole body,

Smarting-sticking pains about the swollen, glands,

Stitches in the swollen glands,

Tearing stitches now here, now there, very piercing, as if to the bone,

Tearings through various parts of the body (fourth day),

General bruised sensation,

Took three doses of 60 grains each. The effect was greater in the evening than in the middle of the day, but less than in the morning. The recumbent position might have had some influence in diminishing the appreciation of this effect (nineteenth day),

Symptoms are worse at night, and wake him from sleep,

The pains appear mostly during rest; on motion they appear only during the infrequent alternate action,

9 1/2 P.M., took 60 grains after eating apples. The action was less powerful than in the middle of the day (eighteenth day),

In thirty-five minutes after the second dose of 60 grains, that day the action of the medicine appeared to have reached its maximum, which it maintained about fifteen minutes, with the sensations in the head, elbows, and knees already described, and to a greater degree than after any dose previously taken. In one hour and a half from the time of taking it, its apparent effects had entirely disappeared (eighteenth day),

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