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Conium Maculatum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Eyelids felt heavy (after twenty minutes),


Pupils dilated,


The eye itself immovable, staring,

Their look was wild and piercing,

Weak look of the eyes,

Trembling look, as if the eye trembled,

Red eyes,

Eyes somewhat congested and wild,

Yellow whites of the eyes (after ten days),

Protruding eyes,

Movements of the eyes as if they were pressed outward,

Affected with a weakness and dazzling of my eyes, together with a giddiness and debility of my whole body, especially the muscles of my arms and legs, so that when I attempted to walk I was apt to stagger like a person who had drunk too much strong liquor,

Mucus in the eyes in the morning,


Increased irritability of the eyes (first days),

The eyes felt uncomfortable, causing me to brush them frequently to clear apparent obstructions from the lids,

Heat in the eyes,

An almost burning heat shoots through the eyes in the forenoon and evening,

Burning in the eyes,

Burning in the eyes, towards evening, with pressure in the orbits,

Drawing pain in the eyes, with redness of them,

Pressure in the eyes, as from a grain of sand, especially in the forenoon, with inflammation and redness of the white of the eye, and biting lachrymation,

Pressure in the eyes, mostly while reading,

Dull pressure above both eyes, afterwards in the occiput, as if a band were tied about the head,

Painful pressure in the eyes if she closes them to sleep, in the evening, in bed,


Vision indistinct; all objects swim,

Confusion of vision (after fifteen minutes); much confusion (after thirty-five minutes); almost right again (after two hours and ten minutes),

Special distortion of vision, so that all objects seemed to waver, or seemed excessively large, as for example, one thought he saw his own nose as a shapeless mass,

Weakness of vision,

Diminished vision,

Dimness of vision, while walking in the open air; in the room it was clear,

Dimness of vision and dilatation of pupils,

Obscuration of vision,

Vision momentarily obscured; objects in the room seemed indistinct and as if moving about,

Eyesight slightly dim, becoming more so on rising from the breakfast-table, and the tendency to vertigo was at the same time increased (seventeenth and subsequent days),

There was a sluggishness of the adaptation of the eye; my vision was good for fixed objects, but when an uneven object was put in motion before the eyes there was a haze and dimness of vision, producing a feeling of giddiness,

Farsightedness (in a myope); he could clearly distinguish objects at a distance (after three hours and a half),

Greater shortsightedness than usual; could distinguish only very near objects (after twenty-nine hours),

She complained either that she could not see, or that the objects of her vision were tinged with all varieties of color; sometimes the eyelids drooped a little,

Sight completely lost,

Blindness of short duration in the afternoon, following complaints of pain in the head and eyes; the child loses the power of vision, also at times subsequently,

Blindness, immediately after sleep in the heat of the sun,


On looking at print held near the eyes the lines seem to move up and down,

Double vision for several minutes,

Double vision, but not the same extent nor of so long duration as with the last doses of the American extract; the same remark is applicable to the sensation in the elbows and knees; in the evening (nineteenth day),

He saw objects doubled and tripled, with bright bows before the eyes,

Diplopia (previous to taking drug) vastly increased (one hour and a half),

A thread seems to swim before the eyes,

Black points and stripes before the eyes,

Large dark spot with white margins before the eyes,

Clouds and light spots before the eyes,

Many white spots with glittering stars, on looking at different things in the room,

Bright spots before the eyes, while walking in the open air,

Sparks before the vision,

Fiery sparks before the eyes, on going into the open air,

Fiery zigzags moving through each other before the sight, on closing the eyes at night,

It was not until I enjoyed my usual sleep that perfect vision was restored,

Brow and orbit

There was an aching pain across the eyebrows and mistiness of vision,

Pressure above the right eye, extending into the eye,

Pressive pain in the bones above the right eye, in the nose, and malar bone, late in the evening and lasting ten minutes,

Pain in the orbits, especially with the headache,

The absence of any preponderating action of the muscles supplied by the fourth and six pairs of nerves shows that they are equally affected with the third pair. A proportionate diminution of power is also observed in the muscles supplied by the motor branches of the fifth and seventh pairs. The contractive power of the M. orbicularis in particular is distinctly weakened,


Inflamed lids, with formation of styes in several places; the boy frequently blinks,

Twitching in the upper lid,

Eyes difficult to open (first hour and a half); closed (second hour),

Difficult opening of the lids; in the morning they are drawn together,

He could hardly raise the eyelids, which seemed pressed down by a heavy weight, and was disposed to fall off to sleep,

Muscular relaxation of the orbicularis, drooping of the eyelids, almost amounting to ptosis, and nearly inability to walk,

Nearly complete muscular paralysis; the eyelids were closed, the pupils widely dilated and the mind clear, calm, and active, and she expressed herself quite comfortable; she tried perseveringly to raise the eyelids when I requested her to do so, but she was quite unable to separate their margins (after one hour),

Burning on the inner surface of the lids,

Pressure in the external canthus, as from a grain of sand,

Sticking in the inner canthus; the lids are agglutinated in the morning,

Itching sticking in the inner canthus, not relieved by rubbing (after one hour and a half),

Stitches on the margins of the lids and in the canthi,

Biting pain in the inner canthus, as if something corrosive were in it, with lachrymation,

Itching on the margin of the lids,


Pressure and sticking in the conjunctiva bulbi of the right eye, in the inner canthus, with fine vessels closely aggregated at the inner margin of the right cornea,


Dilatation of the pupils from one-seventh to one-sixth,

Dilatation of the pupil occurs usually only after very large doses, and then it is often but slight, and only observable in a subdued light, the excitement of strong light overcoming the tendency to dilate, just as the exertion of a strong will strengthens for a time an enfeebled limb,

Dilated pupils (after one hour),

Pupils dilated (second day),

Pupils of the eyes apparently somewhat dilated (seventeenth to twentieth days),

The pupils were considerably dilate,

Pupils decidedly and persistently dilated; at first this dilatation alternated with contraction,

Pupils greatly dilated,

Contracted pupils (curative action), (after three hours and a quarter),

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