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Conium Maculatum - Face symptoms - Hahnemann

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Complexion, sickly and pale (aft. 7d.).

Face very pale, in the morning.

Blueness of the face.

Bluish swollen face.

Swelling of the face.

Swelling of the zygoma and the upper gums, with tensive pain (3d d.).

Prosopalgia, at night.

Pressive pain on the bones above the right eye, on the nose and in the zygoma, late in the evening, for ten minutes.

Tearing, shooting pain in the face, close before the ear, on the cheek, in the evening.

Fine stitch through the right side of the face, beside the zygoma (aft. 2 h.).

Fine stitches through the right cheek, toward the corners of the mouth.

Constant shooting itching down the cheek and face on the right side, only going off by repeated scratching.

Eroding itching on the forehead, only transiently relieved by rubbing.

Sensation of chapping in the face, as if the skin was rubbed off, after washing and drying the face.

On an old "liver-spot" on the cheek, a pimple appeared.

Eruptive pimple on the forehead, with tensive drawing pain (4th d.).

Nodule on the forehead with tensive pain, which when touched and afterward, becomes a tearing pain all over it (aft. 2 or 3 d.).

On the chin, slight stitches upward through the jaw.

Drawing from the jaw toward the ear and the head, not painful, soon after drinking.

Severe itching about the chin.

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