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Conium Maculatum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Ill and fatigued, in the morning in bed, with ill-humor, drowsiness, and pains in the stomach (2d d.).

Attacks, usually after a meal, beginning with yawning, shooting pains in the sternum and pressure in the scrobiculus cordis, even when touched, when it passes into the back, where there are lancinations in the renal region.

Great lassitude.

Startling lassitude in the whole body, in the evening and morning.

Lassitude in the morning, after awaking, as after a fever.

Lassitude in the morning on awaking; it goes off after rising.

He has to keep his bed from lassitude and chilliness, accompanied by headache and palpitation.

Repeated yawning, as if from not having slept enough.

Very sleepy and tired in the morning, for the first two hours on awaking.

Drowsiness by day, he cannot keep awake while reading (aft. 3 to 8 h.).

In the evening, great drowsiness and indisposition to anything.

Sleep and dreams

Late in falling asleep, not till after midnight.


Sleeplessness, from restlessness and heat; he tosses about in his bed.

Stupid sleep, all too deep, after which the headache, hardly perceptible before, becomes every stronger.

Quiet sleep, especially very sound and longer in the morning (partially curative effect.).

From a sound sleep, an anxious half-awaking.

Interrupted sleep.

Earlier awaking, in the morning.

In the evening in bed, throbbing in the right side of the head.

At night in bed, headache with nausea.

At night, boring pain in the tongue (2d n.).

At night, between I and 2 o'clock, cramp in the stomach, like griping and contraction.

At night, scraping in the throat, with coughing.

At night, epistaxis and then in the morning on rising, vertigo.

At night, when going to sleep from vexation, twitches in the arms and hands during sleep, the eyes open staringly, and roll to and fro.

He uncovers his arms, when sleeping.

At night in bed, he feels too warm; he has to rise and spend the night on the sofa.

At midnight, he wakes up in a sweat.

At night, severe itching on the anus, the nates, the perinaeum and beside the scrotum, so that he had to rise repeatedly.

In the evening in bed, tearing, now in this limb, then in the other.

At night, during sleep, violent weeping with a flow of tears.

At night, the growls in his sleep.

At night, she is awakened by anxiety, which long kept her from sleeping.

At night, nightmare.

After midnight, seemingly only half awake, very anxious thoughts, almost rising to a deadly anguish.

Bad dreams frequently interrupt the sleep (the first days).

Anxious, frightful, well-remembered dreams.

Anxious, hostile dreams.

Anxious, vivid dreams.

Anxious dreams, full of threatening danger.

Many frightful dreams, at night and toward morning.

On awaking, at night, fearful thoughts.

Frightening dreams.

Dreams of lamentable diseases.

Dreams of bodily mutilation.

Many dreams of the dead, and of living persons who seem to have died.

Dreams, full of shame.

Dreams, full of vexation and scuffling.

Vivid, voluptuous dreams.

Confused dreams, in an uneasy sleep.




In the bones, especially in the middle of the shafts, concealed caries, with a burning, gnawing pain.

The glands become painful in the evening.

Formication and agreeable itching in the glands.

Lancinating pains in the swelling of the glands.

Stinging pain around the grandular swelling, as if excoriated.

Free cutting around the glands.

Orgasm in the body (at once).

Severe, continued ebullition of blood, mixed with twitches around the heart.

He feels his blood all through the body to be in an excited state.

Quivering sensation and trembling of the body, especially severe in the arms (5th d.).


Trembling of all the limbs.

Continual trembling.

Subsultus of the tendons.

Convulsion of the affected part and of the whole body, with danger of suffocating.

Chaotic sensation in the whole body, in the morning, fasting, as after a severe illness, with lack of appetite, as if one had eaten too much, and loathing for food.

Everything feels squeezed full the chest, the head and the hypochondria, for ten minutes, on several mornings, on awaking.

Heaviness and qualmishness in the whole body, in the afternoon.

Contractive sensation in the interior of the body, while saliva collects in her mouth.

Illusion of sensation; when walking, he feels as if something checked his steps, and yet the walked very fast.

Attack; Being alone at home, she felt an inclination to weep, which, when she gave way to it, degenerated into loud sobbing, then flickering before the eyes and indistinct vision, so that in walking she has to hold on to something; then lack of tone in all the limbs and dull headache.

Attacks of weariness and chilliness, so that he has to lie down, then next day, headache and palpitation of the heart in the highest degree; with every pulsation, it seemed to him as if the occiput was pierced with a knife, and the heart now seemed to throb strongly, at the same time in a hurrying, then in a rocking manner.

Lack of tone in mind and body (4th d.).

General feeling of being worn out.

The clothes lie on the chest and shoulders like a load.

Weakness of the whole body.

Sinking of all the strength.

Nervous asthma.

Lack of strength, and heaviness in the lower limbs, especially in the knees, as if they would give way; they tremble.

Lack of strength on awaking from the noon-siesta, the arms and legs feel bruised all over.

Very much exhausted, languid, and as it were paralyzed, after a short walk; mood, peevish and hypochondriac.

On returning from his walk, every step the makes is fatiguing and he can hardly wait in his ill-humor and impatience, until he may rest in solitude.

Standing is a great exertion for him.

So weak that she has to lie down.

The strongest and most active persons lost all their strength, and had to keep their bed.

He cannot recruit himself in any position.

With all his lack of vital force, there is inclination to laugh.

During his lack of tone, there is excitation to laughter as if starting from the right hypochondrium and stomach.

Fainting fits.




Dropsical apoplexy.


Putrid disintegration of the humors.

Sleepy in the morning, on rising.

Feels as if he had not slept enough, in the morning.

He cannot shake himself free from sleep at his usual hour of rising, and continues half asleep for some time.

In the morning, a pressive pain in the humerus and the femur compels him to sleep.

Drowsy during the day, without being able to sleep.


Somnolence, even while taking a walk.

Slumbering all day, with great decrepitude.

Somnolence in the afternoon; despite of all his efforts, he had to lie down and sleep.

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