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Conium Maculatum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Red urine,

Urine turbid, with red sediment,

Urine turbid, frothy, with red sediment,


Sharp pressure upon the bladder,

Cramplike pressure in the neck of the bladder, soon after urinating, extending from within outward, with sharp stitches, lasting several hours, worse while walking than while sitting,

On two occasions, once after taking one of the largest doses of the American, and transient pain in the region of the neck of the bladder, similar, as I suppose, and once after one of the largest doses of the British extract, I felt an acute, lancinating, to strangury. Having never experienced a sensation of the kind, either before or since, I believe it to have been caused by the medicine,


Discharge of mucus from the male urethra, even after urinating (fourth, fifth, and sixth days),

Discharge of pus from the urethra, preceded by itching in it,

Great pain in the urethra on passing urine, which is always mixed with a tenacious turbid mucus,

Burning in the urethra,

Burning while urinating,

Burning in the urethra, during micturition (eleventh day),

Burning in the urethra, in the morning, immediately after urinating, lasting half an hour,

Cutting drawing through the urethra during micturition,

Cutting during micturition,

Cutting in the orifice of the urethra, during micturition (first days),

Sticking in the orifice of the urethra,

Much sticking in the urethra, at times increasing with every beat of the heart,

Stitches in the urethra,

Many stitches in the urethra,

Severe stitch in the urethra, extending to the orifice,

Jerking stitch in the posterior portion of the urethra,

Constant tickling and burning in the urethra,


Frequent urging to urinate, every half hour, with scanty urine every time,

Frequent urging to urinate, with slight strangury and burning in the course of the urethra,

Calls to urinate more frequent,

Very frequent urging to urinate,

Constant urging to urinate, with heat in making water, which continues all day, more or less,

Frequent micturition, at night (after ten hours),

Frequent micturition, without being able to retain the urine,

Nocturnal enuresis,

Was obliged to rise at 2 A.M. to urinate, several nights,

Copious urination,

Profuse urine,

Profuse urine, with great pain,

Urine scanty, dark-colored, frothy, depositing a red sediment,


Biting strangury after urinating (after half an hour),

Several drops of urine are discharge after urinating; they cannot be retained nor forcibly expelled,

Suppression of urine ischuria,

Frequent haematuria, with dyspnoea,

A few drops of bright-red blood were passed with the first portion of the urine; the rest of the urine was clear,


Inflammation of the prepuce,

Painful stiffness of the penis, in the evening, before going to sleep,

Feeling of compression at the root of the penis,

Cutting pain in the glans penis,

Tearing through the penis, when not urinating (fourth day),

Itching in the penis, prepuce, and glans, not relieved by rubbing,

Pain for several hours in the testicles, especially after erections (first day),

Griping and tearing in the testicles, in the evening (fourth day),

Drawing pain in the left testicle,

Pressive pain in the left testicle, for several hours,

Pain as if a knife were cutting through the middle of the scrotum, between the testicles, backward to above the root of the penis, frequently repeated,

Fine stitches, then burning, on the outer side of the left testicle,

Discharge of prostatic fluid on every change of emotion, without voluptuous thoughts, with itching of the prepuce,


Cutting between the labia, when urinating,

Severe stitches in the pudenda,

Tearing in the mons veneris while sitting,

Severe itching deep in the vagina,

Leucorrhoea (second day),

Leucorrhoea, with weakness and paralyzed sensation in the small of the back, before the discharge, followed by weakness,

Profuse leucorrhoea,

Profuse leucorrhoea, followed by hoarseness, with cough and expectoration,

Leucorrhoea of a white acrid mucus, which caused burning,

Leucorrhoea, then days after menstruation, lasting several days, with much pain in the bowels before the discharge,

Thick, milky leucorrhoea, with contractive labor-like colic coming from both sides,

Discharge of brownish blood, instead of menstruation (thirty-first day),

Bloody mucus, instead of leucorrhoea, for ten days,

Menses appeared on the seventeenth day,

Menstruation delayed seven days,

Menses suppressed, ,

Suppression of the menses, which had scarcely appeared, followed by drawing pain down the back into the sacrum, day and night,

When she arrived at term, she was troubled, for several days previous to delivery, with false pains, which prevented sleep and exhausted her a great deal (after three months),



Many erections during the night,

Drawings in the spermatic cord,

Drawing in the left spermatic cord,

Sexual desire, without erections,

Sexual desire greatly excited,

Sexual desire is completely wanting, for several of the first days, in spite of the most enticing caresses,

Emission (first night),

Emissions without dreams, three nights in succession,

Emissions, three nights in succession, followed by awakening of sexual desire,

Emission even while frolicking with a woman,

Discharge of prostatic fluid,

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