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Conium Maculatum - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Hemlock, Conium, Coninum, Conium Mac, Con.

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HPUS indication of Conium Maculatum: Lightheadedness
Conium Maculatum

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Conium Mac in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion and Vertigo.

Confusion, heaviness, and a sensation of pressure in the head; these symptoms became very severe, were conjoined with vertigo and inability to think or fix the attention on any subject (soon),


Vertigo, with loss of power, lasting the whole day; indeed the inclination to vertigo and excessive weariness lasted three weeks,

She suffered from vertigo with great prostration for four weeks,

Slight vertigo,

The free open air relieved the vertigo and confusion of the head, but in one experiment it caused pain along the course of the nervus supraorbitalis and cutaneus malae,

Tendency to vertigo, with a sensation as if the eyes were swollen and unnaturally protruded (sixteenth and subsequent days),

Vertigo (after twenty minutes, eighteenth day),

Vertigo, so that everything seems to turn in a circle,

Vertigo, affecting the head,

Vertigo, in the morning, on rising from bed,

Vertigo, on becoming erect after stooping, as if the head would burst,

Vertigo, on going downstairs; she was obliged to hold herself still, and for a moment did not know where she was,

Vertigo, worse when lying down; as though the bed were turning in a circle,

Vertigo, like turning in a circle, on rising from his seat,

Dizziness and reeling in the head, for two days,

Very decided dizziness (after half an hour),

Very dizzy while walking,

Violent headache, with vertigo, wherewith she sat in one place, sad, and without speaking, for three or four days,

While at the breakfast table, a disagreeable sensation, like "fulness of the head," occasioned by a ligature around the neck, this was accompanied by a very slight vertigo (fifteenth day),

Sticking in the parietal bones, and in the forehead, with vertigo, so that he was obliged to sit down; together with sticking in the cervical muscles,

Headache, as from external contraction, in the upper part of the forehead, disappearing on stooping or leaning it on the hand, with chilliness, vertigo, and fretful senselessness (after one hour and a half),

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