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Cotyledon Umbilicus - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Cotyledon, Cot.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cotyledon Umbilicus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Weakness and aching of the limbs (fourth day),

Aching in all the joints, especially the shoulders, and particularly the right shoulder, inducing constant inclination to stir the limbs (twentieth day),

Aching in the large joints, particularly the right shoulder (first day),

Aching in the fleshy part of the arms, and in the thighs (fourth day),

Uneasy aching in the thick of the arms and down the back part of the right thigh (from eighth day till several days after the proving),

A peculiar weary aching in the thighs, knees, and elbows (twentieth day),

Sore aching of the upper and lower extremities (third day),

Repeatedly complained during the day of a soreness and prickling down the limbs, particularly down the ankles (seventh day),

Upper extremities

Arms feel heavy and sore (seventh day),


Awoke during the night with pain in the right shoulder,

Uneasy aching in the shoulders and elbows (from eighth day till several days after the proving),

Between the attacks of headache, gnawing rheumatic pain in the right shoulder,


Shootings in the left elbow (second day),


Jerking sticking in the left radial artery (half an hour after 10 drops, first day),

Tingling, sickly pain down the ulnar side of the forearm (fourth day),


Wrists very weak, and hands tremble (twenty-second day),

Aching bruised pain in wrists (twenty-second day),


Since the climacteric period, and particularly for some months before the proving, she had suffered from aching tingling in the hands, particularly at night, preventing sleep, and tingling down the arm when the nerve is struck. While taking Cotyledon this disappeared, and has never returned. It is upwards of a year since,


Shootings in the joints of the fingers (second day),

Shooting in the phalanges of the fingers (seventh day),

Shooting and aching in the fingers (eighth day),

Acute shootings through the joints of the fingers (seventeenth day),

Lower extremities

Legs feel heavy and sore (seventh day),

She can scarcely walk for aching in the limbs (seventh day),

Shootings from the middle of left thigh posteriorly down to the inner ankle, in the evening (fourth day), continuing till eighth day,

Aching bruised pain all over the lower limbs (twenty-second day),


Pain and stiffness of the right hip, going off after a walk, in the evening (ninth day),

Great aching of the hip-joints, relieved by moving about (second day),

Continual soreness of the hip and thigh, posteriorly (before 20 drops, third day),


Aching in the left thigh, followed by numbness (second day),

Aching in the left thigh, posteriorly (seventh day),

Aching in the back part of the left thigh, with numbness of the left knee (third day),

Shooting pain, sudden and sharp, in the right infra-gluteal region, felt principally on walking in the open air (seventh day),

Stinging pain under the left gluteus maximus, in the region of the great sciatic nerve (before the 20 drops, third day),

Bubbling sensation in the left vastus internus, continuing for some time (fifteenth day),


Knees ache (eleventh day),

Uneasy aching, with numbness in the knees (from eighth day till several days after the proving),

Shootings in the right knee (second day),

Very disagreeable nauseating pain in the inner side of the left knee, as after a blow on the knee, extending to the muscles of the thigh (after five hours, ninth day),

Bubbling in the left knee returned (after sixteen days),


Aching in the muscles of the legs (second day),

Aching across the shins, relieved by motion (fourth and fifth days),

Bruised pain across the tibiae keeps returning (eighth day),

Aching in the calf of the leg (fifth day),


Heels so painful that he can scarcely tread (twenty-second day),

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