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Cotyledon Umbilicus - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms

Cotyledon, Cot.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cotyledon Umbilicus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




After a light sleep, awoke in the middle of the night in a wild, half-unconscious state, with a disagreeable sensation running down the back of the thigh and leg, with a feeling as if there was no foot. The head felt exceedingly light, as if there were no solid head, and she could not articulate for some time, although she endeavored to do so. This left a severe pressing headache on the vertex, passing forward over the eyes, with pulsating pain in the temples, removed by a cup of tea (seventh day),

Awoke, early in the morning, in a state in which she felt as if she were going out of her mind. It was not disagreeable, as she felt in an elevated careless state. This lasted about five minutes, and was followed by trickling, as of blood, down the left arm, from the shoulder to the finger-points (fourth day),

Great liveliness, inclination to sing and be happy,

Strong desire for company and excitement,

Extraordinarily good spirits and energy (sixteenth day),

Spirits extremely low (third day),

Anxiety, with pain in the abdomen and flatulent distension (eighteenth day),


Apprehension very obtuse (disappearing almost immediately on taking 5 drops of mother tincture), (seventh day),

Great difficulty in collecting her ideas,

He cannot think (tenth day),

Feels silly and lost (tenth day),

Absence of mind (ninth day),

Feels lost before the headache comes on,

After taking the medicine, she feels lost; cannot collect herself; forgets what she is doing and saying; difficulty in expressing herself (sixth day),

Head clear on getting up, but towards midday it became very obtuse, so that I had to make an effort to collect myself (ninth day),

She has to make an effort to discover where she is, and to whom she is talking,

Forgets the subject of discourse,

On waking disagreeable sensation running down back of r. thigh and leg, with a feeling, as if there were no foot.

Head felt exceedingly light for some time as if there were no solid head; could not articulate for some time though she tried; followed by pressing vertical headache amel. by tea.

On waking, sensation as if going out of, mind, followed by trickling as of blood down l. arm from shoulder to finger-joints.


Difficulty of collecting ideas.

Feels lost before headache comes on.

Restlessness, nervousness; night; before midnight

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