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Crocus Sativus - General symptoms

Saffron, Crocus, Croc.

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HPUS indication of Crocus Sativus: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Crocus Sativus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), After waking, headache.

pain in eyeball. feels worse.

coated tongue. after rising, taste in mouth.

after rising, on empty swallowing, feeling in throat.

fasting, eructations. griping above navel.

while lying in bed, rumbling in abdomen.

in bed, on motion, pains in small of back.

while lying in bed, twitchings on top of shoulder.

weakness, etc. after waking, heat in face..

Vacillating, peevish mood.

the slightest cause excites his anger, for which, next moment, he is sorry, which however, soon returns, because his calmness frets him and prevents his exposing his feelings.

usually he changes a hard word which he has on his tongue to a mild one, but the latter seems too mild, and he now chooses a more severe word, which he again changes to a still milder one, and so on in speech, though, and action.

after several days, in the evening,.

Great ill-humor. the behavior of relatives and friends excites her to anger, and she is at the point of permitting an outbreak of passion towards them, but at this moment she feels calm.

at the next moment this calmness seems a weakness.

she is vexed with herself, and her anger becomes greater than even.

this very unusual vacillation of mood lasts several hours (second day, towards evening),.

After lying down in bed, in the evening, he hears a sound in the left ear like a distant softly sounding ringing, so like a real sound that he can only persuade himself that it is an illusion by completely stopping the ear, when he hears it almost equally loud.

it continues until he falls asleep, and only disappears on forcibly fixing his thoughts away from it.

several evening,.

At night he was awakened by desire to urinate, and a bruised pain with sensation of numbness in the left humerus, upon which he was lying.

he found only the lower portion of the body from the middle downward covered with sweat.

on rising he was dizzy, staggered, and he had a sensation as though a cold wind were blowing upon the sweaty parts, together with a feeling in the feet as though a cold sweat were trickling down,.

After coming into a moderately warm room from having walked in a somewhat raw air, a sudden uneasy burning-crawling motion in the tips of the fingers, as if they were asleep, with a tensive sensation as if they were tightly bound up and the blood could not circulate freely.

he bends the fingers up into a fist, when only the burning-crawling sensation remains, which soon disappears (after twenty-three hours),.



Distended veins, with a sensation of heat, without much increase of temperature,

Anxious trembling through the whole body,

Every evening, spasms, with delirium, alternating with tender humor, wildness, and outbreaks of rage, with inclination to bite,

Lassitude, indolence, sleepiness,

Weakness in the whole body, hands, and feet,

Weakness, even to sinking down, with sensation as if sweat would break out over the whole body, and rapid pulse,

In the morning, excessive weakness, yawning, weariness; she felt better on going into the open air; worse in the room,

Extreme exhaustion, with sensation as though general sweat would break out; he was scarcely able to stand, constantly desired to sit and lie, and even then continued to feel the lassitude (after four hours),

Excessive prostration, with weakness and weariness in the evening, after a very simple and moderate meal, as if he had made the most difficult physical exertion, with great sleepiness and sleepy pressure upon the eyelids, with a feeling as if they were swollen; literary occupation removed this weakness,

Frequent attacks of faintness,

She lay as though in apoplexy (from smelling of it),


Sensation of weakness and great indolence in the whole body, even with a sensation of approaching faintness,

Uneasiness in the blood, with palpitation of the heart,

Is a remedy often useful in Hemorrhages that are black and stringy. Tingling in various parts. Chorea and hysterical affections. Frequent and extreme changes in sensations and mental conditions. Anger with violence followed by repentance. Laughing mania. Drowsiness and Lassitude; better by literary labor.

Rapidly changing or alternating symptoms; of opposite moods; of sides; of mind and body, etc

Single muscles twitch; upper eyelids, etc

Faint, drowsy and hysterical


Jumping about, as of something alive internally

HAEMORRHAGE, dark, stringy, tough

Impressionable, affectionate and moody

Involuntary laughter and weeping; worse music


Climacteric hemicrania; instead of menses; better pressure

Dry, burning eyes, as after weeping, or as if in a cool wind

Winks or must close eyes tightly

Lachrymation when reading

Nosebleed, with faintness and cold sweat on forehead; of young girls

Sexual excitement

Dark, foul, stringy menses

Threatened abortion

Narcotic sleep

Singing during sleep

Crocus sativus. Saffron. N. O. Iridaceae. Tincture of dried stigmas. Cooper makes a tincture of the fresh young shoots.

Abortion, threatened. After-pains. Anger. Asthenopia. Blepharospasm. Brain, congestion of. Chorea. Dysmenia. Fainting. Gastric affections. Haemoptysis. Haemorrhages. Headache. Heart, affections of. Hysteria. Lachrymation. Laughter. Leucorrhoea. Mania. Menstruation, profuse. Metrorrhagia. Nose, bleeding of. Operations, effects of, Ophthalmia. Pregnancy, imaginary.

affections of. Tumours. Ulceration. Wounds.

Crocus has three characteristics which clearly call for its use when met with. The first is haemorrhage from various parts (nose, uterus, &c.), when the blood is black, viscid, clotting, forming itself into long black strings, hanging from the bleeding orifice. The second is a peculiar sensation as if something alive were moving about in the abdomen or chest. This may be a definite sensation, or it may be a hallucination or fixed idea. A curious circumstance in this connection is the fact that Crocus has often been successfully given to pregnant women who have complained of violent foetal movements, as well as in cases of imaginary pregnancy. The remaining characteristic is in the mental sphere. It is a rapid alternation of mental conditions anger with violence rapidly followed by repentance.

laughter quickly followed by tears. I once cured with a few doses of Crocus a young artist who had become subject to violent outbursts of rage in which he would take up a knife to throw at his mother, with whom he lived, and almost immediately after would be abjectly repentant. The household was on the point of being broken up when the trouble was completely removed by Crocus. Uncontrollable laughter is also in the Crocus symptomatology. Hysterical laughter is one of the effects observed by the older physicians. Teste cites from Murray the case of several children "who were seized with an extraordinary laughing mania, from having smelled of leather bottles that had contained essence of saffron." On one occasion, in hospital, I happened to see a young girl who was really desperately ill with heart failure and valvular disease, in a fit of hysterical laughter. This made me think of Crocus. The only definite sensation she complained of in the heart region was a "jumping" sensation. Crocus 30 was given, and very soon she was able to lie down flat (after having been propped up for weeks), and from that time she made a rapid recovery. Another Crocus symptom is Sensitive to music, involuntarily joins in on hearing any one sing. Stitches, shocks, throbbings, broad thrusts, cuttings and jerkings are among the commoner sensations. Twitchings of single sets of muscles (chorea). A warm sensation ascending to the heart, impeding breathing and amel. by yawning is a peculiar symptom. Tingling, crawling, pricking and itching are met with in the skin. Scarlet redness of the whole body, or scarlet spots on skin. (It is a domestic remedy for "bringing out" the eruption of measles.) Painful suppuration of bruised parts.

evening and night. during new and full moon.

looking fixedly at an object.

during pregnancy. in a hot room.

in hot weather. amel. By yawning (desire to take a long breath, amel. by yawning).

in open air (for which there is craving).

after breakfast. Great thirst for cold drinks.

Saffron. Stapf. Iridaceae.

Spasmodic contractions and twitchings of single sets of muscles.

Haemorrhages from different parts; blood black, viscid, clotted, forming into long black strings, from the bleeding orifice.

Changeable disposition; laughs, sings, jumps, wants to kiss everybody, or again cries, gets mad, abuses everybody, etc.

Sensation as of something hopping or moving about in stomach, abdomen, uterus or chest.

Crocus Sativus has three different spheres of usefulness in homoeopathic therapeutics.

1st. In haemorrhages from different parts. The blood is black, viscid, clotted, and forming itself into long black strings from the bleeding orifice. It makes no difference whether from the nose, uterus, lungs or stomach, if the blood is of this nature Crocus must be given. (Merc Viv Mercur. sol., the blood hangs from the nose like an icicle).

2d. In hysterical conditions in which there is great changeableness of the mental symptoms.

The patient is alternately cheerful or depressed. In the former state she will sing, dance, jump, laugh and whistle, love and want to kiss everybody. In the latter she will cry, get into a rage, abuse her friends, and then repent it, etc.

Crocus, for these alternate mental states, resembles Aconite Aconite, Ignatia Ignatia and Nux Moschata Nux moschata, but with Crocus there is another peculiar and persistent symptom, viz., sensation as of something morning, or hopping about in the stomach, abdomen, uterus or chest. Often this sensation of movement is so positive that the patient mistakes it for the movement of a foetus, and is sure she is in a family way. If the mind symptoms above described are present, don't be too ready to promise a baby, but give a dose of Crocus and await developments.

3d. Crocus is one of our remedies for chronic affections. There are twitchings of single sets of muscles (Ignatia Ignatia and Zincum Metallicum Zinc.), twitchings of eyelids especially. These twitchings are very common in hysterical subjects, and there are many remedies for them, so that one could not of course prescribe on that alone. There are, however, remedies which are suited to hysteria and also other nervous disease, in which twitchings are very prominent and Crocus is one of them.






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