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Cyclamen Europaeum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sow-bread, Cyclamen, Cycl.

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HPUS indication of Cyclamen Europaeum: Fatigue

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cyclamen Europaeum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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1, Hahnemann, M. M. Pura, 5; 2, Franz, ibid.; 3, Hartung, ibid.; 4, Hermann, ibid.; 5, Langhammer, ibid.; 6, Pet. de Abbano, De venen. c. 24, statement from observation, ibid.; 7, Lembke, proving with 10 to 60 drops of tincture, N. Z. f. H. Kl., 3, p. 65; 8, Hencke, proving with the 3d dil. in water, A. H. Z., 58, p. 94; 9, omitted; (10 to 37, provings collected by Dr. Hampe, Zeit. f. yet. Oest., 1857, 2, 445); 10, D., a medical student, aged 22, took tincture and 1st dil. as follows first day, 4 drops; second day, 6 drops at 6 A.M. and 8 drops at 8.40 P.M.; third day, 10 drops at 5 A.M.; fifth day, 2 drs. of 1st dil. at 4.50 P.M.; sixth day, applied 1st dil. to eyelids and ball, repeated after forty-five minutes, and took half an ounce at 2 P.M.; seventh day, took 1 ounce of 1st dil. at 12.50 P.M.; ninth day, took 1 dr. of 4th dil. at 4 P.M.; tenth day, 2 drs. of 4th dil. at 11.40 A.M.; thirteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first days, inhaled fumes of tincture; 11, Dr. Eidherr took tincture, 5 to 20-drop doses, for seven successive days; 12, same, proving on a girl, aged 17, with 1st dil., 5 drops first day, 6 drops second day; 13, same, proving on another girl, aged 17, with 1st dil., 6 to 25-drop doses, for five successive days; 14, same prover as last took tincture, 5-drop doses, increasing daily from 2 to 15 drops; 15, a girl, aged 16, took 1st dil., 5 to 12-drop doses for four days; 16, Dr. Kaczkowski took tincture twelve days, 1 to 11-drop doses; 17, Dr. Loew took 4 drops of tincture daily for four days, 8 drops on sixth day, 12 drops on seventh and tenth days; 18, Dr. Mayrhofer took tincture during a period of three weeks, doses from 2 to 56 drops; 19, Dr. Schwarz, aged 25, took tincture twice daily, 6 to 60-drop doses, afterward took 3d dil., 10 to 100-drop doses, the latter proving resulted in a renewal of former symptoms; 20, Dr. Szontagh, aged 26, took tincture for sixteen days, 3 to 90-drop doses; 21, Dr. Vivenot, aged 23, took tincture for sixteen days, 5 to 100-drop doses; 22, Dr. Walter gave a girl, aged 35, 6 to 8 drops of tincture in half a glass of water, teaspoonfull every two hours; (23 to 36, Dr. N.'s experiments in hospital for syphilitics, on girls who were mostly convalescing from blennorrhoea, condylomata, or abrasions); 23, F., aged 20, took 5 to 30-drop doses of tincture for seven days; 24, M. R., aged 17, took 5 to 20-drop doses of tincture for five days; 25, J. B., aged 17, took 5 drops first day, 10 drops second day, 3 drops third day, 6 drops fourth day, when proving was interrupted by violent fever with erysipelas of face; resumed after sixteen days with 32 drops of tincture at one dose; 26, W. F., aged 19, took 5 to 30-drop doses for six days; 26b, same, second proving, 1 to 30-drop doses for eight days; 27, D. F., aged 16, took 5 to 26-drop doses for six days; 27b, same, second proving, took 1 to 20-drop doses for eight days; 28, Sch. F., aged 21, took 5 to 26-drop doses for seven days; 29, L. (perfectly well), took 3 to 25-drop doses for seven days; 30, H. F., aged 26, took 5 to 35-drop doses for seven days; 31, H. E. took 5 to 35-drop doses for seven days; 32, R. A. (frequently has cramps in bowels; menstruation often delayed, now three months absent), took 5 to 24-drop doses for seven days; 33, St. M. (had menstruated regularly eight days previously) took 5 to 12-drop doses for seven days; 34, K. R., aged 25, took 5 to 25-drop doses for six days; 35, E. R. took 1 to 25-drop doses for eight days; 36, E. F. took 2 to 30-drop doses for eight days; 37, N. N. took 5 drops of 1st dil. first day, 10 drops second day.


Cyclamen Europaeum, Linn.

Natural order, Primulaceae. Common names, Sow-bread; (Germ.), Erdscheibe.

Preparation, Tincture of the root gathered in spring.

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