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Cyclamen Europaeum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sow-bread, Cyclamen, Cycl.

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HPUS indication of Cyclamen Europaeum: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cyclamen Europaeum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Eyes glittering (first day),

The eye lie deep in the orbits and have a weak look (after one hour and a half),

Eyes are sunken, surrounded by blue rings (second day),


Burning in the right eye (seventh day),

Burning in the eyes, lasting through the whole proving, especially aggravated on reading; with considerable injection of the conjunctiva (the latter not unusual to the prover), (seventh day),

Burning in the eyes and flickering of the light on attempting to read in the evening in bed (as he was accustomed to do), so that he was obliged to put out the light, after which he fell asleep and slept uninterruptedly the whole night (very unusual), (sixth day),

Violent, sticking, piercing itching in the eyes and lids,


Swelling of the upper lids (without dilatation of the pupil), (after one hour),

Vibrating of the right upper eyelid for four or five minutes, always noticed when one rubs the eye or forehead; this symptom was also noticed on the three succeeding days, and after six days it entirely disappeared (twenty-first day),

Blinking of the lids (seventh day),

Blinking of the right upper lid (sixth day),

Blinking of the eyelids on the slightest pressure or rubbing (seventh day),

Contraction of the eyelids as from strong light (third day),

Lids seem to be contracted (fifth day,)

Dryness and pressure in the lids, as if swollen with violent itching sticking in them and in the eyeballs (after seven hours),

Pressure in the eyelids, as if agglutinated (second day),

Pressure upon the eyelids on frequent waking at night (first day),

Pressure in the left canthus (first day),

Pressure in the left inner canthus (fifteenth day),

Itching in the right inner canthus (sixth day),


Visible vessels in the whites of the eyes, especially of the left (sixth day),


Dull stitches in the right eyeball and upper lid (after four hours),


Pupils dilated (after one hour and a half),

Extreme dilatation of the pupils, especially of the right (after fifteen hours and a half),

Pupils decidedly contracted (seventh day),

Great contraction of the pupils as before, followed, after three or four seconds, by dilatation, and so on, until at last great contraction persisted (from second local application), (sixth day),


Vision more acute than usual; the prover could distinguish colors at a much farther distance (sixth day),

Obscuration of vision (after one hour and a half),

Dimness of vision (sixth day),

Dimness of vision at time (fourth day),

Dimness of vision and spots before the eyes, especially on walking (first day),

Dim vision (fourth day),

Dim vision in the morning (second day),

Dim vision, also double vision (sixth day),

Dimness before the eyes (fourth day),

Fog before the eyes, so that she was obliged to stop knitting in the afternoon (second day),

Double vision, so that it was impossible to continue working (third day),

Objects seem double the whole day (fourth day),

Objects seem double, as, for example, a needle (immediately after taking), (third day),

All objects seem double, with heat in the head (fourth day),

Flickering before the eyes, as of various colors, glittering needles, vision as of smoke or fog (second day),

Slight flickering before the eyes (sixth day),

Slight flickering before the eyes and confusion of the head,

Vision of colors before the eyes (third day),

She complained that she saw yellow, at other times green, before the eyes (third day),

At time she saw black, at times yellow, *at other times double vision, so that she was obliged to stop knitting (fifth day),

Rings around the light, on which account she was several times obliged to stop her work (embroidering on white), (fourth day),

(┬░The muscae volitantes, which the prover usually had in an intense light, disappeared during the whole of the proving),

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