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Cyclamen Europaeum - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sow-bread, Cyclamen, Cycl.

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HPUS indication of Cyclamen Europaeum: Fatigue

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cyclamen Europaeum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(immediately), (first day), ; (second day), etc.

Vertigo, as if she were going down a mountain (first day),

Vertigo the whole afternoon (fourth day),

Vertigo, towards evening (first, second, and third days),

Vertigo; if on standing still he leans against anything, it seems as though the brain were moving in the head, or as though he were riding in a wagon with his eyes closed,

Vertigo, with pain in the forehead, towards evening (fifth day),

Vertigo and dim vision (after one hour), (second day),

Vertigo and weakness accompanied all the symptoms (fourth day),

Slight vertigo (fifth day),

Great vertigo (first day),

Violent vertigo (sixth day),

Attacks of vertigo and dim vision (seventh day),

Periodic attacks of vertigo, with general sick feeling, disordered appetite, and fulness in stomach, the whole day (eighth day),

Dizziness in the head,

Dizzy; all objects seemed to turn in a circle; she immediately lay down on the bed, followed by frequent eructations; she then slept quietly until morning, and awoke feeling well (after two hours), (first day),

A frequent sensation as though objects were turning in a circle; these attacks were frequently repeated on the next day (sixth day) aggravated on moving in the open air, and relieved in the room and while sitting (fifth day),

Objects did not seem to turn in a circle (as after the preceding dose), but they had a waving motion, lasting fifteen minutes (second day),

General Head.

Great congestion to the head (fourth day),

Great rush of blood to the head, with violent headache, anxiety, and dim vision (third day),

While lying in the evening in bed, perceptible pulsation in the brain, with late falling asleep,

Feeling of heaviness in the head (in addition to his usual headache), (fifth day),

Feeling of emptiness in the head, which changes to a prickling in the scalp and skin of the face (second day),

Some heaviness in the head (second day),

Dizzy fulness and heat of the head (third day),

Head feels as if bound up (second day),

Headache (sixth day),

Headache for two hours (third day),

Headache in the morning and evening (second day),

Headache towards evening (fourth day),

Headache in the evening (first day),

Headache, in the evening on going to sleep (first and second days),

Headache and vertigo (after half an hour), (first day),

Headache and vertigo (sixth day),

Headache and vertigo, the whole afternoon (first day),

Headache, with great weakness and nauseous taste (third day),

Headache, with yawning, but without sleepiness (after five hours),

Slight headache, lasting several hours,

Violent headache, lasting the whole night (eighth day),

Violent headache and transient nausea (second day),

Violent headache, with flickering before the eyes, on rising in the morning; this headache lasted all this day and the next, diminished on the third, and disappeared on the fourth (third day),

Painful drawing in the brain, extending from the left side of the occiput through the left temple as far as the forehead in a direct line (after one hour),

Pressive, stupefying headache (thirteenth day),

Tearing pressive pain in the head externally,

Oppressive stupefaction of the whole head, with obscuration of vision; it seems as though a fog were before the sight, and as though the eyes were about to close (after one hour),

Menstruation reappeared after ten days, with relief of the sticking headaches and weakness (third day),

Stitches in the brain, on stooping (second day),

Confusion and Vertigo.

Great confusion of the head in the evening, with vertigo, as if objects were wavering, and feeling of stupidity in the head, so that she was unable to think, and did not comprehend what she was thinking or doing, with heat of the head, redness of cheeks, and glistening eyes, alternations of chilliness and heat, full, hard pulse, over 100, and finally nausea and watery diarrhoea, preceded by rumbling and colic (first day),

Pressive headache in the middle of the vertex, which at times causes dizziness,

Stitches in the left temple, then in the whole of the forehead, with vertigo, followed by pressure in the forehead (tenth day),

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