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Digitalis Purpurea - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Foxglove, Digitalis, Digital, Digit, Digitalinum, Dig.

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HPUS indication of Digitalis Purpurea: Anxiety
Digitalis Purpurea
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Digitalis Purpurea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Slight orgasm of blood in the chest, and some pressive throbbing pains still continue (thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth days),

Renewed sensation of rush of blood to the chest (eighteenth day),

Great rush of blood to the chest, with feeling of great prostration at times (twenty-eighth day),

Feeling of constriction of the chest, while walking slowly, without real dyspnoea, together with a sensation as though the heart were standing still, with subsequent palpitation, at 6.30 P.M. (fourth day),

Oppression of the chest, with some palpitation, in the evening while walking (fifth day),

Slight dull stitches through the chest (forty-third day),

Pains in the chest returned in the evening, especially on the right side (twenty-sixth day),

The pains in the chest and abdomen frequently appeared at noon while walking, although not very violent (twenty-fifth day),


Pain in the middle of the sternum united itself by some stitches with a similar pain in the scapulae (second day),

Dull stitches in the middle of the sternum (thirteenth day),


Pain in the right side of the chest (eighth day),

Pains in the right and left sides of the chest returned with increased violence, and were associated with confusion of the head, half an hour after the dose (twenty-fifth day),

Pains in the right and left sides of the chest reappeared very violently, together with griping in the abdomen, ten minutes after the dose in the evening (twenty-third day),

Pains in the left side of the chest continue very violent and persistent without interruption, one hour after the dose in the evening (twenty-third day),

Frequent pains, as if rheumatic, in the right and left sides of the chest (seventh day),

Sticking in the left side of the chest, fifteen minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),

Sticking pains in the right side of the chest, after sitting quietly a long time (seventh day),

Sticking pains in the left side, at times very severe, while riding in a wagon, accompanied by transient stitches through the abdomen and right side of the chest (eleventh day),

Violent throbbing-sticking pains in the right side of the chest, five minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),

Several violent stitches in the chest, in the evening, in both sides, with palpitation (twelfth day),

Throbbing stitches in the right side of the chest, soon after the dose (nineteenth day),

Slight throbbing stitches in the right side of the chest, immediately followed by throbbing or pulsation in the left shoulder-joint, in the evening (twenty-first day),

Throbbing pain in the right side of the chest, and increase pain in the left side of the chest (nineteenth day),

Throbbing pain deep in the right side of the chest (eighteenth day),

The pulsating pain in the left side became constantly more severe, seated especially in the pectoralis major, and somewhat aggravated by pressure (twenty-fifth day),

Digitalis purpurea, L.

Natural order, Scrophulariaceae. Common names, Foxglove; (G.) Fingerhut.

Preparation, Tincture prepared from the leaves of the second year of the plant.

OEdema of the lungs,

Weary sensations across the chest to the left side (two hours and a half after first dose, second day),

Cough is difficult on account of pain in the chest,

Great heat of the chest externally, as if he stood uncovered by a warm stove, soon followed by coolness over the chest,

Suffocative, painful constriction of the chest, as if the internal parts were grown together, especially in the morning on waking; he is obliged to quickly sit upright,

Pressive drawing in the chest on coughing,

Pressure and boring in the pectoral muscles above on the left side,

Feeling of rawness in the chest, with stitches,

Contractive pain in the sternum, aggravated by bending forward the head and upper portion of the body,

Drawing pain in the middle of the sternum while walking,

On violent motion of the arm, he is immediately attacked by cutting pressure in the opposite side of the chest, externally, in front, in the region of the third rib,

In the evening, a bruised feeling over the sternum and epigastrium, so very distressing as to prevent any mental employment (fifteenth day),

Tension in the left side of the chest, on becoming erect, as if the parts were contracted,

Violent drawing-pressive pain in the lower portion of the right side of the chest, in the evening, preventing sleep (sixth day),

Sharp stitches in the chest, on the right side, above the pit of the stomach,

Fine stitches, corrosive, itching, sticking, rhythmical with the pulse, in the left side, on a line with the pit of the stomach,

Very perceptible throbbing, as of violent pulsations, in the right side of the chest,


Throughout the day experienced uneasiness in the mammary regions, especially the left, and extending to the left shoulder and upper part of the arm (fourth day),

Around armpit

Rheumatic pain in the left portion of the chest just below the axilla, only on motion, a quarter of an hour after the dose (twenty-fifth day),

Violent, pressive, sticking pains in the left side of the chest, not as formerly in the region of the heart, but higher up and towards the axilla (seventh day),

Violent sticking-throbbing pains in the left side of the chest between the nipple and axilla, in the evening in bed while lying on the left side (sixteenth day),

Dull pinching stitches under the ribs beneath the right axilla,


Dull, disagreeable pressure in the chest and epigastrium relieved by beating on the chest, lasting three hours, towards evening (eight day),

General violent heat, with swollen veins and rapid pulse,


Feeling of rush of blood to the chest, with inclination to breathe rapidly, and a sensation as though I had done something wrong, or some evil were impending; recurring now and then (twenty-fifth day),

Rheumatic pains in the chest, with constriction of breathing, accompanied by transient stitches in one or the other side of the chest (eighth day),

Pressing sensation generally over the chest, making respiration difficult,

The pain in the chest became very violent in the evening, and so much aggravated by walking that breathing was difficult (fourth day),

Boring pain in the left side of the chest, extending from the shoulder-blade forward into the praecordial region, aggravated by deep breathing, in the morning (second day),

Pressure in the right side of the chest, in the evening, with drawing pains and impeded respiration (tenth day),

Pressure in the left side of the chest, with some difficulty of respiration,

Sticking pain behind the upper cartilages of the ribs of the right side several times, independently of respiration; half an hour later the same pain on the left side but more severe,

Tension in the chest and pressure in the pit of the stomach, which frequently obliged him to take a deep breath,

Pain in the chest; a pressure on the lower portion of the chest, while sitting bent over, with shortness of breath,

Violent pulsating pain in the right side of the chest, in the region of the nipple, lasting several minutes, while walking slowly; although not excessively severe, it caused an anxious sensation of oppression of breathing (seventh day),

Unpleasant pulsating pain in the lower portion of the left side of the chest, not in the heart itself, but more as if in the walls of the chest; unaffected by respiration, in the afternoon (half an hour after 30 drops, third day),

Sudden sensation as though the heart stood still, with great anxiety and necessity for holding the breath, after dinner (sixth day),

Respiration slow and embarrassed (second day),

Shortness of breath, in the morning while walking, with hawking up of much mucus; also afterwards while sitting, the breathing was very much impeded, though without pain (eleventh day),

The shortness of breath remained while walking at noon; this was rather a necessity to take a very deep breath than real dyspnoea, without satisfying the sensation, which I would call a hunger for air (twelfth day),

Attacks of shortness of breath, increasing in the afternoon while walking (precisely similar to those noticed during the proving of Digitalis), (sixth day),

Great shortness of breath, in the morning on waking, with a feeling of weakness and prostration in the chest (twenty-fourth day),

Sudden tightness of the breath, lasting several minutes, in the morning while rising, and also once on stooping (sixth day),

Several attacks of constriction of breathing, in the afternoon and evening while walking and sitting (eighteenth day),

Oppression of breathing, while sitting, with several times a sensation of congestion to the chest (sixteenth day),

Dyspnoea after a cup of coffee and food (after eleven hours); and in the night repeated (second day),

Respiration more rapid (seventh day),

Respiration irregular, and performed by frequent deep sighs (second day),

Short, gasping respiration; he is not able to hold it, and is soon obliged to gasp anew,

Sighing respiration for six days,

Respiration 16, difficult (fourth day),

Respiration 26 in a minute, but without any difficulty (second day),

Respiratory murmur feeble (second day),

Respiration difficult, slow, and deep,

Extremely annoying shortness of breath during the whole day; this had been noticed during the preceding days, but in so slight a degree that I paid little attention to it; it was, however to day very severe (sixth day),

Distressing dyspnoea for several days; he must involuntary take a deep breath, and still it seems as though he wanted air, especially while sitting,


(During supper on the eleventh day I must have suddenly taken cold; I became so hoarse that I could scarcely speak, with violent sticking pains in the larynx),

Voice extinct (40 gram., second day),

Cough and Expectoration.

Some cough the last two days, with expectoration of consistent mucus (tenth day),

The cough which had been previously noticed became more decided, short, with hard, whitish-yellow expectoration (ninth day),

Hacking cough, with easy expectoration, continues to be more and more troublesome (fourteenth day),

Frequent hacking cough, with easy expectoration, in the evening (twenty-sixth day),


Heart and pulse


Uneasiness in the heart all day (sixth day),

Uneasiness at the heart in the afternoon (fifth day),

Throughout the day frequent uneasiness amounting sometimes to pain, in the region of the heart (fourteenth day),

Slight uneasiness in the region of the heart (sixth day),

Continued to suffer much from uneasiness in the heart and disorder of the stomach (nineteenth day),

Dull uneasiness in various parts of the region of the heart, with a sensation of weakness in the forearm, all the evening (second day),

Feeling of slight confusion of the heart, especially on moving, with painful sensation of weakness in the wrists and forearms (half hour after second dose, second day),

Dull, disagreeable sensation in the region of the heart (after second dose, second day),

A sudden sensation as though the heart stood still, with great anxiety, attack lasting about half a minute, not returning; pulse and heart not affected, at 9 P.M. (after 10 drops in the morning),

Peculiar sensation in the chest, as of the heart standing still; single, violent, slow heart-beats, with sudden violent heat in the occiput, and transient unconsciousness, the whole lasting only a moment,

Pain in the heart, with which I had been troubled, was more severe than ever this morning, and from the ensiform cartilage upward my breast was sore to touch (fifth day),

Slight pain, apparently in the heart, and in half an hour the pulse was softer, smaller, but more rapid than natural (second day),

Felt uncommonly well, except that I thought I sometimes felt shifting pains in the heart, for the first three days,

Oppression of the heart (second day),

Oppressive sensation in the heart, and need to inspire deeper,

Attack of the so-called heart-worm ("herzwurm"), with intermitting pulse and congestion of the head, especially in the occiput, somewhat to the left side, and inclination to vomit (after twelve hours),

Heart's Action.

Action of the heart stronger than usual (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Beating of the heart stronger than usual (thirteenth day), Movements of the heart a little more forcible, and it appeared to act with difficulty (twenty-first day), less labored, and its contractions more brisk (twenty-second day),

Force of the action of the heart nearly natural, but its constrictions were more brisk and rapid (eighteenth day),

The action of the heart was irregular, and appeared to have increased in force a short time after taking Digitalis, but soon after it approached nearer its natural state (sixteenth day),

Action of the heart strong and energetic; this increased action extended over entire left side; first sound dull and prolonged, the second clear; beats intermittent and irregular (second day),

Action of the heart was strong and more violent (second day),

Contractions of the heart strong and violent, accompanied with pulsations when I walked in my room (second day),

Action of the heart was more violent, and was more easily felt internally, and could be seen externally (first day),

Action of the heart remarkably violent (ninth day), action stronger than in a natural state (twelfth day); action very violent, the general strength was very inconsiderable, without however being much diminished,

The force of the hearts action and arteries gradually increased to such an extent and caused such great orgasm of blood, with palpitation, that he was obliged to rise from bed in the night, for three or four days, walk about the room and open the window; pulse was strong, accelerated (100),

Congestion of the head, and roaring and ringing in the ears lasting several days,

Violent beating of the heart, almost audible, with anxiety and contractive pain beneath the sternum,

Single, violent, slow heart-beats, when sitting,

Action of the heart more feeble and constantly accompanied by palpitations (third day),

The hearts action has lost its force; its beats are more frequent and intermittent, and sometimes irregular (fifth day),

Beating of the heart much weaker and softer than usual (second day),

Scarcely perceptible beating of the heart,

Movements of the heart more rapid, especially the systole; this organ appeared to dilate but slowly, and it experienced palpitations at each movement of the body. I felt again at this organ slight uneasiness, and at times cold sweats (nineteenth and twentieth days),

Palpitation (soon),

Palpitation of the heart returned with less severity several times the next night, and caused him to start up from commencing sleep,

Palpitation and uneasy feeling at heart, readily excited by even moderate exercise (after first dose, sixteenth day),

Palpitation easily excited on going up even a slight ascent, which in health would produce no effect (fourth day),

Oppressive, pressing, contractive heat of the heart, with anxiety and spasmodic pain in the sternum and beneath the ribs,

The heart-beats are accompanied by a gentle "bruit de souffle,"


Acceleration of the pulse (after half an hour); after the larger doses the pulse was at first more rapid, afterwards smaller and slower,

Small, rapid, hard pulse,

Pulse rapid, soft and without vigor, the arteries also dilated more or less irregular (sixth day),

Pulse small, weak, and more rapid than usual (fourth day),

Pulse decidedly small and weak, but not slower than usual, on the contrary, sometimes more rapid (fourth and fifth day),

During the flow of urine and diarrhoea, the pulse is small and rapid; with cold hands and feet,

Pulse before taking 72; 84 (after half an hour); 74 (after one hour),

Pulse previously 61 to 62, while sitting, 68 standings, not changed in first half hour after taking; at 6 P.M., 68 sitting, 85 standing, rapid and weaker than usual (first day); 9 A.M., 69 sitting, 75 standing; at 7 P.M., 67 sitting, 74 standing (second day),

Pulse 68 before taking; 68 (after five, ten, and fifteen minutes); 74 (after twenty minutes); 70 (after thirty minutes); 64 (after thirty-five minutes); 66 (after forty minutes); 68 (after fifty and sixty minutes); pulse was increased in force,

Pulse before taking 56 to 57 while sitting, 54 (after half an hour); 51 (after one hour); 66 in the evening (first day); 59 in the morning while sitting, 58 in the evening while sitting (second day); 58 at 11 A.M.; 68 while sitting, 81 while standing, 62 while lying, at 10 A.M. (seventh day),

Slow pulse,

Pulse slow during the first forty-eight hours; but afterwards quicker and proportionately weaker,

Slow but strong pulse,

Pulse slow, full and large, soon afterwards small and more frequent,

Pulse somewhat slower and fuller (second day),

Thready, slow, and intermittent pulse,

Pulse very slow (after four days),

Slowing of the pulse almost one half,

Slowing of the pulse about one half, lasting several days,

Pulse slow (falls 30 beats),

Pulse slow, falling to 50 and then 35,

Pulse slow, 40,

Pulse 41 or 42 (fourth day),

Pulse one beat slower (in five to fifteen minutes after each dose of 15 drops of tinct., twice in one day),

Slowing of the pulse from 82 to 39, with weakness and lassitude of the body,

Slowing of the pulse from 100 to 40,

Pulse averaged 68 for three weeks before taking, 65 while taking, 60 for ten days after taking, 63 from the tenth to the thirty-fifth day after taking; the minimum pulse was 53, on the seventh day after the last dose,

The slow pulse becomes accelerated on the slightest physical exertion,

The pulse is least slowed on standing and sitting, mostly while lying, when it falls to about 40, while on standing it is 100,

Pulse irregular,

Irregular pulse; Unequal distension of the arteries,

Irregular, small pulse,

Pulse small, slow, irregular,

Small irregular pulse, continuing six days,

Pulse slow and irregular,

Slow irregular pulse from 48 to 56,

Pulse late in the evening 58, irregular; after a time slower and fuller, then again more rapid and smaller (second day); 61 in the evening (third day),

Pulse 52, quite strong, irregular, and strinkingly intermittent,

Pulse full and strong (fifth day).

Pulse 50 (ninth and twelfth day); strong, full, 46 pulsations; their shock was rapid and separated by considerable intervals, when at rest, but on very slight exercise rose to 70, and even 80, became irregular and less full (fifteenth day),

Pulse slow, 50; it quite irregular; always a full hard beat after every three or four soft ones (first day); 75 (third day),

Pulse decidedly irregular, three to four rapid small beats were followed by several slow, strong, and full beats; no regularity in this disturbance could be discovered (seventh day),

Pulse extremely low, three or four feeble pulsations being succeeded by a complete intermission occupying several seconds; the whole number of beats not exceeding 38 or 40 in the minute; each stroke, though very weak, was given with a peculiar explosive shock; this condition of pulse lasted for several days,

Pulse slow, thready, and intermittent,

Pulse fell from 60-70 to 54, and frequently intermitted; with every intermission an oppression as if the heart were slowly grasped with the hand (after two hours),

Slight intermission in pulse,

Small, slow pulse, frequently making shorter or longer pauses,

Pulse suddenly quickened for a few beats, then slow again; or it loses a whole beat,

The pulse changes rapidly from 65 to 75, and 80 (also on times when no medicine is taken),

Pulse varies from one beat slower to two beats faster (during half an hour after taking 30 drops of tinct),

Pulse undulating; the different beats are not all distinct and clearly defined as usual, but shading off at the beginning and end, at noon (second day),

Pulse regular, and moderately strong (second to seventh day while taking),

Pulse regular and moderately strong throughout the proving; including the period of "intoxication," the effect on the pulse lasted about a month,

Pulse hard and strong (second day),

Pulse full,

Irritable pulse,

Pulse small and soft (two hours after two grains),

Pulse smaller than usual, of the usual rapidity (first day),

Pulse smaller than usual, but not slower (first day),

Beating of the pulse and heart seemed rather smaller and less energetic than usual (fourth day),

Almost pulseless (after twelve hours),

Great commotion of the heart, a great throbbing and pounding as she expressed it,

In two experiments with Digitalis tinct., I have observed the pulse slightly retarded, but it fell three beats in an hour after taking 6 drops, in drop doses, every ten minutes, and only two beats after 20 drops in 3-drop doses. In two other experiments the pulse had not varied more than one beat per minute during the hour. The pulse varied so much after taking 1st dil., that no conclusion can be drawn as to its action. The sphygmographic tracings show but little change,

Pulse 72 (before taking); 73 (after two minutes); 74 (after four minutes); 76 (after six minutes); 74 (after ten minutes); 72 (after forty minutes); 66 (after sixty minutes); 64 (after eighty minutes); 72 (after one hundred minutes),

Pulse 64 (before taking); 68 (after five minutes); 72 (after ten minutes); 68 (after fifteen minutes); 64 (after fifty minutes),

Pulse 66 (before taking); 68 (after two minutes); 67 (after four minutes); 66 (after six minutes); 67 (after eight minutes); 68 (after ten minutes); 66 (after fifteen minutes); 63 (after twenty minutes); 64 (after twenty-five minutes),

Pulse slow,

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