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Digitalis Purpurea - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Foxglove, Digitalis, Digital, Digit, Digitalinum, Dig.

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HPUS indication of Digitalis Purpurea: Anxiety
Digitalis Purpurea
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Digitalis Purpurea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion in the head, especially in the forehead, with slight stitches through the frontal region, after fifteen minutes, in the evening (twenty-first day),

Feeling of confusion in the occiput,

General Head.

Head thrown backwards (second day),

Sensation of a rush of blood to the head, in the afternoon (fourth day),

Heaviness of head,

Heaviness of the head the whole day,

Head hot and confused towards evening (first day),

Confusion of the head, ; (second and third days),

Confusion of the head like an intoxication,

Confusion of the head, with some confusion of the mind (fifth day),

Slight confusion of the head (first day),

Pulse like sensation, as if the brain were beating like water against both sides of the skull and would burst it, with confusion,


Head confused, especially in the forehead, with pulsating pain in the occiput, relieved by walking in the open air, and nearly disappearing by evening (ninth day),

Intolerable pain in head,

Headache in the afternoon (first day),

Slight headache,

Violent headache without disturbance of the intellect,

Intolerable headache,

Severe lancinating headache,

Confusion of the head, which causes difficulty in thinking, and gradually changes into a pressive pain (seventh day),

Confusion of the head, which gradually became a pressive pain, extending from the vertex over the whole head, with the same sensation in the eyes as on the previous day, with small and slow pulse, somewhat increased secretion of urine, and for half an hour very violent irritation of the genitals (fifth day, half an hour after 2 grains),

Slight confusion of the head, becoming a pressive headache (second day),


A headache which in the morning had affected the vertex disappeared towards afternoon (sixth day),

Headache in the morning, worse in the afternoon, and increasing in the evening to a violent migraine (that it was not an ordinary attack of migraine was shown by the fact that the usual attack always occurred in the morning on rising, when it was much worse), (fifth day),

Headache over the top of the head, with temporary giddiness (sixth and seventh days),

One sided headache, like an internal itching,

Forehead heavy, hot, with here and there pressive pain,

Pain in the forehead (twenty-fourth day),

Severe frontal headache (second day),

Violent drawing headache in the right forehead and temple in the evening (twenty-sixth day),

Pulsating pressive pains in the forehead (ninth day),

Transient sticking headache in the forehead (forty-third day),

Jerklike throbbing pain in the forehead (nineteenth day),

Slight pain and heaviness in the frontal region (second day),

Violent pain in head,

Becomes conscious and complains of violent pains in the head,

Frontal headache (third day),

Slight headache in the frontal region,

Suffered from severe frontal headache, with pressure on the temples, in the evening (after second dose, sixteenth day),

Dull pain in the right side of the forehead, during the forenoon (first day),

Dull frontal headache, much increased by movement (ninth day),

Dull frontal headache throughout the day, with frequent uneasiness in the region of the heart (seventh day),

Wakened with dull frontal headache and nausea (fifth morning),

A sharp pressive pain in the forehead, in a small spot over the eye,

Throbbing headache in the forehead or at the bottom of the orbits,

Pulsating pressive pain in the left temple and frontal region (eighth day),

Violent throbbing pain in the left temple twenty-five minutes after the dose (twenty-third day),

Violent throbbing pains in the left temple and forehead (twenty-ninth day),

Dull pain in the occiput (ninth day),

Pressive pain in the occipital protuberance, as from a blow or fall,

A pressive pain in the occiput returned after each dose, but, after a grain and a half, increased to the most violent sticking pain, especially affecting the occiput and vertex; the forehead also was not entirely free from pain (first day),


Vertigo, with anxious sensation as though faintness would occur, while standing leaning against a chair (after two hours),

Outer head

External heat of the head,


Pressure in the vertex, a sensation of distension (after one hour),


Heaviness in the head in the region of the vertex,

Pressure in the region of the vertex, lasting a quarter of an hour,

Pressure on the vertex and in the forehead,

Stitchlike tension in a small spot in the parietal portion of the brain, every time on stooping; it extended into the left upper teeth, and always disappeared on rising,

Pressure and tension in the sides of the head (soon),

Jerklike pressure in the right side of the head (seventh day),

Tearing in the left side of the head,


Sensation in the forehead and upper part of the nose as though coryza would occur (first day),

Heaviness and pressure in the forehead for several hours,

Forehead heavy, with feeling of pressure in it, the whole of the second day,

Frontal cephalalgia (second, third, and fifth days),

Forehead heavy, full,

Forehead feels full, hot, and heavy, worse while walking,

Pressure in the forehead,

Pulsating pressure in the forehead above the right brow (sixteenth day),

Sudden, dull stitches in the left side of the forehead, with twitching of the lids in the evening while walking (ninth day),

Tensive sensation in the forehead, on turning the eyes to one side,

Pressure, as from a heavy weight, in the middle of the upper part of the forehead, on exerting the mind,

Tensive pressure in the forepart of the forehead,

Contractive pressure in the forepart of the forehead and in the temples, aggravated by thought,

Some stitches in the left frontal region,

Pressive stitch externally in the left side of the forehead,

Sudden, very violent sticking tearing in the right frontal region, extending from the right eyebrow upward, lasting but a short time, though suddenly returning three time, at 1 P.M. (second day),


Jerklike pressure, now in the temples, now in the whole head,

Pressive sensation in the region of the right temporal bone,

Sticking, now in the right, now in the left temporal region,

Some dull stitches in the left temple, which shoot through the whole brain, in the evening and at night in sleep,

Tearing stitches in the left temple,

Tearing in the right temporal region close to the ear,


Violent boring in the bone in the left side of the occiput,

A peculiar sensation of drawing, of raising up in the occiput and vertex; afterwards a pressure in the occiput,

Violent pressure in the left half of the occiput,

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