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Dioscorea Villosa - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Yam, Dioscor, Dioscorea, Dios.

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HPUS indication of Dioscorea Villosa: Colic
Common symptoms: Colic, Diarrhea, Dry mouth, Flatulence.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Dioscorea Villosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Balls of wax fall out of the right ear (twenty-ninth, thirty-sixth, and seventy-fourth days),


Sensation in front of both ears, as if I would vomit (seventy-fourth day),

Hard pain in front of right, then in both ears, as if the head would burst (eighty-second day), (part of S. 860),

Dull pain in front of right ear and sharp pain over left eye at the same time (half an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),

Dull, squeezing pain in front of both ears, extending to the angle of the jaws (after 3000 drops, thirty-fifth day),

After going to bed, severe aching pain in front of right ear, lasting some time (twenty-ninth night),

Dull, pressing pain in front of both ears (after first dose, fourteenth day),

Pulling pain in front of both ears, as precedes vomiting (seven hours after first dose, fourth day),

Twisting pain in front of left ear, causing a numb sensation of the head at 11 P.M. (twenty-ninth day),

Sharp pain in front and behind both ears in the morning (sixteenth day),

Sharp pain over right ear at 9 P.M. (eighty-second day),

Sharp pain behind right ear in the morning (fifteenth day),

Sharp, deepseated pain behind right ear (five hours after first dose, thirteenth day),

Hard, sharp pain behind the left ear at 7 P.M. (seventeenth day),

Fine, sharp pains were felt behind left ear several times (third day),

Darting pain behind left ear in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),

Sharp, darting pain behind left ear, extending in front of ear and to angle of jaw, in the morning (twenty-third day),

Right ear quite painful at 11 A.M. (sixtieth day), (part of S. 396),


Ears feel stopped up (after second dose, fourth day),

Both ears suddenly stopped at 8 P.M. (forty-fourth day),

Pain in right ear in the evening (forty-third day),

Pain in left ear (seven hours and a half after first dose, seventy-fifth day),

Blowing nose causes severe pain in left ear in the afternoon (forty-third day),

Sharp pain in left ear at 9 P.M. (eighty-second day),

Both internal ears sore to touch at 8 P.M. (forty-fourth day),

Soreness of left internal ear in the afternoon (forty-third day),

Itching in both ears in the evening (eighty-sixth day),

Itching of internal ears (after second dose, fourth day),

Itching of right internal ear at 10.30 P.M.,

Itching of left internal ear at 10.30 P.M. (seventeenth day); 1 P.M. (fifty-eighth day), etc.,


Buzzing in ears in the morning (fifty-seventh day),

Loud ringing in ears,worse in right, at 4 P.M. (twenty-sixth day),

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