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Dioscorea Villosa - General symptoms

Wild Yam, Dioscor, Dioscorea, Dios.

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HPUS indication of Dioscorea Villosa: Colic
Common symptoms: Colic, Diarrhea, Dry mouth, Flatulence.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Dioscorea Villosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Inclination to cough in the morning.

violent attack of coughing from tickling low down in the throat.

can but just get my breath.

cannot walk. frothy expectoration, it seems to come from the head.

when coughing, the cough gives such a pain at lower end of sternum that I can hardly move, followed by a hard pain in front of right, then in both ears, as if the head would burst, at 8 A.M. (eighty-second day),.

Stool, in the morning, followed by protrusion of four haemorrhoidal tumors, the size of large red cherries, with great pain and distress in anus. The haemorrhoidal tumors are constantly prolapsed, which is very distressing and painful (10 A.M.). Three of the haemorrhoidal tumors are of the color of the mucous membrane of the anus, and are the size of very large red cherries.

the other one is not so large, and is of a very dark, livid, blue color (12 M), (third day),.

Have had four stools at 9 A.M., each one smaller than the preceding one, but more slimy and more straining, with less pain before stool, but more pain after stool.

white, slimy stool, like the white of an egg, but lumpy, with great unavoidable straining and burning in rectum, with a sensation as if the faeces were hot, at 12 M. (thirty-ninth day),.

Dull aching pain in the knee-joints extending into the legs, vanishing on rubbing, but appearing in the feet. On ceasing the rubbing, the pain reappears in the knees. Moving the knee-joints relieves the pain, but the movement is difficult on account of a dry, grating sensation, as if the synovia were wanting in the joints. Left leg is most painful (after seven hours). Pain in knees less, but all passes into the right knee (after eighteen hours).

pain in the knees, which soon passed away (third day),.

Pain in middle of right tibia, when walking on the street, which made me limp, and the bone seemed sore.

then the pain extended to the left side of the knee-joint, at edge of patella, lasting some time, and made me quite lame.

then the pain moved to the lower portion of the fibula, same leg, but not so severe, but a hard, aching pain, at 4.45 P.M. (seventeenth day),.


For two or three days past my nerves have been uncommonly steady (fifty-third day),

Trembling, with faint feeling at stomach (six hours after first dose, thirteenth day),

Laid in bed till noon (fifty-sixth day),

Restless, cannot go to sleep (nineteenth night),

After retiring, restless and uneasy (twenty-third night),

Restless, relieved by walking at 4.20 P.M. (fifth day),

Felt uneasy at 4 P.M. (first day),

Great uneasiness (after eight hours),


Feel nervous, easily troubled (two hours and three-quarters after first dose, sixteenth day),

Feel languid in the evening (after first dose, eighteenth day),

Feel languid and bad (ninety-fifth day),

Unusual languor on awaking, with disinclination for mental exertion (first day),

Feel tired and languid, still keep moving around the room, restless (half an hour after third dose, sixteenth day),

Feel weak and a lack of ambition (after seven hours and a quarter),

Feeling very weak, hands and legs tremble constantly (second day),

Disinclination to move by reason of weakness (after eight hours),

Faint feeling, came near syncope at 3 A.M. (ninth day),

At stool, faint sensation, near syncope; feared I should faint, at 12 M. (thirty-ninth day),

Faint, chilly feeling at 7 A.M. (thirty-ninth day), (part of S. 655),

Sick, faint sensation (part of S. 794),

Bad, faint feeling after going to bed (seventy-ninth day),

Awoke in the night with a faint, numb feeling; sitting up in bed increased the faint feeling; lying down increased the numb feeling lying upon the back and pulling the hair in front of both ears for some time relieved it (twenty-sixth night),

Feeling very faint and weak.

have to lie down to keep from fainting.

seems to all centre at the stomach. Fearing spasms, took three doses of Camphora camphor without relief. Then inhaled Chloroformium chloroform every few minutes for two hours. The Chloroformium chloroform gave great relief, but only for a short time, after which the great faintness would come on again.

after three hours the faintness left (third day),.

Felt all the forenoon as if I had a bad cold.

bones ache, pain in right temple and right lung, am chilly and back aches, but have not been exposed to cold in any way.

all the afternoon and evening pain in back of head.

throat feels sore, but is not on swallowing.

pain in right lung. dull pain in back, hips, and legs, right side worse.

severe, sharp pain in left hand and fingers.

am chilly, yet sweat easily.

mouth dry. several severe chills during the evening.

restless all night. chilly, then perspire, but no fever, no thirst.

in night sharp pain in region of heart (fifty-fifth day),.

October 29th, at 10 A.M., feeling perfectly well, took 1 grain of the first trit.

ten minutes after had considerable nausea, with rumbling in the cardiac portion of the stomach. 11 A.M., dull headache and nausea, both lasting till 3 P.M. At 3.30 had hard, lumpy stool. 10 P.M., all unpleasant effects had passed away.

took 2 grains. fifteen minutes after sharp pain in left side, midway eighth rib, which hinders me in taking a deep inspiration, pain in right foot, base of second toe, passing off on motion, but immediately returning, lasting some six minutes.

rumbling in the bowels.

forty minutes after cutting pain in the right lobe of the liver, lasting some five minutes.


October 30th. Got up with bad-tasting mouth, tongue coated yellowish white.

10 A.M. took 1 grain. at once considerable nausea, but not so bad as yesterday.

half an hour after the dull headache returned, through the temples mostly lasting till afternoon.

10 P.M. took 2 grains.

twenty minutes after pain in umbilicus.

in half an hour heaviness in head returns, an aching over right eye.


October 31st. Awoke, after sleeping well, with a horrid headache, so severe it made me reel.

back feels weak and sore up and down the spine.

whitish-coating on my tongue, with a sickening taste.

11 A.M., feeling well, took 1 grain, producing the usual feeling in my head, but no nausea.

head felt bad until after dinner (2.30 P.M.).

at 10.30 P.M., took 2 grains.

unpleasant feelings through temples, no other effect.


November 4th. No symptoms since last dose.

9 A.M., took 6 grains.

in fifteen minutes pain in region of gall-bladder.

in twenty minutes heaviness of head returned.

10.45 A.M., head symptoms grow worse.

great salivation, with a peculiar prickly feeling at the end of the tongue, as though it had been burned with hot drink.

eructations from stomach, with a taste like bile.


November 5th. Had a restless night.

woke up at 12 o'clock with a severe pain in right lobe of liver, also pain in left side (eighth rib), so severe could not sleep.

spinal cord feels bruised all the way up and down.

3 P.M., have had pain off and on during the whole day in left side (eighth rib), in liver, and in left lumbar region.

3.30 P.M., took 14 grains.

10 P.M., severe headache since taking last dose.

took 7 grains, producing pain in left side of head.



As a remedy for many kinds of PAIN, especially colic, and in severe, painful affections of abdominal and pelvic viscera; it ranks with the polychrests of the Materia Medica. Persons of feeble digestive powers; tea-drinkers, with much flatulence. Gall stone colic.

A remedy of pains, of all kinds

UNBEARABLY SHARP, CUTTING, TWISTING, GRIPING OR GRINDING PAINS; that dart about or radiate; to distant parts, arms, etc

; in paroxysms; cease suddenly, then start in a different place; periodical

Shudderings, from pain, etc

Nervous and easily troubled

Confused, full head

Sensation as if head were crushed down (Dio)

Eructations; with hiccough


Pains shoot from liver to right nipple

Violent abdominal colic, better motion; pains go into back, chest or arms


Darting, from anus to liver

Piles like a bunch of cherries

Weakening morning diarrhoea, without relief

Erections lasting all night

Cold relaxed sexual organs

Atonic emissions, then weakness; worse knees

Violent dysmenorrhoea

Chest or cardiac pains radiate into both arms


Burning, numb, sciatic [right] pain, worse motion

Hamstrings seem too short

Cold, clammy sweat; of strong odor on genitals

Dioscorea villosa. Wild yam. N. O. Dioscoreaceae. Tincture of fresh root, or trituration of resinoid, Dioscorein.

Burt, who made a heroic proving of Dioscorea Villosa, says "The grand sphere for the use of Dioscorea is among neuroses of the bowels and stomach.

where the coeliac and umbilical plexuses are in a state of great hyperaesthesia, the pain and spasm being unbearable." Hale considers as characteristic "A constant pain, aggravated at regular intervals by paroxysms of intense suffering." Any kind of colic or neuralgia with these characteristics may indicate Dioscor., which stands in the highest rank among stomach and abdominal remedies, with important actions in many other spheres. Dioscorea causes pain in the bowels.

spasmodic. twisting. writhing.

drawing. lancinating. pulsating.

burning. Pains radiate upwards and downwards. Frequent sharp, darting pains from one part to another. Pains spread, especially from abdomen to distant parts. Great faintness at stomach. Morning diarrhoea. Pains agg. at meals.

amel. moving about. cannot sit still. Seminal emissions (passive) with weakness of knees. According to Cushing's proving the primary effect of Diosc. was to cause strong-smelling perspiration of the genitals.

constant excitement with strong and frequent erections day and night.

amorous dreams with emissions. Afterwards came relaxed genitals, absence of desire, and emissions without erections. In the female sphere it has frequently cured dysmenorrhoea, uterine colic, and after-pains.

also gastric disorders during pregnancy and the menses. J. B. Belladonna Bell has pointed out how closely the throat symptoms of Dios. resemble the initial stage of a cold when it has attacked the fauces and before it has spread to the nose or chest. Peculiar sensations are As if top of head was lifted off. As if temples were in a vice. As if head tied with a band (also neck). As if sticks, &c., in eyes.

as if hot air streamed out of them. As if tongue burnt. As if a stone were in stomach. In small spot in abdomen sensation as if drawn forcibly upward and backward to spine. Diosc. resembles Colocynthis Coloc. in colicky pains, but differs in the Conditions whilst Colocynthis Coloc. has amel. bending double and agg. by motion, Diosc. has amel. by stretching out and by moving about. Some of the symptoms of Diosc. are agg., others are amel. by touch and pressure. Many symptoms appear, or are agg. in early morning from 2 a.m. onwards.

on awaking. 8 a.m. (cough). Symptoms generally amel. in open air. Pains are remittent and paroxysmal. It is one of the first remedies in whitlow.

and in biliary and renal colic. Suited to persons of feeble digestive powers, old or young, with flatulence after meals, in stomach or bowels, unattended with liver or bowel derangement, who from some excess in eating, or from fasting, or from some error in diet, as eating old cheese, or uncooked fruit, pastry, &c., especially if they are great tea-drinkers, may be suddenly seized with violent colic.

Wild Yam. Cushing. Dioscoreaceae.

* *

Colic pain begins at umbilicus and radiates to all parts of the body, even extremities


Tincture, to third potency.


Abdomen, distended. Acne. Angina pectoris. Biliousness. Cholerine. Chorea. Colds. Colic. Constipation. Cough. Cramps. Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Dysmenorrhoea. Dyspepsia. Enteralgia. Flatulence. Gall-bladder, affections of. Gastralgia. Haemorrhoids. Headache. Knee, pain in. Legs, pain in. Liver, disorders of. Lumbago. Mind, affections of. Neuralgia. Paronychia. Parotitis. Pregnancy, pyrosis of. Renal colic. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Side, pain in. Spinal irritation. Spleen, pain in. Smell, disordered. Spermatorrhoea. Tea, effects of. Toothache. Whitlow.



Abdominal Sciatic



Right side