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Drosera Rotundifolia - Modalities Etc

Sundew, Drosera Dros.

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HPUS indication of Drosera Rotundifolia: Cough
Common symptoms: Cough, Hoarseness, Sore throat.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Drosera Rotundifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Headache above brow; fluent coryza; while washing face, blowing blood from nose; after warm drinks, toothache; till dinner, bitter taste; cough; nauseous expectoration; on waking, weakness; weariness.

(Forenoon), Before 9 o'clock, quotidian fever.

(Afternoon), Febrile attacks; towards evening, warmth of upper portion of body.

(Evening), About 7 or 8 o'clock, anxiety; on expiration, while lying in bed, contraction of lower abdomen; immediately after lying down, cough; cold cheeks, etc.

(Night), Vomiting; cough; worse on pressure and stepping; pain in muscles of thigh; at night, sticking, etc., about ankles; heat; in bed, feels cold; sweat on face.

(After midnight), About 2 o'clock, wakes and coughs; coldness of half of face etc.; sweat.

(When alone), Anxiety.

(On coughing), Pain in hypochondria.

(After dinner), Raw feeling in throat.

(After eating), Nausea.

(On holding head upright), Heaviness of head.

(Deep inspiration), Tension in pit of stomach.

(Motion), While walking, pain in heels.

(Moving eyes), Pain in brain.

(Rest), Stitch in eyeball; twitching in shoulder; pressure in axilla; tearing in ankles; pain in great toe.

(Rising from sitting), Stitch in ischia.

(On entering room from open air), Obscuration of vision.

(Sitting), Shoots in muscles of abdomen, etc.; sticking in side of abdomen; tearing from spine to ilium; pain across chest; stitch in coccyx; stitch in calf; stitch in left sole, etc.

(Standing), Pain in axilla.

(Stooping), Headache in forehead; headache above eyes; while writing, boring in forehead; stitches to eyes; epistaxis.

(Talking), Dyspnoea.

(Walking), Stitch in abdomen; pinching in lumbar region; pain in axilla; pain in thigh, especially on ascending steps; trembling of knees; pain in ankle; pains in toes.

(On walking in open air), Vertigo.


Stooping, warmth.

WORSE, after midnight, lying down, on getting warm in bed, drinking, singing, laughing.

After midnight

On lying down



Cold foods


After measles


(Motion), Pain in long bones; pain in shoulder-joint.

(Pressure), Pinching in lumbar region.

(Resting head on hands), Pain in brain.

(Rising), Pain in muscles of thigh.

(Touch), Pain in scalp; pain in axilla.

(Walking), Headache above orbits; stitch in calf.

(Continuing to walk), Tottering gait.


Motion, cold.


Desires and aversions

Aversion to pork.


Ravenous hunger, without appetite, frequently during the day; when he thinks he has been satisfied it returns after one and a half or two hours,



Eructations and Hiccough.

Bitter eructations from the stomach into the mouth,

Bitter and acid eructations from the stomach into the mouth,

Frequent hiccough (after twenty-eight hours),

Position etc

Rest 32, 34, 40. Motion 28, 31, 34. Moving eyes 3. Walking 19, 26, 33. Walking in open air 2. Sitting 19, 31, 33. Lying 27, 33; on back 37. Rising 33. Stooping 3, 33. Every position 34. Supporting head on hand 3.

Morning 7, 8, 10, 16, 27, 31, 40. Forenoon 40. Evening 1, 27, 40. Night 1, 16, 27, 33, 37, 40. After midnight 26, 40. Till morning 16. 2 A.M. 27.