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Euphorbia Hypericifolia

, EUP.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Euphorbia Hypericifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Euphorbia hypericifolia, Linn.

Natural order, Euphorbiaceae. Common name, Spurge.

Preparation, Tincture of the whole plant.

Authority. Dr. True, Eclectic Med. Journ., 1875, p. 260, effects of 1/2 pint of infusion of 1/2 oz. of dried herb in a pint of water.

I experienced a sensation of fulness in the frontal part of the head, and also through the lateral portions, with headache similar to that produced by Cimicifuga Racemosa Cimicifuga, but not so severe.

the pain seemed to centre at the crown of the head, but there was a feeling of heat above the eyes that was very characteristic.

there was no ringing in the ears or vertigo, but the head symptoms were of that degree of positiveness, that it was with difficulty I could fix my mind on anything else but the headache.

the maximum of the feeling was about two hours after taking the medicine, and it subsided in about three and a half hours, and was succeeded by a feeling of languor and drowsiness which lasted several hours, but no sleep was produced by it.

While the head symptoms existed there was a feeling of unpleasant fulness and oppression at the epigastrium, and I was compelled to take physic the second day for the constipation it had caused. (He also got the same symptom of epigastric oppression from two drachms of the tincture.)

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Euphorbia Hypericifolia

Pyrog > general
Great restlessness; must move constantly to better the soreness of parts (Arn, Bellis, Eup)

Med > general
Pains arthritic, rheumatic, a sequel of suppressed gonorrhea (Daph. od., Clem.); constricting, seem to tighten the whole body (Cac.); sore all over as if bruised (Arn., Eup.).

Eup-per > general
cough with extreme soreness down trachea, soreness of chest, aching in limbs throughout the body. A characteristic cough of Eup. perf. has amel. by getting on hands and knees. W. P. Defriez reports a case in point Every winter for several years the patient had been annoyed by a dry, hacking cough, with paroxysms lasting some time, only relieved by getting on hands and knees. Eupat. Perfol. cured. The chills of Eu. perf. begin in the small of the back, with aching in the limbs as though every bone in the body were being broken.

Eup-per > general
sweat amel. all pains except headache, which is agg. Periodicity is marked. There may be a double periodicity Chill morning one day, evening the next. The liver is strongly affected by Eup. perfol.

Eup-per > general
agg. after being in ice-house. I have found Eup. perf. most useful in influenza.

Eup-a > general
and the Indians use it as a cure for ague. In a case of sore mouth in a man, 57, recorded by P. S. Duff, Eup. aromat. Ø caused soon "a general aggravation, like a cold or catarrh.

Eup-per > relationships
Eup perf. is followed well by Sepia or Natr. mur.

Pyrog > relationships
Antidote Nux vomica for the agg from overaction of a single dose or for bad effects of repeated doses; Rhus, Eup per for the aching, restlessness and bone pains

Pyrog > relationships
Compatible Arn, Bap, Rhus, Eup per in typhoid and other fevers with muscle soreness, bed feels hard Ars, Ech, Lach, Malar (the vegetable Pyrogen), Ant t, Bapt, Brom, Lyc, Phos, fan-like motion of Alae nasi Bry, cough worse by motion and in warm room Ipec, uterine hemorrhage (if Ipec fails when apparently well selected) Bap, Psor, offensive diarrhea Lept, Psor, black stools Opium, Plumb, Sanic, constipation, hard black balls Nit ac, Sec, thin, offensive lochia Phos, water is vomited as soon as warm in stomach Bell, Melil, throbbing, bursting headache Carbo v, Ech, Psor, offensive varicose ulcers of old people Hep, Sil, Calc sulph, tendency to profuse suppuration Sulph, Psor, patient continually relapsing after the apparent similimum

Chin-s > relationships
Compare Cinchon sul., Apis. (chill 3 p.m.); Ars. (pyaemia, spinal irritation, periodically returning neuralgias); Bry. (sweat from least exertion); Carb. an. (all discharges debilitating); Eup. perf. (sweat relieves all symptoms but headache); Nux (blue lips and nails with chill); Puls. (rheumatic erratic pains); Stann. (supra-orbital neuralgia); Staph. (head gradually breaks into sweat while perfectly quiet). In headache from before backward (Gels., Lac. c., Sang., Sil.).

Eup-per > relationships
Bryonia is the closest analogue; but Bryonia has free sweat, and the pains make the patient keep still. Eup. perfol.

Helon > relationships
Compare also Sep.; Pic. ac. (tired aching and some burning in back and legs); Pallad. (tiredness; soreness; irritability); Plat. (indurated uterus); Nat. m., Agn., and Caust. (aversion to coitus); Eup. purp., Chi., Ferr., Hydrast., Senec.; Act. r. (uterine symptoms and gloom; Nat. hyperchlor. (sodden condition of uterus); Pip. meth. (amel. by diverting mind).

Nat-m > general
Intermittents, chill beginning in small of back, Eup. pf.; Rhus (chill begins in one leg, or thigh, or between shoulders), Gels. (runs up spine).

Eup-per > appendix
1, Dr. W. Williamson; 2, Dr. Neidhard; both from the list of symptoms in the Trans. of the Am. Inst. of Hom., 1846; 3, Dr. Tuller, Vineland, New Jersey, from preface to Hering's Résumé of Eupat. pert., suffered from beating pain in occiput aggravated by motion, pain and soreness of eyeballs and habitually from palpitation; took two drops of the tincture; 4, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 3. p. 501, Mr ---, took one drop of the 12th dil.; 5, C. Hering, effect of a tea taken for a cough. Hering's Résumé of Eup. perf.

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