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Elaeis Guineensis - General symptoms

South American Palm, Elaeis Guineensis, Ela.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Elaeis Guineensis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Elaeis Guineensis, Linn.

Natural order, Palmae. Common names, Aouara, Avoira, Coco de Denté, Palm. Yields palm oil.

Preparation, Triturations of the fruit.

Authority.1, Proving with the triturated fruit, Murex Mure, Pathogénésie Brésilienne, p. 142; 2, second proving, by inhalation, and taking 10 drops of the tincture, ibid., p. 145.


He feels strong and healthy (second day),

Lancinations in different parts of the body, especially when going downstairs (second day),

Scleroderma, elephantiasis, leprosy, skin thickened, itching and hardened. Anaesthesia.

Elaeis guineensis. Aouara. Avoira. N. O. Palmae (yields Palm Oil). Triturations of the fruit.

Proved by Murex Mure, it produced lancinations, burning, bruised and throbbing pains. Notable symptoms of leprosy and of scleroderma appear in the provings anaesthesia.

swelling and hardening of skin. Among other symptoms are sensation as if a peg stuck in false ribs. Swelling of parts. The greatest number of symptoms appeared on the lower extremities and skin. agg. From cold drinks (colic).

from descending stairs (lancinations).

from breathing. amel. Rest.


Diarrhoea. Elephantiasis arabum. Gastric affections. Headache. Leprosy. Scleriasis. Scleroderma. Sight, defective. Skin, affections of. Sore throat.

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