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Elaps Corallinus - General symptoms - Clarke

Elaps, Coral-snake, Coral Snake, Elaps corrallinus, Elaps.

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HPUS indication of Elaps Corallinus: Coldness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Elaps Corallinus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Elaps corallinus. Brazilian Corallium Rubrum Coral Bothrops Lanceolatus Snake. N. O. Elapidae. Poison pressed from the venom-sac of the living Bothrops Lanceolatus snake and triturated with sugar of milk. Higgins used the gall of the Bothrops Lanceolatus snake,Lachesis Fel Elapidis Corallini.

Elaps is distinguished from the other Bothrops Lanceolatus serpent venoms by the pre-eminent blackness of its discharges and haemorrhages.

black ear-wax. Characteristic symptoms are Fruit and cold drinks lie like ice on stomach and cause a cold feeling in chest. Sensation as if all the blood were collected in head. E. V. Moffat has found Elaps 6 almost a specific in chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh, with greenish crusts and subjective disagreeable odour. Rumbling in ears as of thunder. Sensation in brain as if shaken. Sensation as if food turned like a corkscrew on swallowing.

as if intestines were twisted by a cord and strung together in a knot. Pains in the longs (especially right) are very marked "Sensation within chest and at sternum, as if pleurae were pulled off and the lungs violently drawn apart." Sensation as if a heavy load, iron bar, or weight on parts. Fluids roll audibly into stomach. The glands and skin of axilla are affected. (I cured with Elap. 200 a very old-standing case of irritating rash in axilla (right) with recurrent suppuration of axillary glands,) Periodicity is marked. Rest amel., exertion agg.

but walking amel. epistaxis, pain in stomach and lungs. Lying on abdomen amel. pain in stomach. Many symptoms are agg. at night. (Sudden deafness at night with roaring and cracking in ears.) Dreams of dead persons. Warmth of bed agg. Great sensitiveness to cold draught, wind, wet weather agg. Horror of rain. Touch agg.