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Equisetum Hyemale - General symptoms - Clarke

Scouring-rush, Equisetum, Equisetum Hiemale Hyemale, Equisetum hiemale, Equis.

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HPUS indication of Equisetum Hyemale: Urinary problems

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Equisetum Hyemale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Equisetum hyemale. Scouring Rush. A rush growing in damp soil in Europe and America. N. O. Equisetaceae. Tincture of fresh plant chopped and pounded to a pulp.

The chief effects of Equisetum are found in the urinary organs. Pain in the kidneys (especially right), in the bladder and urinary passages. Constant desire to urinate, and passes large quantities of clear, light-coloured urine without relief. Pain in bladder as from distension. Retention and dysuria.

especially in women during pregnancy and after confinement. Enuresis. Wets bed at night.

when he dreams he always sees a crowd of people. Equis. has Severe dull pain which does not lessen after urination.

irritation of the bladder, especially in women. Linaria Vulgaris Linaria has enuresis, with frequent painful urging to urinate, causing the patient to rise at night (Farrington). It relieved loss of control over bladder and rectum in a case of general paralysis. Carcinoma uteri is said to have been cured by it. Pain in sacro-iliac joints. agg. From pressure or contact.

moving. sitting. Eating amel. pain in temples.

lying on back amel. pain in back continued motion amel. pains in back and knees.


Cystitis. Dropsy. Enuresis. General paralysis. Gleet. Gonorrhoea. Gravel. Haematuria. Urine, retention of.